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Uber Driving Slut road-trip with my stepson
Posted:May 23, 2020 11:15 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2020 4:52 pm

Hi Y’all,

I hope you’re holding up okay with Covid and staying safe and healthy. I was thinking back the last good fucking I had and it was my stepson’s visit a few weeks bac It reminded of one of my first experiences with him on a spring break trip.

It was a few years ago and I decided I would take the visit my parents in the Midwest. My stepson who was on a week break from the Marines after his first deployment surprised me and decided come along. It’s a day drive and he said he’d help drive as my husband was back in Charleston for the month with the Air Force.

Spring being Spring it rained the entire first day’s drive and I was a wreck by the time we got to the motel. I got a bottle of wine and drank glasses calm my nerves as I set up the room. I put my 6 and 8 yr olds in one bed, I took the other bed and my stepson blew up an air mattress. The boys were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. My stepson was fixated on his phone so I quickly changed into a t-shirt and slipped into bed. I’m guessing he saw my bare butt but it wouldn’t have been the first time. By PM we had the lights out and I was well on my way a good long night's sleep.

I woke up at midnight my stepson telling his air mattress had deflated. I told him he could sleep on the other side of my bed and put a pillow between us as some form of separation. I was quickly asleep again. The next thing I remember is the familiar feeling of a warm body behind me, spooning me as I slept on my side. My mind starts to wake up as I feel something even more familiar, a warm hard penis sliding between my thighs. Hmm who’s back there? My mind is starting to remember that I’m in a motel and my stepson laid down beside me and now, OMG his cock is between my thighs and my other boys are about 4 ft away.

I wake up quickly now. How long has he been back there? How much has he already done? I don’t move but realize I’m very wet and my nipples are aching and hard. He is now starting to grind into me and I can feel him work his cock higher between my thighs. This is wrong, he can’t do this, I need to stop this and so I do. I slowly roll over feeling his cock leave my thighs and face him. I whisper that this is wrong and he needs to stop. He looks a little shocked in the darkness but also surprised I stopped him. I say what’s going on? He whispers that he was really horny and had been reading my Tumblr (when it was still around, sniff sniff) while he was away. He said he couldn’t help it and had been wanting to fuck again. I was flattered but told him it wasn’t going to happen. He pleaded back that it would be amazing. I told him again no and that he should go to sleep. He whispered back that he was still so horny. I told him he should go to the bathroom but he said it was cold and uncomfortable there. I was tired and drunk so I told him fine he could stay but to roll over and take care of himself quickly. Instead of rolling completely over he rolled onto his back and started pumping his coc I thought he was covered but quickly realized he wasn’t and I could clearly see his cock standing straight up as a small beam of light hit it from the crack in the curtains. It was shocking see that his hand only covered half of his coc Fuck this was no anymore. Watching him work his cock and seeing his conditioned firm Marine body, I couldn’t help myself but reach down and touch myself as well. I was wetter than I remember being in a long time. My fingers slipped easily between the swollen lips of my pussy and quickly found my clit. My breathing was short and my heart rate was off the chart. It was a very surreal moment watching a guy I’ve known since he was a pre- and is now lying next , a man stroking his big coc He looks over at and must have noticed my hand moving under the sheet. He asks if I’ll at least help him. I glance down and realize the same light hitting his cock is also on my crotch. I whisper him a no. He then tells pull down the sheet so he can see, saying it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. I tell him if it helps him out and he’ll go sleep okay. With my feet I pull down the sheet and now have my pussy as visible as his coc He then tells take off my t-shirt and he’ll cum and go sleep. His commanding way and the sight of his cock has transfixed. I submit and pull off my t-shirt. He then starts pumping his cock even harder and tells how much he wants fuck . He goes on tell that he loves my big, fat pussy lips and huge mommy nipples. He says he’s cum thinking about fucking more times than he can remember. OMG. He tells me fuck myself and I do exactly what he says. I start lose it and am on the verge of cumming when I see cum started spurting out of his coc He rolls over slightly and a big stream hits my stomach and then the next hit my tits like a splash of a wave hitting the beach. The feeling makes lose it too and the quake of an orgasm rips through my body making thrash as my fingers sink deep into my pussy and I squirt all over my hand and bed. That so rarely happens to but it was wonderful feel.

I look at him and tell him this never happened. He smiled at knowing I was covered with his cum and also knowing it did happen. He did stay true his promise, rolled over and went bed.

In the morning I got up early take a shower and was his cum off my body. While I was in the shower I heard the door open and then the curtain open as he stepped inside with a raging hard-on.

“What in the world are you doing?”

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry. But I need you help out and please suck my cock”

“Wow I can’t believe it”

“Well it’s true, mom please …please let just slip my cock in your mouth”

“I don’t know”

“Come one, mom just this once”

“Okay just this once”

On my knees and I took his cock in my mouth. As I sucked his cock, I felt Jason’s hands massaging my nec When he didn’t feel pull away, his hands went lower until he was massaging my tits and pulling on my nipples, it felt sooooooo gooood. He was pinching my nipples hard as I sucked him deeper. I was about pull away when I sensed he was getting close, but then I felt his hand on the back of my head, holding my head on his cock as he thrust deeper and faster.

“Gulp Jason!!“

Then I felt the first splash hit my tongue, I felt Jason cumming in my mouth.


He kept pumping more cum from his cock


Here I was on my knees as my stepson came in my mouth, I could feel the cum dripping from the corners of my mouth as he continued to spew his cum in my mouth.

He finally let go of my head, but it was too late I had already swallowed most of his cum.

“Thanks mom you’re amazing”

I stood up and I felt his hands reach for my pussy.

“Just what do you think you're doing?”

“Come on mom I know you must be horny, let me make you cum with my fingers”

Not another word was spoken as he played with my clit, I felt his hands enter my pussy, I was so wet. Jason then turned me around so he could play with my ass, I felt powerless to stop him as he rubbed me all over, his hands caressed my ass and as he reached for my pussy I could feel his hard cock resting on my ass. My god had he recovered that quickly? Crazy.

He told me to reach out and put my hands on the shower wall, as I leaned over I felt Jason rubbing his young cock all over my ass. Oh my god, what was he doing to me. His cock felt so hard as he rubbed it on my crac I felt him teasing ; he was rubbing his cock on the outside of my swollen lips, rubbing it all over.

Then it happened I felt his cock enter my pussy, he was so much bigger than his dad. His cock filled my pussy, we both groaned as he impaled himself on . There were no more barriers cross; my stepson was fucking and rather well honestly.

Jason grabbed my hips and started fucking real fast I could feel his cock hitting my uterus, he was in so deep. With a final thrust I felt his cum splash the inside of my pussy. My beautiful stepson was cumming inside and I loved it.

I felt his cock slip out of my pussy and I felt empty. I took the time to wash his body and even give him light kisses as he would lean over and suck on my very swollen and and hard nipples. It was so surreal but also felt so good. We soon shut off the shower, dried ourselves and snuck back out of the bathroom with a small break between the of us.

I was his slut from there on out.

Kisses, jen
Jelly Belly Man fucks the Uber Driving Slut Mom
Posted:Mar 7, 2020 11:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2020 2:15 pm

Hey y’all,

I’m loving living in California and am certainly glad I’m not up in Kirkland, WA right now. Although I do have a lot of friends up there and am thinking of them. I know it’s only a matter of time before I likely need to stop Ubering for a bit. One thing I’ve not shared is that my husband’s mom, who is in her 80s, is living with us now and I certainly need to be more precautious of spreading any germs around that I may pick up bouncing on stranger’s cocks.

So with that I decided today to head out and find a little fun while also Ubering. After dropping off my at their schools in Fairfield, CA, I turned on my Uber app and started giving rides around town and in and out of Travis AFB. Just before noon I got a notice to pick-up from Jelly Belly. I honestly had no idea that they were headquartered here in town and noted they actually have a factory tour for the and me to see in the future. I do love their jelly beans! Yum!!

The guy that got into my Honda was a handsome, light skinned, black man who was sharply dressed in coat and tie. The Uber app immediately let me know that Derrick was headed to Oakland International Airport.

Even though I was wearing a low cut blouse showing a bit of cleavage and was having a good hair day, Derrick didn’t really say a word to me other than okay my music selection of Classic Soul/Motown on my Sirius XM. I normally play Howard Stern when I’m on my own but enjoy the universally loved music of the Supremes, Arthea Franklin and Marvin Gay when I’m Ubering.

We were approaching the toll booth of the Zampa Bridge when Get Ready by The Temptations came on.

Derrick finally spoke up and said,”Oh wow, this is my Dad’s favorite song, could you turn this up a little please?”

Derrick told me how he was actually heading to Cleveland to spend the weekend with his father who wasn’t doing too well and hearing The Temptations certainly was a nice thing. Derrick wouldn’t stop talking at this point which was fine with me. I love to chat as well, especially with handsome men.

Derrick noticed my phone sitting on the middle console had my Reddit account showing.

“Hey I see you like Reddit too huh?”

“Yeah I’m a big fan, it’s a great app for everything from jokes to hmm some adult things as well”, I replied.

Derrick didn’t miss the opportunity to ask, “Oh yeah, what adult Reddits do you follow?”

I tried to play it safe as I wasn’t sure how far to push boundaries and said, “Well I actually like AskRedditAfterDark.”

“Oh nice, I think I’ve checked that out. Some kinky people out there”, Derrick replied with a smile I could now see through the rear-view mirror.

I took his smile that going further would be just fine so I said,”I also like GoneWildStories as GoneWild is for the youngsters out there.”

“Oh wow haha I’ve never seen GoneWildStories but I have checked out GoneWild more times than I care to admit.”

I replied back,”Well I would be laughed off GoneWild if I ever posted there but I have posted a few things to GoneWildStories.”

“Wow that’s… ahh… surprising. What do you write about”, Derrick wanted to know as he leaned in with peaked interest.

I proceeded to tell Derrick that I’ve been known to have some naughty adventures as an Uber driver and I’ve written about it on Reddit. He insisted I tell him my username. After a bit of convincing I finally told him. He was on his phone in seconds checking it out and obviously seeing not only my stories but also my pictures.

“Holy Shit that’s you? Yeah that is you haha. Fuck!!! That’s wild… Jen???”

I told him my name on Reddit was Jen but he obviously knew my real name from the Uber app. At least my first name.

“Hey I’m going to be blunt… would you be interested in making a new story about me? I’ve got some time to kill before my flight to Cleveland”, Derrick said with a huge smile on his face.

“I’d enjoy that Derrick, I really would.”

We chit chatted about my naughty Reddit posts and pictures as the car got hotter and hotter with the tone of our conversation. We drove to a spot I found on the map I thought might work for some daytime car fun. However what I thought would be the entrance to a park was instead the parking lot of the San Leandro Rifle Range. The parking lot was empty so I asked Derrick what he thought of this place?

“Well if I’m going to go out, I hope they’re a good shot as I’m having fun with a sexy MILF!”

I was soon in the back seat and making out with Derrick. It felt so good as I was hoping to kiss him from the second he stepped into the car. He was very passionate and felt amazing as I rubbed my hands up and down his strong chest.

Derrick told me to sit back a little and began to unbutton my top. Once the last button was undone, he spread my top open and looked at my creamy white skin the way my look at donuts. His big, warm hands grabbed me by the waist and slid up my ribs. I felt his fingers crawl behind me, and before I knew it the familiar support from my bra was gone. As his hands came back around my ribs, so did my bra, and my mommy titties were bare.

With a flick of his wrist he tossed my bra up towards the passenger's side window and took both my bare breasts in his hands. I kept looking into his eyes, watching his hungry looks as he felt my tits and tweaked my big nipples.

I smiled as he leaned forward and took one of my thick mommy nipples into his mouth, pressing his face against my tit and letting it mold around him. My god, his mouth felt good. I ran my fingers behind his head, feeling the tight curls of his black hair and encouraging him to keep sucking on my nipple.

With his free hand he clutched my other breast, squeezing it and jiggling it against his face while he sucked on me. It felt so good.

His mouth switched to my other breast and sucked with more fervor. The way he nuzzled into my tits, sucking and pulling with his lips, showed it was clearly something he’d thought about doing. I pushed my arms together, letting my biceps squeeze my breasts and plump them up for him.

He cupped one in each hand and put his face between them, sticking his tongue out and licking over my cleavage while periodically sucking my pale breast flesh into his mouth. I heard him groan, low and loud, almost like a growl. "You like those, Derrick?"

He growled again in response and grunted something my big hard nipples. I smiled at the power my chest had over him, enough to turn him into a hungry animal.

I reached down and undid his belt and zipped down his zipper. I reached into his fly and dug around until I pulled his long, black shaft through. It was already thickening, but not quite hard, so I was able to pull it out without causing him any discomfort.

