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Experiences of a Young Bull #1
Posted:Aug 27, 2020 11:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2020 4:05 am

Hi all. I've decided share some of my past experiences and the things I've learned, along with some of the situations I've been through in my 8 years as a bull. I'm kind of just shooting from the hip here with writing this as i decided do this spontaneously and i doubt my formatting will be perfect, so bear with me as this is my first foray into this kind of thing. I'll also be cross-posting this to my Fetlife account, Eager-BBC-Breeder.


When i was about... 23 years old i met up with this one couple, that for the sake of this story and their identities I'll K and L. K was the woman, this stunning 43 year old and her husband L was this fit 45 year old, both white, both great people. Now, something that has been true for me my whole life is that I've been searching for love for as long as i can remember understanding the concept. With K, i was able find that for a time which was incredible for me, but not so much for her and L.

You see, I didn't realize just how bad her relationship with L was. They're still together to this day, but if you had heard the stories she told me and how she spoke about him, you'd be surprised that they were still married. Things like 'i still wanted but i got my tubes tied because he didn't want more and i regret it' or 'i resent him for not working' or 'i do not just want to perform sexually for his amusement, i do not need others i just want to be with one person' etc etc. Again, no need to share some of the gory-er details, but those are a couple intro starter topics for you to understand where they were as a couple.

Granted, i am no fool. I think the reason why I proceeded with K for as long as I did was because I half assumed these were things she said to me to make her time with me 'more special' for us. I took her words as being something she said to make me feel special and not something she meant, no matter how much I wanted to believe her words to be completely true.

Things happened in my relationship with her and L where it was exciting but we clearly crossed a line that she was comfortable with. From always wearing a condom in front of him to her insisting i take her bare when we were alone together. The messages exchanged back and forth that were just a bit too sweet from the both of us. Long talks texting sweet nothings back and forth, stealing away and making plans to see each other alone without L's knowledge along with him knowing about the plans we all made together just to have more intimate time together.

Fast forward 8 months or so and she is professing she's ready to leave him for me. Flattering? of course. Terrifying? You better believe it. In my I was cheated on. I felt, in my naivety, that what we had done up until this point was just around the line of acceptability as more often than not, our activities alone and words exchanged were prompted by her. I was getting the love I wanted, I was satisfying her as L wanted, and she was getting the emotional and physical connection she was craving. Where was I at fault in this? Nothing think about right, I'm just doing my job as a Bull.


I ended up breaking things off with her abruptly (I was 23, come on) which crushed her of course and sent her crying L about the entire situation. The man ( this day) still hates me and I've been made aware he still tells the story of "that asshole" to whoever he can. Not that I blame him, mind you, but this is the truth of the matter. My experience with K and L, while amazing in some ways, taught me some valuable lessons. If you're a Bull reading this short story, take note of what I say next, because no pussy (no matter how good) is worth the hassle. If you're a couple, please reconnect with your partner and ensure you're taking care of their emotional needs. Don't leave room for someone else to do your job for you.

I learned that a good, stable couple will be up front about their needs from the bull. They'll be on the same page and either inform you that they'd like someone who will emotionally connect with the wife and be for her if the husband may be otherwise occupied or not. They'll inform you that no, you're take care of her physical needs and that is all, but whatever they tell you THEY will do TOGETHER. You wont be getting one story from the both of them and something different from each of them individually. That is a warning sign.

I learned to myself and my true desires before i enter into a relationship with a new couple and to be up front. Right now (and i don't see this changing) my heart is set on my ex, Kelly. I could leave this entire lifestyle behind to be with her and honestly, that's my plan once i figure out how work things out with her. As long as we aren't together though I will continue to enjoy this lifestyle in every way possible, but i KNOW what i'm in this for and that's the satisfaction of pleasing someone else's wife for them (and a few dirtier things i do not need to talk about here )

I learned that for them, it shouldn't be about me. This story, when told from their mouths now, doesn't include the countless times i made her cum through the months we were together or the dates we went on. It doesn't include the time i spent with L and hung out with him alone or the laughs we had. Our story from their mouths now is about their 'bad' experience with the bull she fell in love with and how could he have let such a thing happen? Their story about our time together is about a loss of trust in her and them both working to build the relationship back up. That's not what its supposed to be about.

Bulls, couples, protect yourselves. Know what you're about, know what it's about, set your lines in the sand and don't cross them. That's all I've gotta say!

What are your similar experiences?
Bbc pledge I found on Fetlife
Posted:Aug 22, 2020 7:57 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 10:53 am

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