"Get on your knees and put your hands behind your head," he said. I raised an eyebrow at the command and kneeled down, interlacing my fingers behind my head like he asked. While his blood was clearly heading that direction, he wasn't completely hard yet, so I thought it would be fun to suck him deeply into my throat. It would be difficult without my hands, but that was just going to make it more fun.

He was long, so I had to lower my face quite a bit to get his tip in my mouth before regaining my posture and sucking him deeper. He groaned in approval and that only encouraged me to go farther. I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and my gag reflex kicked in.

I pulled my head back and blinked away the tears that formed at my eyes, then slowly pushed him back down my throat. His dick brushed against that sensitive part of my throat again, and I felt my neck muscles clench around his shaft as they tried to expel him out. He moaned as I gagged. I pulled my head up so that only his tip was in my mouth and sucked on it while I caught my breath.

His big hands weaved through my blonde hair but didn't apply any pressure on the back of my head. "I like your haircut," he whispered.

"Fankoo," I mumbled around his swollen cock head.

I relaxed my throat and slowly sucked him into my mouth again. He was firming up and almost to the point where I knew I wouldn't be able to fit him anymore, so I wanted to make it count. I pushed my face down his throbbing shaft, wiggling my tongue under the belly of his cock as I did. One of his hands thumped on the roof of my car.

I felt him brush against my gag reflex once more and I held it there. My throat wanted to react, but I waited. Slowly, patiently, I pushed him past that barrier in my throat that was trying to keep him from going any deeper. I felt my neck swell as he gradually slid deeper down. I climbed my face down his shaft with my lips like I was slurping spaghetti until my nose touched his pelvis and his heavy balls rested on my chin.

I did it. I managed to deepthroat my hung as fuck, Uber rider. He wasn't completely hard yet, but I was still proud of the accomplishment all the same. I pulled back a few inches and then slid back down, letting his full length enjoy the warm, tight confines of my throat.

"Holy shit, baby," he groaned, applying gentle pressure on the back of my head now to encourage me to stay deep. I felt him swelling inside my mouth. Any second now he'd be hard as a rock and I'd be choking on him, so I slid my face back up his long shaft and left a thick coat of saliva in my wake. I smiled up at him teary eyed because of the effort I went through to hold back my gag reflex.

"I did it," I gasped, clearing my throat.

"You sure did. Hot damn, Jen, you dirty slut?", he said laughing and smiling down at me.

I smiled back and opened my mouth for seconds, sucking on his fat cock head as my hands stayed interwoven behind my head like he asked. Massive as he was, I could barely fit more than a few inches of him into my mouth when he was fully hard, but I took those few inches eagerly. As I bobbed up and down him I wondered if I couldn't train myself to take his whole length even while fully erect.

His body stiffened as a car drove right past us. I heard the vehicle slow down but then drive past us. Derrick said they were parking and didn’t notice us, he hoped. I had stopped sucking on his cock and was kissing the head trying to stay still.

"I didn't say stop," he said as he gently guided himself back into my mouth.

I rotated my face and pushed the tip of his cock against the inside of my cheek, rubbing it against the soft skin within. He grinned and pushed his hips forward ever so slightly, exaggerating the effect and making me look like a chipmunk with an acorn in my cheek. I tried to smile, thinking how funny I looked, but with a mouthful of his throbbing black cock it was difficult. I felt a mixture of saliva and precum drip down my chin and pushed back a loose strand of my hair with a pinky.

When he saw me do that, he pulled his hips back to take his dick out of my mouth. I looked up at him, my lips puffy from sucking. "What is it?" I asked.

"I don't wanna mess up your hair," he said, his voice breathy and urgent, "get on the seat doggy." I did so. He grabbed my hips and said, "Spread your legs more", almost ordering.

I spread my legs shoulder width apart. I felt his hands slide up my thighs to lift my skirt and heard him say, ”Fuck you’re not even wearing any panties? Damn you are an Uber driving slut. Damn you’ve got a nice meaty pussy there Jen!”

In no time flat I felt his bulbous cock head probing between my legs, slick from my messy blowjob just seconds prior. He found the large folds of my cunt and pushed his hips forward, squeezing himself between my thick lips until his head was inside me.

He gripped my thick hips with both of his hands to pull me back onto his beefy shaft. My jaw dropped in a silent scream. I spread my knees farther apart to give his massive cock more room, but he was so big and I was so tight it didn't make much difference. I let out a big breath of air and tried to relax as he slowly pumped in and out of my cunt with his bare cock. He probably wanted to get balls deep and pound me, but despite his obvious craving for my body he showed restraint. He knew he'd cause some serious damage otherwise.

One of his hands went from my hips and around the front of my skirt where he slid his fingers between my legs and massaged my clit. I let out a little squeal of delight as the two sensations mixed; him rubbing me and pumping me at the same time. I felt his hot breath against my neck as he leaned over me like a and pushed his length inside me at the pace he wanted to.

I'll admit it was a rough start, and even hurt a little, but as my body got used to his size it became pure pleasure but knew I could make this easier for both of us.

"Wait one second, hold up," I said as he pumped his mass into me. He slowed his hips.

"What is it?" he asked.

I told him, “I have this fantasy that someone only as tall as you could help with. There is no one here right now that I can see, would you be willing to fuck me outside the car?”

“Hell yeah, I’m loving this. Show me what you want baby!”

I got out of the Honda and tiptoed over a few feet and stuck my head through the open window on the passenger side. I bent over and rested my hips on the car door while putting my hands on the seat in front of me. I spread my legs and relaxed my calves, able to put my weight on the car now. Without a prompt from me, he came up behind me and started to pump again. The angle was different now; it felt like he could go farther in me before he got too deep. Maybe I was just getting used to him.

With both hands he gripped my hips and sped up. I don't know what compelled me to let Derrick enter me without protection. I knew full well he was going to unleash his seed inside me and I was perfectly OK with that. Not only was I OK with it, I actually wanted him to. What was it about this handsome black man that made me so reckless?

His fingers dug into my hips as he thrust into me. I was amazed at his self control, going as deep as he was but not all the way. Part of me wanted him to just force himself in balls deep. I wanted him to let loose and enjoy my body to its fullest, but I knew I would regret it and wreck my pussy.

My Honda Accord made noises as the suspension rocked back and forth. If anyone saw us it would look ridiculous with my butt hanging out the window like it was. Not to mention what they would think if they saw a big black man still in a shirt and tie plowing a white slutty mom.

I watched the air freshener hanging from my rear-view mirror swing back and forth in time with his thrusts. My thighs were cold, hanging against the metal of my car, but the rest of me was warm and tingly. I felt his hand smack my booty and I let out a little yelp. I looked back at him and he smiled at me. I smiled back and said, "Yeah baby, you going to write about this fucking!" like we were in some cheesy porn movie. He grinned and spanked me again, this time on the other cheek.

My breasts swung and jiggled underneath me and I wished that he could see them. I knew he was fond of them, it would have been a great show. His massive cock swelled up inside me. What was already rock hard turned to steel. His fingers wrapped around to the crease of my hip bone for more leverage and held me tight while he thrust into me from behind. He was ready to explode.

His pace quickened and his self control wavered. Every few thrusts he would push just a little too far to where it was uncomfortable, but I didn't care because I knew he was about to unload his aching balls and I wanted every single drop. His tired huffs turned to grunts. His grunt turned to a growl. His growl rose to a roar as his balls unleashed a wave of thick, creamy sperm between my legs.

The feeling of his cock bucking and twitching inside me was heaven. My pussy filled with warmth and the previous friction disappeared with the fresh batch of lubrication being pumped inside me as his pace increased. By now he was slamming his rigid cock inside me and that feeling, mixed with the thrill of being outside, brought my arousal up like I was climbing the first and largest drop of a roller coaster. The feeling of going over that first hill was always the most exciting, and I was almost there, ready to climax along with him.

I stood on my tiptoes again to lift my hips off the edge of my car window and allow room for my arm to sneak through. I fumbled with my skirt, trying to keep myself upright with his continued thrusts, and got my hand down between my legs. I slipped my fingers down, scooping up some of the sperm dripping out of me and used it as lube to begin rubbing my clit with all four fingers.

His hips bucked erratically as his cock head became too sensitive to thrust into me any more. I heard him panting like a ready to pass out. He wanted to take a breather, but I wouldn't allow it. I was so close; I wasn't about to let him off the hook. I planted my feet on the ground and pushed off the seat in front of me, driving my hips back along his shaft as it continued to pulsate inside me and deposit his seed.

His growl rose an octave, which almost made me laugh. I pushed my thighs against the car and used the leverage to grind back against him, working his cock inside me as I approached an orgasm of my own. His hands left my thighs and slapped the roof of my car. I could tell the sensation was bordering on too intense, but I didn't care. If he was going to get me this horny, I was going to leave satisfied.

I felt his sperm trickle down my leg as I bounced my hips back against him, pushing his cock head deep inside me while rubbing myself. My stomach fluttered. I was so damn close. Then I felt his length pulling away, to escape the pleasure of my tight pussy. "No!" I huffed, reaching back and grabbing his belt so he couldn't escape. His voice rose another octave, bordering on high pitched. I couldn't hold it back this time, so I started laughing.

I held his belt tight and bounced against his cock, bringing myself to orgasm. My laugh turned into a moan and my thighs shook with my effort. My knees buckled and all my weight went onto the car. I pulled his belt toward me, forcing his cock deep inside me as my cunt squeezed and twitched around his softening length. A wave of tremors went over my whole body and my moan turned into a giggle. Now it was too intense for me as well.

I let go of his belt, giving us both a much-needed rest. He staggered back into the back seat assuming his position as Rider. My body relaxed, and I just hung there with my torso in the car and my bare legs hanging out the window. As his cock left me, a gush of cum did too, but I didn't mind. The two of us panted in silence for a moment, me hanging on my car and him watching me quake through the last spasms of orgasm.

"Fuck look at you. Damn you’re a serious slut," he said after a while. I laughed out loud and pushed myself out of the car window.

I pushed my skirt down and looked back at him with his cum covered cock still softly resting out of his pants. I walked around the car leaned over him, licking the cum off his shaft and swallowing it to clean him off. He moaned as I did so. Once again he tasted like dark chocolate pretzels. Sweet, salty and just a hint bitter. I freaking loved it. He pushed his hand through my hair, keeping it out of the mess.

I squeezed from base to tip, milking out what was left inside his shaft and watching it ball up at his tip like I was squeezing out the last of the toothpaste.

I licked and swallowed the dollop of sperm and said, “You guys need to make a jelly bean that tastes like your yummy cum,”

Derrick laughed loudly and I joined him.

"Want my number?" I asked.

He looked down at me as I pushed his dick back into his pants and zipped him up.


Kisses, jen
Uber Driving Slut Mom meets a Porn Producer
Posted:Feb 21, 2020 12:17 am
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2020 11:38 am

Hey Y’all,

Thanks for all the encouragement to finish the story of the guy I met while driving for Uber and blew outside the old Candlestick Park in San Francisco. After that dominant fun, he asked if I’d like to join him back at his place for even more fun. I was so horned up that I wasn’t about to resist.

He had a nice walk up condo close by and he didn’t waste any time once I walked into his place to get back to business. He was ordering me to lean over a desk with my boobs pressed flat against its surface. Telling me to spread my feet wide apart.

I'm sure he arranged me that way to fully expose my pussy and ass to his eyes, and his dick. He couldn't have known how electrically charged that openness made me feel -- an intoxicating mix of vulnerability, fear, anticipation, dread, and eagerness. I was so over-stimulated I nearly passed out.

He pushed a finger deep into my pussy, pulled it out, and pushed in again -- all the way to the palm of his hand. He pulled out and slammed two fingers in. It could have felt good if he had been gentle, but he wasn't.

He pulled both fingers out, then began to push three in. He lingered at my entrance, carefully centering them on my opening, then pressing them inward, not exactly gently, but smoother than he had been with two fingers. Three felt much thicker than two, opening me wider. He pressed them in deeper and deeper, far past where he had gone with two. For leverage he grasped my left hip with one hand and my right hip with the other -- I guess that wasn't fingers in my pussy.

He pressed his dick all the way in, only stopping when he bottomed out. He pressed tightly against me, flesh against flesh, and wiggled his hips from side to side. He cupped my cheeks with his palms, squeezed, and pulled them apart, showing himself my fully filled pussy, I assumed.

"Where's my cock?" he said, in a breathier voice than before.

I was so centered on my pussy and how full of him I was, when I answered my voice sounded like someone else was using it. "In my pussy. It's filling my pussy."

He slowly pulled out, all the way to his tip, pushed back in, wiggled his hips against me again, then with no further ado began fucking me for real. I expected him to fuck me hard, but I thought he might build up to it, at least a little bit. But no, he pounded into me from the start. I met every thrust of his with one of my own. I felt different; this was no longer about me just allowing him to do anything he wanted. If he wants to fuck hard, I'll show him hard. I'll fuck him harder than he's ever been fucked.

I think somehow, he felt me think that; he began fucking me even faster and harder.

In this position I didn't have much room to move, I was pressed flat against the desk. What I could do, though, was arch my back in rhythm with his thrusting, and roll my hips into his cock. The room echoed with the sound of his thighs slapping mine. I was well along the way to cumming again.

Without breaking rhythm, he took my hands and placed them on my butt cheeks. "Pull them apart," he said. "Hold them like that." Showing him my little puckered asshole, my stretched-out pussy, and his cock relentlessly pistoning in and out of me.

Meanwhile, I was ready to cum again, and I could tell this one was going to be epic, but then he stopped and pulled completely out. Dammit!

He had me lie down on the couch on my back. He knelt in front of the couch, pulled me forward so my hips hung over the edge. He lifted my thighs way up to where they pressed against my chest. At first, they covered my nipples. He repositioned my knees, so they framed my tits and pressed them inward, making my tits look bigger and bounce more.

He placed his tip at my entrance. Finally -- I was dying to get his cock back in me. I thought he might be a little gentle at this stage, just for variety. I even thought for a second that's what he was doing -- his initial slide into me was firm but slow. All he was doing, though, was making sure he had a good angle. He bottomed out, pulled back, immediately slammed forward, and simply began fucking me hard. No subtlety, just power and depth.

Okay, power and depth are good. He wants hard, I'll give him hard. I rocked my hips in sync with his thrusting, slamming into him hard with every push.

He grabbed my ankles and pressed them up beside my face, straightening my legs and pressing my knees tighter against my ribs. Being stretched that tight not only gave me another deep surge of arousal, but also made me more determined to give him more than he expected. This position made it harder to match his rhythm, but I gritted my teeth and rolled my hips harder.

I don't think I've ever worked so hard at fucking -- this had become an athletic event. I had so much to focus on, holding my legs tight against my chest, keeping my knees from covering my tits, and humping him back as he fucked me. Once again, I didn't notice the orgasm that was building. It overtook me, surprised me, washed over me, not just a climax but a tsunami overlaid with an earthquake, topped with thunder, lightning, and hurricane-level wind. I didn't just cum, I came and came and came. And came. I came hard. And I came some more. I bucked so hard I can’t remember it all, it was a wave that pounded through me.

He released my legs, placing an ankle on each of his shoulders.

When I was completely through cumming, he gently said, "You OK?" I nodded as I honestly couldn’t speak yet.

He wasn't through surprising me and getting his precious startled reactions. Even though I was still catching my breath, he bluntly asked, "Do you take it in the ass?"

It took me a moment to realize it was more than him doing that typical horny guy thing of trying to penetrate as many parts of me as possible. He didn't cum in my pussy, so he needed either to fuck me there some more, go back to my mouth, or stick his cock somewhere new, the sooner the better. I realized he was waiting for an answer. What did he ask me? Oh, right, if I would take his dick in my ass.

"Yes," I said.

"When's the last time you did it?"

"A couple of weeks ago," I honestly couldn’t remember but wanted to assure him I was ready and willing.
It gave me a crazy rush of excitement. My mind glowed so hard I'm surprised my ears didn't visibly emit smoke.

I eagerly arranged myself in the classic butt-fuck position, on my hands and knees with my ass pointed at him. I placed my knees a foot apart and arched my back, exposing my brown rosebud fully to his view. I hoped he wasn't going to be so rough it would hurt too much.

He said, "That's not how we're going to do it."

He stood me up and led me over to the desk, where he had me lay on my back with my ass hanging off the edge. He lifted my legs, so my thighs framed my tits like before.

I heard him uncap a container of some sort, lube I assumed, and felt something cold and slick penetrate my butt. It felt impossibly large.

"Relax," he said. Easy for him to say! The slippery object withdrew from my butt, I assumed to get some more goo, and he said, "Two fingers this time." Ack! That was one finger? I might be in trouble...

I was surprised to find two fingers weren't any more uncomfortable than one. He worked them in and out, twisting his wrist to a different angle every few plunges, stretching me in all directions.

He hooked my lower legs with his forearms and leaned forward, pulling my legs up so tight that my ass lifted off the desk. Talk about feeling exposed -- my ass could not have been more wide-open.

He placed the tip of his cock at the center of my asshole and began pushing. After a bit of resistance, which he simply pushed harder to get past, his tip slid in, then more, and more, relentless, inch by inch. The only break he gave me was he pushed rather slowly. Any time he hit any resistance; it was 'no mercy' -- he just pushed harder to bull his way past it.

It didn't hurt, much. Up to a point, that is. Past that point it definitely hurt. He only stopped when his abdomen pressed tight against my butt cheeks.

He began fucking me, slowly, but I don't think it was for my comfort, I think it was so he could adjust to me. I had several moments where it still hurt, but if he was aware of that, he didn't compensate any, he just pushed past it.

In a few strokes he found his angle and, no surprise, he ramped up and fucked me fast and hard. By then my guts had adapted to being speared by his man-pole. To my surprise, though, it was more than comfortable -- it felt amazingly good.

It was absolutely wild. When he entered and exited my ass, the friction there tugged on my outer lips, stretching my pussy into a slightly different shape, putting direct pressure on my clit. knew that happened? The result was, if he fucked me long enough back there, I could cum.

Before I reached that point, though, he stopped and pulled out, his hard-on visibly throbbing. He sat on the couch and slumped back, so his hips were at the front edge of the cushion. He had me straddle his legs, my back to him. He spread his knees, forcing mine far apart. He gripped my hips and guided me downward, until the tip of his dick was back at the entrance to my ass.

He lined things up just right and pulled me down, re-entering me. He guided me lower and lower still, his cock going deeper and deeper until I was full of him again -- and by full, I mean full. I was all the way down, his cock as deep into me as it could possibly go. Buried. Balls deep, literally.

In this position, he had no leverage for thrusting, and he had my legs so far apart I didn't either. I leaned forward, so I could press my hands on his knees for leverage, pushed myself up off his cock, and let gravity pull me back down.

He asked, again, "Where's my cock?"

My voice surprised me -- it was slightly raspy, and at a lower pitch than usual. I managed to croak back at him, "Up my ass."

It only took me a few thrusts to hit a steady rhythm. Now I was fucking him, and you better believe I fucked him hard hard hard. You could say I was still being submissive, giving him what he wanted. Or you could say I turned the tables, showing him how it felt to be fucked hard. Or you could say that I took control and used him to get the most out of fulfilling my needs.

Whatever you want to it, I was not only enjoying myself, I was lost in the moment. The room reverberated with both our moans, pulsing in sync with my plunging over him, combined with the sound of my thighs slapping his. My ass stretched in and out with each penetration of his cock, pulling my pussy lips tight across my clit -- it felt simply heavenly, his entire length disappearing into me, his girth stretching me extra tight.

My tits bounced wildly with each plunge, my face was slack from effort, and my eyes were half-shut in a mix of effort and pleasure. I was surprised again when the first hint of an orgasm appeared. It grew, a faint aura gaining strength, then receding, then growing again, teasing me with the possibility of cumming like one of those irritating tickles deep in your nose that threatens to become a sneeze but never does. The feeling faded away, and I thought the possibility was lost, then it hit me full force. It wracked my entire body, waves and waves of the deepest roiling bliss.

I tried to maintain the rhythm that was working so well, but I couldn't. My orgasmic contractions must have squeezed my ass as well as my empty pussy, and he erupted into me. The room was filled with the sounds of my moans and his. I collapsed forward as I came, and he slumped back on the couch, his arms spread out to his sides.

I tried to keep going even after his cock no longer pulsed with orgasm, but I was so totally spent I lost what was left of my rhythm. I slumped forward, hugging my knees, and let gravity pull my hips down onto his thighs, burying his cock deep inside me.

He grasped my shoulders and eased me back, so I laid on top of him, my back on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me, patting my belly with one hand, cupping my tits with the other, then we were both utterly still except for our chests heaving as we tried to catch our breath. I felt his dick softening, and it eventually slipped out of my ass, letting his cum ooze out.

I wanted to surprise him and really turn the tables.

I said, "How about I rim you??..."

"Yeah?" he said, his voice pitched higher than usual.

He immediately positioned himself on the couch for me, his butt entirely hanging off the front. He spread his knees as far as they would go and lifted them up to his chest. I lowered my face between his thighs. He lifted his cock up out of my way, and his balls, too.

Then, before I even started, he stopped me. He slid sideways to a different spot on the couch and he had me get back on my knees facing him -- I had no idea why. He said, "Suck me for a minute, then place your hands under my knees, and push them up to where they touch my chest. Then pull my butt cheeks apart and proceed. Okay?" I mumbled an "okay" around his dick.

As instructed, I blew him for what felt like a minute, then pushed his legs up and spread his ass cheeks. I licked his balls, one at a time, sucked on the skin around them, and drew each one into my mouth. I raised up and gave his cock several licks and sucked its underside from the junction with his ball sack up to the tip. I knew he wouldn't be patient with such blatant stalling for long, so I lowered my face down below his balls. I licked his 'taint,' sucked it, and swirled my tongue across it. He moaned, lifted his thighs even higher, and there it was -- his asshole. I stuck out my tongue and gathered all my wits about me not to freeze.

I slowly licked downward, down some more, and further down, across the smooth skin between his cheeks, until the skin became wrinkled -- there I was, my tongue on his asshole. I continued downward, and it wasn't very far until the skin became smooth again. I went back up, and there it was again, wrinkled skin, then smooth skin.

A couple of more tentative passes up and down, and I had a map of where everything was -- by everything, I mean his asshole. I homed in on the center, circled it, wiggled across it, pressed the fleshy softness of my tongue onto it. I wagged my tongue across it from side to side, I wiggled across it up and down. I licked it slowly like a flesh lollipop. I drew circles around it.

Now that I was confident, I could tolerate doing this, I took a deep breath, straightened my tongue as long and stiff as it would go, and plunged for depth. I thrust multiple times, mini fucking him there, then went back to licking. I licked slowly from bottom to top, pausing to flick my tongue rapidly each time I crossed the rosebud.

He moaned uncontrollably. He trembled and quaked.

At one point he said, "Where's your tongue?"

"Up your ass." I felt so silly I grinned.

It took several minutes to feel like I had done enough. Well, almost enough. His poor cock looked like it was about to burst, so I licked upward across his taint, sucked on his balls, licked the underside of his cock, and blew him again. I could tell it had been up my ass, but I won’t go into too much detail there. When I had stroked him only three or four times, I stuck a finger up where my tongue had just been, the saliva still there providing all the lubricant needed. That was all he could stand -- he exploded into my mouth, spurt after spurt of warm, creamy goo.

"Holy fuck, Jen" he said, gasping for breath, "That was so fucking hot!" He shook his head, as if he didn't quite believe what had just happened.

I got dressed. He ogled me as long as he could, blatantly staring at my private bits as I covered them. I felt almost as energized putting my clothes back on as I had taken them off. The fear of what was going to happen was gone, but it was replaced by a deep warmth that I had overcome my fears and inhibitions. The psychic sizzle, the electric joy of doing something so taboo was almost overwhelming.

"You were fabulous," he said. "Not even including the rimming, which truly surprised me. You’re a special kind of slut!"

“I LOVED IT!!”, I replied, and he could see I truly meant it.

He then asked me if I’d ever consider making a video.

"What kind?"

"It varies by site. Some are pretty tame, getting naked and masturbating in semi-public places, but I don't pay much for them. Obviously, the big money ones are hard-core explicit. They all involve a bit of pretending, although with you… you just need to act your natural slutty self!”

He paused to let me ask questions, but my thoughts were swirling too fast and hard to formulate anything coherent.

"I’ll be here for a couple more weeks. I'll be shooting some 'casting agent' videos. Then I head for the beach. I'll be doing several videos along the line of 'MILF gets picked up by young guys' -- that's guys with an s." When I didn't flinch, he continued, "And probably a couple of 'MILF gets picked up by a much older guy.' I pay extra for the 'older guy' shoot, the guy I use has a dick that makes me feel like a Vienna sausage."

He stared at me, trying to gauge my reaction. I tried to look inscrutable, in case he would offer less money if he thought I was too eager, or not offer me the job at all if he thought a monster dick freaked me out.

I was lost in thought. Young guys, older guys with a dick, it all sounded deliciously decadent. My pussy, even though so recently sated, was almost nuclear over what he described. The thought of indulging in further extreme things, of stretching my boundaries more, was thrilling.

He finally said, "Any interest?"

Well, yeah!

Kisses, jen
Uber Sucking Time in Candlestick
Posted:Feb 17, 2020 2:40 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2020 9:29 pm

Hi Y’all,

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. The move to Fairfield, CA, my husband’s new job at Travis AFB, getting the back in school and figuring out how to drive for Uber again in California took much longer than expected.

With the back in school last week I was free at 9AM and didn’t have to pick them up until 3PM so I turned on my Uber app to see who needed a ride. It turned out having a pass to get in and out of Travis was beneficial as I was soon inside the gates and headed to the Westwind Inn, an on base hotel of sorts, to pick up my first ride. It turned out to be a small family of three who needed a ride to SFO.

My god how far is that, I thought to myself, as I’d not driven into San Francisco yet. The app said it would take 62 min so sure, it was a good start to the day. Both the husband and wife were in the Air Force and were transferring to JBLM, where I’d just come from. So we had a great conversation of sharing tips of each of the different bases we both knew so much about. It wasn’t long at all before I was pulling up to the Alaska Airlines gate at SFO to drop them off.

I decided to try out the Uber pickup process at SFO. I followed the directions to sit in the geo-fenced waiting area and submitted through the app I was ready to pick up. It wasn’t long before I got notified of a rider waiting for me at level 5 of the main parking garage. The rider’s name was Brad and looked to be a trim dark haired guy from his profile picture.

Minutes later I was picking up Brad and learning from the app that he was headed to his condo in San Francisco. I made some quick chit-chat with Brad and learned he was returning from LA and he was in the post-production business of small films. I immediately wondered if he was in porn and the way this story goes I still wonder. Well now I know but won’t get too far ahead of myself.

Brad started asking questions about me and if I enjoyed working for Uber. I told him I did and it was such a great way to meet new people and make money. We talked about my move and settling into California and what motivated me to drive for Uber. I told him about the flexibility but also the money and especially the tips. I told him I aimed to please.

“A good looking mom like yourself probably has no trouble getting tips”, he said to me as I locked eyes with him through the mirror.

I told him I’d been known to go the extra mile to make my riders happy and that led to him asking me more questions. I admitted to him that I’d had lunch with some riders and he asked me back if I’d ever had a date with a rider? I decided to test the waters and say that while it didn’t happen often that I’d had fun with some riders and that being in an open relationship with my husband, I enjoyed taking advantage of that.

Brad started to get even more interested in the conversation and I was soon admitting to him that I even had a Reddit and Twitter account where I shared stories about hooking up with riders and even posted some videos on an Black Sex Match account I had. Brad was asking me for my account names so he could check them out and admitted he loved the idea of what I did as he was a huge fan of the Fake Taxi theme in porn. I told him they should give me residuals as I had been sucking guys off in my Uber far before that series came out. It was refreshing to be talking so openly about my kink and Brad was eating it up and encouraging me like it was just a normal open conversation.

We were entering the southern part of San Francisco at this point and Brad lived in the area called Little Hollywood. Brad didn’t really even ask me if I was interested in joining him, he pretty much just said we’re going to find a nice place to pull over and have some fun. I liked his style. He had me pull off the 101 and over to an area called Candlestick Point State Park. It was along the water and we were soon pulling into a somewhat isolated area although there were still plenty of cars in the near distance passing by. It was an odd deserted area for such a big city.

I parked and looked back at Brad and without saying a thing used his finger to gesture me to the back of my Honda. A place I knew all too well.

It’s been over a month since I’ve joined a guy in the back seat of my car so I was honestly a bit nervous. He was also obviously a very dominant person and knew exactly what he wanted from me.

“Take off your clothes”, he practically demanded.

I started with my blouse and was shaking a bit as I fumbled to get the buttons undone and pulled my blouse open, showing my tummy and bra to him. I eased it off and set it to the side of him. I unzipped my pants, wiggled out of them, and placed them with the blouse.

I reached behind my back to unclasp my bra, but he stopped me. "Look at you! Very nice." If he noticed my discomfort, he didn't back off any. He squeezed one of my bra-clad breasts, hooked his finger in the lacey cup, and pulled it aside, exposing my long, thick nipple for a second before releasing it. "Now your bra," he said.

Somehow I made my arms reach behind my back and undid the clip, but I held it securely in place in front. I was barely able to make my shoulders shrug the straps off. I slowly lowered the cups away from my boobs, revealing them bit by tiny bit, but I stalled before I showed my nipples to this stranger.

"Niice." He cupped one of my tits in his hand and squeezed it. He released it, fondled the other one, and said, "They look natural."

"Yeah, it's all me."

"What size?"

"Um, 34, C cup," I semi-stammered. He pinched the nipple and pulled it, stretching it to the point of hurting. I sensed he’d done this more than a few times with women and he knew what he liked. He also immediately enjoyed treating me like a slut, which seemed very natural to him. He knew my type well.

He said, "Now your panties." I hooked my thumbs in the elastic and started to lower them. I stalled when I got to where my bush would be if I had one. When I got to the very top fraction of an inch of my slit, he said, "Oh, you shave. Niiice."

He helped me push my panties the rest of the way off and reached under and cupped my pussy, rubbing it with two fingers. His fingers separated my outer lips and he told me what a nice fat cunt I had. He then fondled my ass, squeezed my cheeks, and ran his finger down my crack, brushing it across my asshole.

A wave of light-headedness washed over me as I realized that here I was, under his control, not knowing how much further he was going to push me, not able to say no.

He stroked my slit and found out my little secret -- I was already soaking wet. He slid a finger in deep. "Oooh, good, you're wet -- you're enjoying yourself." He pulled his finger out of my pussy and slid it into my mouth. I sucked on it, raised the corners of my mouth into an accepting smile, hoping I looked sexy for him and enjoyed the taste of my pussy on his thick fingers.

He then returned to my now soaking and wanting cunt. He slid his fingers across my slit, and pushed his middle finger into me, one knuckle deep, then two, then all the way to the palm. He slowly pulled it out, then pushed it back in, then out. His next stroke felt thicker -- it was two fingers. He mini-fucked me with them, five or six stokes, then pulled out and rapidly flicked his fingers across my clit. He was all business -- his touch was coarse. Despite that, I was very close to cumming. I loved the control he had over me.

"Take a seat next to me here. Slide forward, that's right, all the way to the edge. Spread your legs like a good slut. Do you masturbate?" He asked as he reached over and started to finger fuck me again, teasing my asshole with his fingers too.

"Of course," I said, trying to keep my head from exploding at how boldly he fondled me, as well as his verbal abruptness.

"How often?"

"Every day." I don't know why I said that, I guess I thought it sounded sexy. It's actually more like a few times a week.

"Can you cum on your fingers, or do you need a toy?"

"Fingers," I said, truthfully, "but it takes longer."

"Show me."

I pulled my thick and swollen outer lips apart, and ran a middle finger up and down, outlining my opening, tracing the crinkly inner lips.

“Damn you’ve got a big juicy cunt don’t you. Fuck look at that big meaty cunt. No wonder you do this for tips. That’s a world class cunt. Keep rubbing it!”

I was so turned on by his dirty and matter of fact way of talking to me. I looped my finger under my clit and rubbed from side to side. As soon as I started rubbing my clit directly, a massive climax washed over me, as strong as anything I ever felt before. I came and came and came. My body flexed into a single, trembling muscle contraction, funneling all energy in the car into one massive explosion of energy. I was so free, getting off completely naked where anyone walking by could clearly see me cumming in the back of my Honda.

As soon as I recovered he simply said, "Suck my cock you sexy slut!”

I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his slacks, and pulled them to the floor of my car before neatly folding them and placing them next to him. I tugged his boxers down below his cock, which flipped up and bopped my face when it cleared the elastic, leaving a blob of pre-cum on my cheek.

His cock was a nice one. It looked huge but probably because it was as hard as a cock could get. I kissed the tip of his cock and then shyly licked it, just the tip of my tongue lapping the underside of his nice dick. I kissed it again, held my mouth on it, and drew the tiniest amount between my lips, not even past my front teeth.

His dick quivered in eagerness. I took the tip between my lips again, and drew a full inch in, then another half inch. I stroked over that tiny portion of his length a couple of times then pulled off again, leaving a thin thread of thick saliva from his tip to my lips. It was time to get real. I was loving his cock.

I opened my mouth, shut my eyes, and took half his length between my lips. I coated it in saliva, swirled my tongue on its underside, and sucked. It totally filled my mouth. I tried pushing my face down over him. I got an additional inch in, then by pushing harder, another. I pulled back, and let the tip escape my mouth with a sharp popping sound. He moaned, took it out of my hand, slapped my cheek with it three or four times, and forced it back into my mouth.

I gripped the base with my fist and tried to focus on suction and tongue motion, but he was clearly only interested in two things: depth and more depth. Luckily, right as he bumped my tonsils and I nearly gagged, my lips contacted my hand, and he allowed me to pull off.

"Look at me," he said. He didn't instruct me further, so I lowered my face and resumed blowing him. "No, let me see your eyes while you suck me." It was a struggle, but in a couple of thrusts I found a way to maintain eye contact.

I stroked him slowly as I got used to the awkward angle. A chill washed over me, the hairs on my arms and neck stood up, and my pussy flooded with extra wetness as I kept eye contact with him. It was so intense.

I bobbed my head over him faster, sucking with all my might. After five or six strokes, he pulled out, gripped my chin, and lifted my face up so he could take good aim with his cock. Another thick strand of saliva stretched from my lips to his tip. He leaned back, and the drool sagged down onto my chin. He slapped each of my cheeks with his dick several times, and reinserted. I cupped his balls and lightly stroked their underside.

He cupped his hand on the back of my head, holding me still, and began fucking my mouth in earnest. He did all the thrusting, all I did was suck, but I did that as hard as I could. I got a bit more comfortable with maintaining the eye contact he wanted, and he fucked my face faster and faster.

I pushed him out of my mouth and stroked him with my fist, twice as fast as he had been pushing into me. After ten or twelve quick strokes, I gripped his tip extra tight, and practically vibrated my hand over it. He moaned and enjoyed it for a long moment.

I finally heard his breathing change -- he was going to cum. I’ve learned that the nearer a guy is to cumming, the more sensitive his tip gets, and the better it feels to focus all the friction and suction there. I reduced my stroking to his top few inches, doubled my speed, and sucked harder. He breathed quicker and shallower. Right before I was sure he was going to unleash a torrent of warm, salty goo into my mouth, he pulled out!

He said, "Open wide!”

He laid the tip of his cock on top of my lower lip and started blasting streams of cum into my mouth. After the second or third, I could feel the jizz filling up my mouth. Just before the last squirt, he pulled back and let his cum fly onto my face. It landed above my eyebrow and made a gloppy bridge across my eye to my cheek. I squeezed my eye shut, but his jizz was runny enough to seep between my eyelids -- it stung like hell.

He said, "Don't swallow." Luckily, I hadn't already. "Show me." I had to rearrange the mouthful of jizz to be visible on my tongue and not drip out, but even so when I opened wide and showed it to him, a squirt's worth slid over my lip and onto my chin. I pushed it back into my mouth. "Now swallow." I did, and showed him my empty mouth. I felt so silly I grinned goofily. I was proud of myself, even with one cum-flooded eye squeezed tight. I’d sucked my first California cock parked on the streets of San Francisco. I loved it!

I used my finger to scoop up the rest of the cum and eat it for him. Savoring the spoils of my victory. He looked at me like, damn I thought I was the one in charge when all along I got exactly what I wanted.

I’ll end this adventure here but if you’re interested I can write about what happened next… Where he took great pleasure fucking my asshole in his apartment and telling me how I could make a lot of money making porn. Let me know

Kisses, jen
Blowing the Best Man - Uber Driving Slut Mom
Posted:Jan 19, 2020 2:52 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2020 2:40 pm

Well this is final week in Seattle. Next week the moving truck will pull up and take the family down Fairfield, CA where husband has a job at Travis, AFB. We’ve been packing so much but we’re finally about ready for the move. husband decided take our boys for final Scouting event called Klondike over in Cle Elum, WA so I was left alone in the house for the day. I was super bored and decided I would get out and drive for Uber a little as we’re always broke and need the as well as I thought maybe I’d have last Seattle fling.

I drove down SeaTac and sat in the Denny’s parking lot as a final goodbye old stomping ground for fun and Uber riders coming in from across the globe. I am hoping find a similar spot in NorCal. Soon after turning on Uber app I got notification that a guy named Eddie was needing a ride. I made the winding drive up the 3rd floor ride sharing pick up area of SeaTac’s parking garage and soon Eddie was ready jump into shiny blue Honda Accord Hybrid which has seen it’s fair share of naughty fun.

Because it was cold I was fairly bundled up in jeans and a Patagonia zipper top that I’d zipped all the way down as soon as I’d gotten the in the hopes Eddie had some interest in fun. I made sure he saw cleavage as I bent down right in front of him help load his stuff in trunk. We even met eyes as I looked up at him as I was leaning over. I like put the foreshadowing picture in their minds that this is how I’d if I was down sucking their cocks.

Turns Eddie was a talker and cute enough gain attention. He wasn’t an amazing looking guy, a bit overweight, but I was horny and also wanting some final fun in Seattle before we take off. We were soon chatting about his visit Seattle and why he was in town. A friend of his from college was getting married and he had organized a bachelor party in Seattle as 6 of his college friends all worked for Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

We then chatted about his plans for the party. His friend lived in downtown Redmond and honestly their plans sounded pretty lame. They planned to have dinner at the Matador, a good Mexican restaurant and bar in Redmond, and then head to Seattle to see a band and go to bars. He said he’d wished they could have gone to Vegas and gone crazy but that everyone was so busy that all they could do was something local.

“ and even the strip clubs in Seattle are a bit lame since you can’t drink but they do get fully nude”, I said Eddie as I looked back at him quickly smiling.

“Haha wow I wasn’t expecting you know about things like that,” Eddie responded.

I then said Eddie, “I’ve picked up and dropped off a lot of different people at strip clubs and that on occasion I’ve been talked into joining some of riders wanted join in on their fun.”

“Wow seems I’ve found the right Uber driver. Would you be willing be our driver tomorrow night?” Eddie asked.

I told Eddie that I just might given he seems like a fun guy and if his friends were anything like him it might be fun to be the hostess for the night.

“Damn, do you do this a lot? We would love it!” Eddie relied with a huge smile I could see through the mirror.

“I’ve been known to have some fun with riders sure. I've also done some dancing at a bachelor party in the past and the guys seemed enjoy it even though I’m an awful dancer. I do try keep everybody happy,” I told Eddie.

“That’s so insane but I love it. We’d love for you to come dance for us at friends apartment. Do you get naked too? Anything else you are willing to. This is so crazy I’m asking all this!” Eddie exclaimed.

I told Eddie, “I’d love to have some fun and it’s pretty thrilling and flattering to get naked in front of a bunch of guys. If I’m part of the party I’m more than willing to make everyone feel good!”

“Damn, are you interested in making me feel good right now, because you have turned on!” Eddie almost shouted out.

We were pulling up his friends apartment right behind the Hyatt House hotel. I knew there was an indoor parking area as I’d had some fun in the hotel before. I told Eddie we could find a quiet place to park and I could let him see if he was still interested in me for the bachelor party.

“Hell yes!!!” Eddie almost pleaded.

I parked in a dark corner and climbed into the back seat with Eddie was grinning ear ear.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” said Eddie.

I kissed him and started taking off zipper top and bra. I laughed when Eddie asked if he could feel them; I took his hand and put them on chest. In no time he was squeezing and sucking them. While he was sucking nipples, I had unzipped his pants and had his hard dick stroking him. I was a little disappointed; he was on the smaller than average size, but very hard. I went down and sucked the full length into mouth. He was oozing pre-cum as I slowly sucked deeply and and took quick breaks to come up to kiss him as I stroked him while squeezing his balls. In less than 5 minutes I had him cumming down throat. Eddie oohed and aahed while I swallowed every last .

When I sat up and grinned at him with cum still on lips, Eddie said, "You are definitely hired!"

I sat in the back of Honda topless for another or so minutes talking about the party. Eddie asked if I was serious about giving some of the guys blowjobs. They would love it, he told me. I explained that it has been a fantasy to give a large of guys hand jobs and blowjobs and that I would love have some fun before leaving Seattle. Eddie was blown away that I was so willing and asked me how many guys I'd had with at time.

I said with a grin, "a few... but right now I want you fuck , I’m so horny from thinking about this!”

I could see Eddie getting hard again and was nodding his head in disbelief. I started taking off jeans and panties. He just looked at naked mom body and full swollen pussy wanting his cock.
After staring at nakedness for a few seconds in a trance I knew I needed move this along. I pulled a condom of the middle console of Honda and told him to put it on.

“Fuck you just have a stack of condoms you keep there?” Eddie said laughing nervously.

I just nodded and stroked Eddie’s cock as he tore open the condom package and we worked together to slide it over his fully erect little cock.

I then climbed on top of Eddie and quickly guided Eddie into now very wet pussy. I rode him making sure rub hard nipples across his so he could grab a hold of them with his mouth, which he did. It felt so good be getting fucked and I grinded onto Eddie’s cock making sure it rubbed clit like I love. After bouncing on his cock and telling him how good it felt I moved a doggy style position and had him screw this way so I could with clit. He started pounding and we rocked the car till he came which set me off coming as well and unexpectedly squirted a little over the seats as the orgasm ripped through .

This time he said, "You are definitely hired!!"

I reached for wet wipes, also in the middle console and cleaned up as Eddie continued rub back and fall of . I sat back down on cleaned back seat and Eddie told how amazing that was and how he couldn’t wait introduce his friends.

“They are going love a slut like you!”

It should be a fun night tonight! Gotta go clean Odyssey lol.
Kisses, jen
Uber BBC Blow
Posted:Nov 16, 2019 9:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2020 9:5 am

Hey y’all,

Sometimes I have an Uber driving adventure that makes want rush home and tell everybody about it. That’s exactly what happened this afternoon. were away with husband at a Scout outing and I decided get a few hours of driving in save up for Christmas.

I was in regular routine of getting a coffee at Denny’s near SeaTac because it’s within the zone of where you can wait for Uber notifications. I received a notification that man named Isaac was waiting for me in the Uber pickup area of SeaTac airport. I drove car up there and was immediately blown away with was waiting on . Isaac was a tall, strong looking black man in jeans and a sweater. Very sharp looking and his sweater showed off his chiseled frame. Isaac had a small satchel and jumped in back seat full of energy.

We greeted each other and I could tell we immediately had chemistry by how interested he was in me. He was asking me questions about Seattle, how much I drive for Uber, if I’m married, have … all sorts of questions. We eventually got any wild riders I’ve had and if I ever have a problem with riders flirting with as I’m an attractive looking woman. I admitted him I’d been known flirt back with some riders I find attractive. He asked if he was in that camp and I immediately said yes. He asked how far the flirting goes and I again admitted that I’d climbed into the back seat with a special riders.

He gave a huge, “Dayum !! You can slide back here any time you’d like”!

We were coming up on the exit for West Seattle on our trip his hotel in Seattle and I told him I know of a great places pull over if he was interested. He was all for it and I quickly found myself in the back corner of the Home Depot parking lot near Century Link Field. Before I was even pulling up the handbrake Isaac was pulling me into the back seat with him.

He immediately started kissing me and telling me how wild this was but also a fantasy he’d always had. He had his hand all over my tits and telling me how good I smelled and how slutty I was for joining him in the back seat. I told him I loved it and was so flattered he was so willing for my company. He pushed me away and asked me to help him with his pants. With shaky hands, I reached and began unfasten his belt and then the button to his jeans. I lowered the zipper and started to push them down his legs. As I worked, he was getting his shoes off so he could slide of the jeans. He soon sat there in a pair of briefs which contained the bulge of what looked be a very massive dick. I nervously looked up at him, and he indicated for continue. A buzz ran through body as I gripped the waistband of his underwear, and slowly began peel them down his legs as he lifted his butt off the seat. The further they went, more of his magnificent black tool became exposed it finally sprung loose from the confines of the tight briefs and bobbed up and down in front of . When it did, I gasped. He pushed his underwear the rest of the way off, while I stared in shock.

"Go ahead, touch it," he said breaking from daze.

Hesitatingly I reached and took ahold of the hulking unit before . It felt heavy and in hand, and because of its size I needed use both hands be able sufficiently manipulate it. I stroked his smooth shaft and just let the girth and weight of him fill hands. After a bit more exploring with hands, I felt him rest his hand on shoulder, and began press down the floor in front of him. I was now on knees with his colossal cock looking at back in the . Without any further urging, I opened wide and began take the sizable shaft into mouth.

We hadn't even known each other more than minutes and I was on knees and sucking his black cock. I felt so fiendishly slutty, but not in a bad way. I found myself devouring his manhood. Sloppily bobbing on his meaty pole, and not caring what it looked like; caring that I was living in the moment and was pleasing the black Adonis in front of me. He let me continue oral assault on him, while he began massage breast with hand and grip onto hair with the other. He also began speak as I performed naughty tasks.

"Oh that's it. Just like that. Suck that dick babe."

As I got more into it, his comments became more vulgar and derogatory. I didn't mind, and in fact I loved hearing him speak to me in such a manner. His words spurred me on to push myself further and take on the outrageousness of the experience head on.

"Fuck , take black cock. Show how much you love big black cock. You don’t even know and already you are taking dick like a slut. Is that what you are babe? Are you a slut?"

Momentarily he pushed me off his hefty stick allow answer his question. I was in such a wild and nasty state. I lost normal self, and was concerned with the then and now, so I answered the way I could.

"Yes, I am your slut," was reply as I then pounced back onto his magic stick with mouth. From that point, Isaac held nothing back as he spoke down while I continued dutiful job.

"Just what I thought when I first saw you; a slut MILF willing please black cock. I bet you couldn't stop picturing yourself sucking big black cock or letting fuck you silly. You're like most married white women, just dying be by a thick black cock. Use your left hand stroke slut. I want see your wedding ring while I watch you suck cock."

Doing as I was told, I brought left hand up grip his shaft, and though I should have been embarrassed be reminded of marriage, the sight of ringed finger gripping his black cock ignited even more ravenous passion from . Issacs’s salacious comments added the experience.

"Oh , black cock is all you want now. Your white dicked husband can't compete. You are slut, and you love black cock now. You are hooked. Show how much you love cock slut; stuff in your ."

The degrading statements were all the urging I needed try and push as much of his massive member into throat as I could. His girth and length made it so I could manage embed half of it, but that didn't stop from trying get more while I continued give the filthiest, and sloppiest blow job I knew how. I was gagging and drooling all over his tremendous trunk of a cock, and he seemed love every moment of it just as much as I was.

"That's it slut, gag on cock. I want you choke on big black dick, as you show just how much you love it. You are slut now, and I am going make sure you get all the black cock you can handle."

He began rock his hips meet bobbing , and his grip on hair became rougher. I sensed he may be close finishing, so I doubled efforts and let him begin manipulating more and more. The sounds that were coming from mouth were that of a seedy porno, and if we had been filming our encounter, I'm sure it would have looked like too.

"Oh, shit slut. I'm going to cum soon. When I do, I am going to mark you as slut and shoot it all over you. Just what a slut like you loves, a full of black cum."

The thought of letting him cum on was so erotic and naughty. This was adventurous life, and I wanted be his. be his married, white slut use. After a few more pumps, he pulled his saliva streaked hunk of meat from and began pump his fist along his shaft.

"Tell what you want slut," he said as I knelt before him watching him stroke his length.

"Oh, I want you cum on baby. Cum on . Make your slut, and shoot your cum all over ," was desperate response.

"Ah shit, here it comes slut," he grunted .

Spurting from the bulbous tip of his cock was volley after volley of thick and heavy cum arching and landing on waiting . OMG, he came so much and as I knelt there and received his gift, I was happy for the volume he ejected onto me. I was proud to know that I caused him to erupt so much. When he finally began to stop, he bent the tip to lips and had lick off the last little dribble of cum. Streaks of his goo coated , and I felt as though entire head was plastered with it. The warmth of his seed felt good against pale skin, and we both just remained silent momentarily as we basked in the afterglow of the experience. It was Isaac finally broke the silence, and though his tone was more subdued, he still spoke in a dominant manner.

"That was great. You took to it, and I can tell you enjoyed it as well."

I smiled at his statement, and replied, "Yes, it was wonderful. I loved everything about it. I loved being your slut."

His smiled return as he responded, "Well you certainly are a good slut, and looking at you covered in cum makes wish I had time use you some more. Unfortunately, I need you drive hotel as I’m running late meet up with some people."

Finding our time together was ending for the day I was a little dejected at the thought, but happy I had the chance to share what he just did.

Isaac laughed a little before he spoke again.

"You need to clean that cum off your before your next rider, and I think what better way for a slut do so, than with the piece of clothing she has with her," Isaac stated as he reached down and pulling on dress.

He wanted wipe clean of his cum with own dress. It was the thing I had wear, and if I did as he suggested it would be smeared with cum. The idea of walking into the public with cum all over dress was so slutty. I grabbed dress up from the bottom and brought it immediately to . I dragged it across in search of every speck of cum; I wanted dress be a mess with his cum just as was. If I wasn't wear his cum home on , I was happy wear it home on dress. Isaac watched perform as a slut for him, and as I finished cleanup he spoke.

We drove his hotel and Isaac jumped on the phone with the people I assumed were waiting on him. When we pulled up his hotel, he asked if I knew he was, alluding perhaps he’s famous. I just said no, just a very sexy man with a beautiful cock.

“That’s perfect”, he said, “see you later slut, you sure know how suck cock!”

Hmm ’s Isaac?

Kisses, jen
Uber Driving Slut enjoys a Paine Field pickup and ass fuck!
Posted:Oct 26, 2019 10:44 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2019 9:50 pm

Hey Y’all,

It’s been too long. It’s not that I haven’t been having naughty fun. It’s just that I haven’t been sharing it with you except maybe on Twitter. But today I had some fun I just had to share. It was the nasty, naughty type of fun that I love!

Since moving up to Kirkland, WA I’ve started to pick up people from Paine Field a bit, as a way to get longer Uber rides. Most people are going to places like Kirkland and Bellevue so it makes for nice long rides as well as great tips.

Today was no different. I spent a bit of the day traveling back and forth to Paine Field in Everett. This afternoon I pickup a very handsome guy, tan, muscular looking, and a bit drunk from his flight back from Vegas. I was wearing an above the knee skirt and showing a little cleavage from a push up bra I had on. As soon as he got in car he was very chatty and I laughed at all his jokes. He got asking about why I Uber and if guys on because as he put it, “You’re a good looking women.”

I admitted him I drove for the first, as I’m a broke mom, but also meet people and enjoy their company. I let that last just hang there see how’d he’d react.

“You hook up with riders?”, he asked.

I told him I’ve done that and enjoyed a cock… tail with a guys, on some rare occasions.

He went into full horn mode there and was asking me for details and if I’d be interested in some cock…. (delay) tails with him?

I told him if he was interested I knew just the place to pull over and get to know each other better.

“How fucking yes!! How fast can you get there sweetie!!”, he yelled with a smile and sank into back seat not believing his luck.

I pulled off I-405 in the Totem Lake area and drove through the construction going on in a town center area they are building. Back behind a new Whole Foods there is an apartment complex going up and a small parking lot behind that. There was other truck back there which I figured belonged of the construction workers.

new friend was dressed up smartly in a shirt and jeans. I climbed into the back seat with him.
He started kissing twisting his tongue inside mouth, while putting his hand top feeling the tenderness of skin. I felt like a wild , and was also twisting tongue passionately deep inside his mouth and bit his tongue lightly which seemed to drive him crazy. As he was kissing me he didn't go to unhook bra, instead he managed slide his hand bra feel tits and very large, erect nipples.

I climbed on his lap and start grinding bare fleshy ass over his clothes and crotch, building his hardness, while asking him if he was enjoying it? He licked the side of neck making the whole area wet and then lightly biting shoulder feeling soft flesh.

He reached forward and knew exactly how fold driver's seat forward and flat. He then made kneel down facing towards of the doors in doggy style. Still in full clothes he started dry humping with his already hard cock through his pants. He was now in full heat and I was the on fire as I wanted him so bad. He put his arms across waist and undid skirt which revealed bare ass and swollen pussy staring straight back at him.

“Oh! What a fucking great ass and pussy you have Jen. at that meaty cunt. God you’re so fucking ready for cock aren’t you!?”.

He put his finger in pussy feel the slipperiness of it.

“Holy shit you’re fucking drenched!”

I’d been so wet all day and now was absolutely flooded with excitement. This seemed drive him crazy, but he was way too nasty to dive straight in that wetness. He took both his hands and spread ass cheeks wide apart, leaned all the way over and pointed his tongue straight in asshole. eyes widen this. "Ohh, Fuck!!" I shuttered.

He began kiss ass, lick it and then worked it deep down with his tongue. While his mouth was tightly in ass, he took hand placed it on pussy. It is dripping wet. And the musky smell mixed with sex was driving us both crazy.

He tried finger pussy while still eating asshole, trying with all the strength of his tongue to penetrate ass. It felt absolutely amazing and I was on the brink of cumming right away. He violently tornadoes his tongue across asshole. "OHhhhhhhh!!" I could scream that, and I put hand back on pussy and started viguriously fuck myself with his fingers deep inside myself.

I then felt his tongue all over my soaking fingers and I’m fucking myself. He moves his mouth out of my pussy, spit on asshole! His fingers are dripping with juices at this point, and he puts finger on the tip of asshole! I back at him and give him a dirty smile, and he pushes it in systematically. anal ring shows some resistance, but with all that juices and saliva, it goes all the way in without much resistance. "Ohhh goddddd!!" I utter while he continues shove his finger up ass back and forth.

He continues do this for over a minute, then soaked in lust, takes the finger of ass and immediately replaces it with the tip of his tongue. This time, it goes in easily. The whole atmosphere smells like dirty lusty sex at this point. He sits up, focuses on ass and takes fingers reach up stick them in mouth. Lube them up he commands. I lick them leaving as much spit on them as I can. He then pulled them back and inserts them into asshole! I hear him spitting on his finger again lubricate them even more! This was totally unprepared, and therefore the lube help is saliva!

pussy was a wet mess as I’m still rubbing it and I start moan and then explode in a deep orgasm shaking the car! What more catalyst does a man need! I sensed his adrenaline rushed through his body and he tells , "I want fuck you right now!!" and without even asking which hole, I tell him fuck hard!

His cock, still in the prison of his pants and underwear, jumps freedom! I back and he takes some spit into his hand and applies it to his cock, which is oozing precum adding to the lubrication. He keeps the tip of the cock on the opening of ass and pushes in! "POP!" sounds ass!! "Fuckkkkkkk!!" Utters mouth! He continues thrust deep, and so wildly not even worrying if anyone could see the car shake! I know he just wouldn't care! As there is no lube, the fucking of ass needs continuous lubrication! I can hear him as spits on his cock sliding into ass and continues thrust like a wild animal! He puts his hands shirt and slips tits free. They jump , not worrying about the discomfort of still hooked bra rolled up and he grabs them hard with both hands while he continues fuck ass.

Suddenly he stops his thrust, takes his rock hard cock and moves his mouth towards the opening. He widens ass cheeks again with both his hands and spits deep into asshole!

OMG this guy is fucking nasty and I’m loving every second of it!!

He looks at and asks if he should stop now, and I yell at him "Fuck harder, fuck like a and come inside dirty asshole!" He didn’t need any further permission. He slides his cock back in anal opening, and this time it slides in easier than the first time. He continues fuck in long full thrusts and bends down bite back shoulder super hard! If shirt and bra straps weren’t there; he would have ripped back apart. It felt like a huge was fucking … which of course I have no reference … smile.

He continued fuck like a mad animal and I feel his cock swelling in size (just as I’d imagine a would, again speculating… smile)! He grabs by shoulders and fucks even harder with full thrust as he ejects a huge load inside ass! He thrusts ass for last time and takes his cock of ass!

Both of us are soaked in sweat! He turns around and kisses passionately. He collapses back into the seat and it’s now that I see he has a nice thick cock, probably 7”. I reach over touch it and stroke it but he’s super sensitive but still insists I hold it. The weight of it feels so good in hand, still pulsing and covered with cum. I feel his hand on the back of head slowing pushing down his cock. I know he wants clean it for him which I do slowly with tongue and then take his soft cum and ass covered cock into mouth. It tastes like sex and ass but I’ve now joined him completely in this nasty ass fucking and clean up journey. I complete task and while nasty it wasn’t as disgusting as I might think it would be if I wasn’t there enjoy it.

He tells how amazing I am and how no has ever cleaned his shit cock or let him enjoy an ass fucking like he just did with . I told him it was pleasure and loved every nasty moment.

I grabbed some wet wipes and finished cleaning his cock first, then ass. I climb the front seat, started the car, rolled down the window clear the air and felt the breeze of cold air on which was wonderful. I gave him in case he’d like have fun again and dropped him at his apartment in Bellevue. Wow what a day!

Kisses (well maybe you don’t want those today lol), jen
Uber Driving Reach Back Hand-Job
Posted:Aug 31, 2019 3:59 pm
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2019 10:32 pm


A story of a very exciting adventure I had just this morning as I was driving for Uber. I was wearing a sundress that went to just above knees, had shoulder straps and showing plenty of cleavage from wonder-bra. I also had on sandals and an anklet on right leg (with a small BBC charm on it) and no panties. I was ready for some fun if any presented itself or at least some good tips from those enjoyed such an open display of sexuality.

I’d been sitting outside the Denny’s right by SeaTac Airport waiting be notified about an Uber pickup. I got the word that Dan needed a ride. I quickly (yet safely) drove the third floor ride sharing pick up area in the parking garage at SeaTac and there was Dan waiting for . I got and helped him put his junk in trunk (I couldn’t resist) and could tell Dan was checking the whole time I was helping him. He jumped in Honda Accord Hybrid and right away complimented car, how clean it was, how good it smelled (I was wearing a small spray of Kate Spade In Full Bloom Eau de Parfum as it smells like roses I love), and wow a driver. I could already tell he was a bold guy and could smell the alcohol on his breath from what I assumed was a bunch of cocktails on his flight (first maybe?). I turned at him with a smile and in the split second our eyes met, his immediately went cleavage and said, “Wow at you”. He didn’t break from looking at tits and smiling I turned around.

“You’re quite a treat as an Uber driver, normally I just get guys from in their repainted Prius taxis!”

I again smiled back at him and he again looked straight at tits. I had a small laugh and looked at the Uber app now telling his destination.

I looked at him through the rear-view mirror and said, “So we’re off the McMenamins Anderson Hotel, I love that place!”

He replied back, “ I’ve never been. I’m here for a conference there. You should join and give a tour.”

I didn’t say anything back immediately but did give him a big smile through the mirror again. He started chatting me up asking if I’ve ever joined anybody for a drink before. I admitted I had but not too often. He then asked me what’s the wildest thing that’s ever happened in Uber. Rather than go right being fucked or sucking a lot of cock I told him once a women gave her husband… I delayed. He answered immediately, “Did she suck his cock?”

I laughed back with a yes. He demanded in an enthusiastic way to tell him how it went down. I proceed to describe that I’d picked them up from a club and was giving them a ride home. They were making and were getting passionate. I could see that she was rubbing his crotch and she whispered , “Do you mind if we live a fantasy?” I said of course not and they should have all the fun they’d like. I then described how I could see in the mirror her reach down and taking her husband cock and then disappearing from view as she bobbed on his cock.

Dan was then saying , “Oh fuck that’s , could you see his cock, was she taking it deep down her throat?”

I told Dan I couldn’t see much but I could see her husband looking at in the mirror as he got his cock sucked and he was smiling.

That’s when Dan said ,”Do you think he had a big cock like this ?”

I was sitting at a light and turned head see Dan stroking his cock, clear as day, in back seat. This was a first for . I’ve honestly never had someone this bold just start jerking off but I did put off a lot of signals this was likely okay. Maybe Dan just liked showing women his cock too.

He was bold enough to ask, “What do you think?”

As the light turned green and I accelerated through the intersection I told him he had a nice big cock. I then slowly reached back to find it as Dan scooted forward a bit to find wandering hand.

“Fuck yes Jen, stroke cock. Fuck at you with those titties showing and that slut anklet on, jerk it honey!”

I worked concentrate on driving but also with hand gently stroking the full length of his shaft. nipples were on fire and pussy was instantly drenched.

“OMG your hand feels good on cock. Are you going suck it like that wife did her husband?”

I’d been stroking it for almost 10min off and on as we finished the drive through Bothell. Every time I’d have turn I’d put both hands back on the wheel but then as soon as we were going straight again I’d reach back and start stroking it again with Dan getting more crude with every stroke.

“You’re a fucking dream come true. Bet your sucking and fucking every guy that gets in this car the way you’re dressed like a . Are you even wearing panties?”

I shook head no and he said back, “Fuck you’re slutty Uber !”

As we pulled into the parking lot of McMenamins I noticed there was a local stadium right next to it and decided on a detour to the stadium parking lot instead.

Dan right away said, “Fuck , going help finish off slut?”

We parked in the back of the stadium lot and I was able get about half way back, while smiling at Dan as he’s telling , “ at you and those nice titties coming back here for some cock!”

Dan stopped me though and forced me to essentially blow him with ass up in the air and knees rested on the front middle console. I decided sure why not and as I leaned down take Dan’s cock in mouth he reached up and pulled sundress up back revealing bare ass and very swollen pussy lips anybody passing by.

Dan then growled, “That’s how you want be seen isn’t it slut. Bare assed and sucking cock. Suck that cock you !”

I tried lean back down but Dan stopped .

"Ohh baby I need feel your mouth on this thick cock, but first show those slutty titties."

I sat back up and pulled the straps down off sundress and pushed it down also pushing down wonder-bra. nipples were rock hard and I so wanted suck Dan’s beautiful cock. I eagerly leaned back down before him and straining up into his eyes and saying in a sultry voice...

"I'm going to drain every last of this cock." before wrapping lips around the bulging head.

“Oh fuck yes you are you big nipped bitch!”

I slid mouth down the thick shaft taking half of it into opening while Dan groaned and gently caressed head. mouth filled with saliva and I licked up and down his cock coating it in mouth watering wetness. Some dribbles of spit spilled out of the corners of mouth and drizzled down hanging tits. I was so hungry for his cock.

"Made make your slut mouth water. " Dan observed.

When I had the shaft nice and lubricated I fell upon the cock plunging head up and down the shaft totally focused on releasing Dan's load enjoying the pleasure I was giving him and the groans I was causing. I looked up at him as I bobbed up and down his cock but Dan wasn’t looking at anymore. I could see he was looking outside the car and smiling at someone.

I quickly turned see a guy was walking by giving Dan the thumbs up as he stared at bare ass and inflamed cunt.

Dan then said,”You better hurry the fuck up before someone calls the cops!”

Dan then smiled at me as I continued stuffing his cock into mouth, I wasn’t about stop. I was sucking Dan’s ragging cock hard like favorite popsicle. I looked up at Dan as I sucked his cock with a slutty look in eyes. He knew I loved this.

"You like that, don't you?" he asked. I made a muffled, incoherent but affirmative noise.

"Ohh gorgeous blowjob slut, don't stop ohhhh fuckkkk"

I was taking his cock as far as the opening to throat but was holding back taking his cock any deeper. I knew exactly what I was doing and what would make him cum. I was on fire with the thought that someone could see me blowing this man in broad daylight in a stadium parking lot. I couldn’t stop even if I tried. I was in a pure slut-zone. Dan’s breathing was more ragged now. I ran finger down neck and rubbed tits and pulled at nipples turning Dan on even more. I then braced myself with hand on the back floor of car and reached back between legs with soaking wet pussy. Fuck I was leaking wet and if someone was watching they were getting one slutty show.

"Ohh fucckk , you make so hard," he said as he reached down and grabbed head in his hands, ready skull fuck .

Then he began pumping in and of mouth, taking charge of the rhythm. Little gurgles escaped lips and little gobs of spit were pushed with every stroke as mouth flooded with saliva. He began thrusting fast now, and I kept lips clamped on the hardness knowing that he was close cumming.

"Ohh fucccck, your slut mouth is going make spill load," he groaned.

Eventually he threw back his head and grunted, I took his cock into throat and forced mouth deep the base of his cock. I bounced on the full length of his cock deep throating it each time and gagging on it every time as well.

I now had fingers deep inside cunt and was fucking myself while deep throating Dan’s cock. I was ready explode myself.

I felt Dan’s body move, and before I knew it he had pulled his cock of mouth. I knew what was coming next, he was going coat with his cum.

"Cum for , cum for , cum for ," I repeated asI fucked myself hard, his cock inches from my , "Drench your dirty, filthy slut in cum, make your cum splashed slut."

Dan couldn't hold on a second longer when he heard these words and without warning he was spraying with jets of his spunk. I exploded as well yelling “OHHHH FUCK YES!!!!” and body being ripped by a volcanic level orgasm sending into a convulsing wave of pleasure.

The first spurt above the lips and creamy ropes then cheeks and some shot in mouth. I was still screaming as I fucked myself deeply through my orgasm and stuck a fingers in ass knowing this would extend orgasm and make loose control even more.

I mixed Dan’s cum with saliva and then let it fall of mouth onto chin with some ozzing down naked chest and onto tits as orgasm began ease. A last shot landed on forehead. The cum felt at first but then became cool and slippery. Dan held head as the last drops drizzled onto upturned . I finger collect the cum like a shovel and scoop it into mouth as Dan smiled at . I then reached down and sucked the remaining cum off the tip of his cock and finished licking finger clean, savoring every .

“Haha we better get the fuck of here or you’re going slut jail Jen!”

So I slid back into seat, opened the middle console pulling trusty wet wipes and handed them Dan telling him, “I hope you enjoyed your ride!”

Dan got of the car and handed his business . It turns he was in the sanitation business and said as he walked away, “You are nasty slut and I love nasty, I hope you while I’m here!”

I just might. It seems there is in sanitation as Dan gave great tip!

Kisses, jen
From Uber driving backseat slut to Seafare gang bang... what a great weekend
Posted:Aug 4, 2019 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 11:06 pm

Hi Y’all,

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written about any of my Uber driving adventures. Truth is I got into a pretty bad accident while between rides and my car was totaled. Some guy had a diabetic episode while driving down the freeway and literally took a left hand, 90 degree turn, across two lanes of interstate, at 70 mph, and crashed into my car. It was pretty awful and while I wasn’t seriously injured I did crack a rib from the airbag deploying and seat-belt pressing into me. Luckily the safety systems on my Honda worked and I’m so thankful for . Because of all this I took some time off to recover.

Being a very broke mom I got back out this past week and started driving again with my new Honda. I’ll admit I wasn't excited about driving all day again but did find some nice people to talk to about the accident and all were very supportive. Especially one guy who got very flirty and I ended up giving a hand-job and blowjob to in the back seat at his hotel parking lot. The thrill of has me very excited to work again.

After I was finished licking off all the from his cock he proceeded to tell me he was in town for Seafare. He went on to say while he’d have to check with his buddies, he would love for me to join them as a hostess on a big boat his friend owned. He said they’d me well for serving drinks and other such services, winking at me. I told him to let me know as I could really use the and would love to spend the day on a yacht at Seafare, what could be better.

For those not familiar, Seafare is a summer water festival in Seattle encompasses a Torchlight Parade of boats, hydroplane races, and the Blue Angels flying over Lake Washington. I’ve never been out on the water for the event but was hopeful I’d get the call back to join some rich guys on their boat. Sure enough I was texted Friday night and told they’d love to have me join them and where to meet them Saturday morning to start the fun.

I knew it would be a of four men and me, and I was basically to be the hired slut and some fun entertainment for them. I was told I would serve drinks and I should especially flirt and smile at the boats owner who was some big wig someplace. So I wore a very tiny bikini with tiny bottoms just covered my full pussy lips and was only a G string in back. Over it I had on a little backless mini sundress. I also wore slip on sandals and lots of sunscreen I worked all over my body.

I drove to the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle was right on the banks of Lake Washington. I met my new friend Jim right where he had directed me. I was a little earlier than the others and it gave him time to not only show me around the fabulous boat and where all the drinks and ice and snacks were but to also back me up against a bulkhead and make out with me. He was very eager to continue his fun and he admitted he couldn’t wait for me to show up. His lips were sliding against mine and his tongue slipping into and out of my welcoming mouth. Jim is in his fifties, very well kept, muscular and apparently very virile. He had left me happy the night before from the opportunity to stroke and suck his bigger than average cock.

I smiled happily at him as he whispered to me he would be seeing me again alone really soon. I honestly could hardly wait, as not only did I want to feel his cock inside of me, he was also a big tipper (being honest). We kissed again, I reached down to feel his hardening cock through his deck shorts. They were linen and not thick so I could get a good feel of him, as he grew and throbbed in my hand. His hands wandered up to slip inside my dress to caress my thick swollen nipples over the top of my bikini. He smiled at me and then someone called out to the boat from the dock.

We stepped out into the sun on the boat deck to greet two other men, also in tee shirts, deck shorts and slip on shoes, as they stepped on board. They introduced themselves as Al and Greg. Al was the older one and also the owner of the boat. Al probably in his mid sixties and Greg was in his late thirties or early forties. Both were slender and tall, not as muscular as Jim but in good shape and smiling at me in very leering but welcoming ways. They were waiting on the last man, who finally arrived just a few minutes later.

He was also in his forties, tall, very well built and strong looking and he was black. His name was Milt and he had a huge smile for me. Reaching out his arms he gave me a huge hug and even kissed my cheek. In an English accent, he said he was so happy we could join them for the day. Once he was on board we cast off and set out across the lake.

The thing about Seafare and boats I learned is everybody docks up against each other in rows. So what I thought was going to be a private adventure was actually fairly public as once docked you could easily see and move from boat to boat you were tied up to.

Once tied into the other boats I decided to get the guys some more drinks. They were all down to their swim trunks and I had given up the sundress to walk around in only the tiny top and g string bottoms of my bikini. I immediately got some looks from the other boaters, especially the wives on the other boats who right away knew what I was on the rich guys boat for. said my hosts were all giving me very admiring looks and making pointed but complimentary comments about my body and how they loved my big ass showing off for them. Obviously Jim had told them about me and they had made it a point to with Jim in front of me what it was like to have those big full lips around his cock. OMG they didn’t waste any time. I honestly blushed and I realized the alcohol was giving them courage they might not normally have.

As I handed Al, the owner, a scotch neat, he took the liberty of sliding one hand up the inside of my thigh. I knew not to offend him so I let him touch me, all the way from my knee to where my leg met my pussy. He let his hand linger against the cloth covered mound for just a couple seconds and even wiggled his finger against my pussy before letting it drop away. He smiled at me and I smiled with a wink back. I really wanted to keep Al happy. I also felt the almost instantaneous warmth of excitement rush through my body to warm my pussy. I was a bit surprised I had gotten turned on the show of bravado this likely incredibly rich and powerful man, but as I saw the lustful looks and grins on the faces of the men, I got an almost irresistible urge to tease them a little.

I stayed next to Al, and put a soft hand on his hot bare shoulder, already reddening from the sun burning him. I slid my hand over his skin and let my hip drift up against his arm, my skin touching his as I heard him catch his breath. Jim was smiling at me and had an almost pleading look in his eyes to show the guys a little fun while they were out on the water. I nodded at Jim and then said, ", guys, its really hot out here isn't it? Would anybody like to head into the cabin and dance a little? I think you’ll like my dance.”

I noticed Milt almost had the look of a wolf or some wild animal on his face. I guessed he would love to get hold of my white ass. The guys all agreed and we went inside the cabin for a bit of privacy. It was big enough for all the guys to make themselves comfortable in big leather chairs and sofas. I slowly reached back to untie the string held my top around me and lifted the top off of my tits and let them admire my big swollen nipples ready for their attention. The guys all made noises of approval as I danced around topless.

As I approached Greg, he was the brave one and he reached up to fondle my tits and fully erect nipples. I let him have his fun, smiling and teasing him as he played. "Like those?" I asked and he nodded. He leaned forward and I leaned down to allow him to kiss the nipple on my right breast. He suckled at it like a baby. I held his head in my arms letting him have his fun. I felt my bikini bottoms getting really wet as I stood there watching the other three guys watching Greg with me.

When he finally let go, I moved over to Al and offered him the other tit. He immediately began the same sucking and tonguing of it. I giggled and held his head as I looked at Jim. He nodded at me, and shrugged as I slid my hand down the front of Al's chest all the way to his trunks. He shivered even in the heat as I turned him on. Jim was smiling nervously, liking what I was doing to entertain his boss (I guessed), and at the same time, probably wondering how far it might go and how far I would let it go. I let my fingertips slide just under the waistband of Al's trunks. I could see his cock growing and starting to twitch under his swim trunks. I figured he had already gotten partly aroused when he was sucking my my nipple. He appeared to be fully excited now and I could feel the fabric stretching against my fingers as his dick flexed.

I stepped between his spread knees and turned to face away from him, the soft, rounded mommy cheeks of my butt right in his face. Al leaned forward to kiss the smooth surfaces of each cheek before I leaned down to put a hand on each of his knees then bent my knees to do a quick grind on Al's crotch with my big full ass and pussy. Through the thin cloth of my tiny G string and his swim trunks I could feel his hard on against me. I felt the excitement in my body reach the next level. I stood and reached for Al's hand.

"Al," I said, "you need to me in the galley." With , I led him to the lower cabin of the big boat, which was in fact the galley, and also had a double size bunk on the other wall. It was there I pushed Al into a sitting position and I quickly stripped out of my G string. Totally naked and eager, I lowered myself to my knees between his legs and began tugging at the sides of the waistband of his trunks. Al raised his hips and let me pull his trunks down.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye I had an audience, as all three of the other men had followed us to the door of the galley. They were watching as I bared the man's cock and balls and leaned forward. Al's cock was rock hard erect, sticking up from his crotch, above the hairiness of his balls. His cock was a little shorter than normal but nothing extreme and was also just a little above average in width. I let the hardness slide into my open mouth, using my tongue to tickle the underside of it as it entered my mouth. I closed my lips around it and began to suck, sliding my head up and down as my mouth worked on him. Al threw his head back and groaned as I worked on him, using his hands to fondle all of me he could touch.

I slid off his cock, and licked lower to use my tongue to caress his swollen balls. I pulled one and then the other into my mouth as he lay back. I licked even lower between the sweaty cheeks of his lower ass to tickle him before starting back up to lick all the way to the tip of his throbbing cock. I engulfed his cock again, and worked on it some more, before I stood and knelled next to him. I grabbed the shaft of his hardness and guided the tip to the slicked wet swollen lips of my pussy. I let it slide up and down the slit, slightly between the full meaty lips as I began to lower my weight onto him. I felt it push into me, and then start slowly sliding into the canal of my cunt, filling me the way I craved most. I felt my weight settle onto his hips, and his cock bottom out in my pussy.

I smiled down at Al, letting my nipples dangle against his lips, then began to work my hips up and down his shaft, sliding it in and out of my soaking pussy. He reached up to pull me down onto him, so he could use his tongue inside my mouth. It was immediately so intimate and bonding. I kissed him back as he began to gently thrust his hips up into me as we kissed deeply. He was straining against my body as he thrust into me. In a few minutes he indicated he wanted to change positions. I rolled off and took a position on my knees with my head down on the mattress as Al moved behind me to position his cock head at my slit and then pushed forcefully into me again. His cock slid all the way into me and he began in and out of me as I leaned back into him, meeting his strokes as he made them, feeling all the tingles and sensations went with our amazing . We were dripping sweat as he pounded into me.

He was pounding with a force I hadn't expected from him. He went faster and faster before then pulling out of me and moving me to lie on my back on the bunk. He moved to settle between my legs and reentered my hot open pussy. He again was kissing me deeply as he began to stroke again. His whole body went tense as I felt the swelling response of orgasm swept through him. He buried his face into the crook of my neck and thrust harder and faster, then began to tremble and shake as his throbbing cock began to spurt big loads of sticky, hot, white into my now climaxing pussy. It felt like his whole lower body was exploding into me as he emptied his full balls deep inside my pussy.

This had pushed me over the edge, my orgasm washing over me, my thighs trembling and my whole body quaking and bucking as I came. I held him tightly to me as we kissed again. It was incredible and I felt immediately bonded to this powerful man. As I began to recover, I could hear the cheers and clapping coming from the other three guys who had watched in excitement and lust. How odd, was this a regular thing for them to watch their boss fuck sluts lol? No matter I loved it!

They were looking at the scene like in a candy store for the first time. I looked down at my sweaty body and the oozing out of my cunt. I saw Al sitting on the edge of the bunk, his now shriveled cock all wet and glistening with my juices and his. I looked back at the guys, and said with a smile, "Who's next?"


Phew I need to take a break from writing. I honestly have been masturbating the whole time remembering and writing this and need to truly get off and get back to work driving today. Back to school expenses ugh. I’ll try to write more tonight if anybody is interested. Trust me you’ll want to hear what Milt did to me. Hope you enjoyed this half as much as I did. What a covered day!

Kisses, jen
July 4th Uber Bang
Posted:Jul 5, 2019 11:01 am
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2019 10:40 pm

Hi Y’all,

Last night I had some fun seeing the fireworks show in Kirkland with my family and then went home and thought I’d go to bed. As I lay in bed with my husband, who was a bit drunk, I told him all the details of my exciting fun with the guy I blew by the water tower. My husband jerked his little dick to my story as I rubbed his chest and in under a minute had cum all over himself and was asleep in the next minute.

I on the other hand was now very horny and honestly frustrated. I decided to go out and turn on my Uber app to make some but also perhaps find a guy who could give me what I needed. I drove to downtown Kirkland and worked for about an hour giving different couples rides home. I was soon in the Juanita Beach area and picking up a nice looking guy who was a bit drunk but very flirtatious.

We chatted a bit about Uber driving and why I wasn’t out having fun instead of working. I told him it was a bit personal but he was very encouraging to hear all about it. I’m not usually this direct but I told my rider about my husband being drunk and passing out on me and that I was honestly frustrated and looking for to meet someone via Ubering.

It didn’t take but a second for my rider to pick up on the signs of a honry Uber driver and he was quickly asking if “meet someone” meant having some naughty fun with them. I admitted yes and we were soon looking for a place to pull over and be naughty.

We ended up in the Lake Washington Tech Institute parking lot. I unbuckled my seat belt and slide into the back seat next to him.

He started stroking my hair and said,” I hope you can help me get off tonight because I am so turned on right now by this," a sly smile coming on his face.

Suddenly his fingers tightened around my hair pulling my head towards him and down to his jeans. He immediately determined I was his but I was perfectly fine with this. I got the point and began to unzip his pants. My body so now I was more than happy to wrap my mouth around his cock.

Quickly I lowered his zipper, his cock already hard easily slipping past his underwear. Licking my lips I begin to lower my head. He impatiently pushes my head quicker to his cock. His forcefulness turns me on even more. Gulping his cock into my mouth I hardly had time to take a breath. I suck his cock deeply into my mouth my lips plunge down to the base of his cock. My face completely in his crouch. My tongue trying to roll around his cock deep in my mouth I try to bob my head on his cock but could only raise my head an inch or two before his hand on my head pushed me back down. He didn't want me to move but his cock was moving, moving into my throat. Gagging I widen my mouth while my throat tighten around his cock. He began to groan.
I was bent over him with his right hand on my head and his left hand moves to my ass lifting my dress. His hand rubbing my asshole I moan with his cock deep at the back of my mouth. He returns his hand to his mouth, licks his fingers and then plunges two fingers into my asshole, it's a tight fit but he manages to get it in me up to the second knuckles. I felt the rush of the amazing feeling and feel my body about to cum. His hand stops pushing on my head and I bob up and down on his rock hard cock. His groans gets louder and louder.

Really getting into it, my saliva covers his cock sloshing up and down on him and so for his cum to fill my mouth. All of a sudden his hand slaps my ass "ok honey get out the car for me."

I was disappointed to say the least but I let his cock slide out of my mouth and I climb out of my Honda. Standing outside of the car the cool night's breeze blowing my dress up and over my still wet pussy I couldn't help still feel quite warm.

My naughty new friend got outside of his side of the car. Walking over to my side of the car he roughly grabs me and kisses me hard on the lips sticking his tongue in my mouth.

"You want me to stop?" he whispers in my ear.

"No" I croak back suddenly shakily.

With out hesitation he turns me around and bends me over the hood of the car. He press his still hard cock onto the back of my bare ass after throwing up my dress. His roughness made my breathing and heart beat quicken and I found myself arms out stretch over the car doing nothing but taking whatever he want to give me.

"Take off your dress" he ordered.

Without a word I quickly lift my dress over my head. Now naked, my pussy wet and my nipples sticking out rock hard I stand there next to the car looking around the parking lot for people or security cameras.

Not sure of what he wants I awkwardly stand by the car. Shaking a little now not from cold but from pure nervousness of not knowing what the hell was going to happen next.

"Do you" I try to say but is interrupted by a slap on the ass.

"Shhhhh" he whispers "just bend over the car and hold onto it. Don't say another word."

I spread out across the cars hood, my ass in the air and my head down. I feel very vulnerable and I also feel wetness dripping from my pussy. This is really turning me on and although I can't see my friend well now I can feel his rock hard cock brushing against my ass and I know he is still turned on too.

Bending over he licks my ass. Spreading my ass cheeks his tongue finds my asshole. I let out a shriek then a slow moan. I want to scream out yes yes so badly but I don't remembering his order to stay quiet I bite my lip and close my eyes enjoying my whole body tingling.

I can't help moving my hips back to his tongue. He grabs my ass and digs his tongue into my tight asshole. Lapping slowly at my asshole like he was licking a delicious ice cream cone. Ummmm this is too much I can barely hold stay still as the amazing feeling rips through me.

"You like that slut? You like having your asshole fucked with my tongue?"

I moan my approval but keep my head down.

He begins slapping my ass over and over. "You like it slut, you like being a slut don’t you?" he ask harshly. "You want me to fuck you now slut?"

I grunt back an approval reply. My body is so on fire it's all I can manage.

Slapping my ass he moves behind me and plunges his hard cock into my sopping wet pussy.

Good God it feel sooooo good my pussy throbbing again I start chanting yes yes yes yes with every thrust of your cock in my pulsing pussy. He gives my pussy quite a pounding. My knees begin to buckle but his hands on my hips keeps me up and help his cock go deep into me.

"Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhh" I scream.

His cock covered with my pussy juices was not enough to stop the pain that shot through me while his cock plunges in me full tilt. No hesitation just a hard fast thrust deep in my asshole. Grabbing onto my hair he leaned over me and growled "You like it up the ass don’t you slut"?

Not knowing where his aggression was coming from and not caring I grunt back "ah ah yyyessss I I do".

Pounding away he grabs my tits and squeezes them between his fingers. Pinching my nipples he pulls them away from me and twists them. I never knew that pain could turn me on so much. I was enjoying it and I start wishing the roughness would never end.

Trying to balance I let one hand go to my clit. Rubbing my fingers over my throbbing clit my orgasm overtook my body. With my orgasm building and with my pussy throbbing and his cock plunging deep in my asshole I felt a feeling I hope to feel again real soon. While my whole body pulse with my orgasm I could feel my asshole throbbing around his cock. It was like my asshole was trying to milk all of his cum out of his cock and I didn't want it to stop.

I start meeting his thrust slamming my ass back to him arching my back and enjoying the most intense orgasm I’ve felt in a very long time. Grabbing my shoulder and one of my tits he leans over my back cock deep in my asshole. I could feel his cum filling my tight asshole. My pussy throbbing my asshole pulsing I push back into him and grind my ass into him. After shooting my asshole full of his cum he withdraws and quickly sits back into the back seat. I was just standing their still completely naked and shaking from the last waves of my orgasm. Breathing heavy we couldn't help but laugh at what had just happened.

"You want to get dress" he says to me in a cheerier voice.

"Sure, where is my dress anyway?" I laugh back.

He gets out of the car and picks up my dress I left on the ground.

Watching me slip it back on he leans on the car and comments "Fuck that was "

I walk over and give him a kiss and say thank you, that’s exactly what I needed.

We both get back in the car and I drive him the rest of the way to his home in Redmond. Cum leaking out of my well fucked asshole I was feeling perfect.

Kisses, jen
Random Act of Blowjob Success Story
Posted:Jul 5, 2019 10:59 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2019 10:12 am

Hi Y’all,

My husband had taken the out for breakfast and I was honestly horny as hell and looking for a very quick adventure nearby. While I try to keep my slutty ways a secret from my neighbors I have a fantasy that some of the dads know who I am and are interested in sneaking away as well for a quick dick sucking in the park or a fuck in my garage.

I posted a picture of myself on my Reddit profile, face and all and then placed an ad on the Reddit Random Acts of Blowjob (ROA sub. It seems there are a ton of guys interested in a no strings cock sucking from a horny mom, who knew! Within a minute I had a very interested guy who told me he was just a mile away at the Kirkland Costco and would love to meet me at Mark Twain park to get his cock sucked. He sounded perfect and he even sent a picture of his big veiny cock he had on Imgur.

Soon I was walking through Mark Twain Park just a few minutes from my house. True to his word my Costco stranger met me by the ground and while he was a bit heavier than I’d pictured, he was still excited to meet me. I told him we should go for a walk around the back of the giant green water tower that take up most of the north end of the park. Behind the water tower is a older home with over grown grass and I figured was an exciting place to take the small risk of being seen and also enjoy the thrill of some park naughtiness.

As soon as we were out of sight of those walking around the trail I started to make out with the man. He was all over me and feeling up my shirt to pinch my nipples as he stuck his tongue down my throat. I then felt his hands on my shoulders that pushed me down to my knees. My Costco friend had already freed his thick veiny cock from his pants and his hands were guiding my head, pushing me towards his cock. I let the cock slide between my lips until it hit the back of my throat. Normally, I would have gagged at this deep of an invasion, but I felt my throat relax and take the intruder with ease. I felt myself bob up and down his shaft while he wrapped handfuls of my hair around his fist. Then he started to pull too hard on my hair, controlling my head bobs on his delicious cock.

I was looking him in the eyes as I sucked out as much as I could. His dick was growing by the second and sticking straight out from his body. I actually had to scoot back a little to adjust to the added length and when I took my mouth off that magnificent cock, a trail of that sweet precum stayed on my tongue until it snapped off and stuck to my chin when I moved back.

I continued to lick his cock while we continued to make eye but when he was fully hard, I had to raise up higher on my knees to reach it. That is when the blowjob really started. I opened my mouth wide and slid it down as far as I could on his huge dong. I put one hand back on it and jerked as I sucked.

Costco guy spread his legs, leaned against the fence of the water tower and almost closed his eyes while I sucked. I was so turned on that I wanted to rub my clit but I didn't have time. With his thickness, I had my mouth as far open as it could get and I had to be extra careful so that my teeth didn't scrape. Also, the thickness caused me to drool out of the corners of my mouth. He was loving my moist lips around his huge erection.

He was sighing and whispering, "Yea , just like that. That feels great. Don't stop. Keep suckin."

I knew I didn't have much time before someone might see so I took his monster cock in both hands again and started jerking it while I sucked. With so much skin, I stopped sucking and spit on both hands to provide lubrication and started back up once again.

My pussy was soaking wet and with my shorts riding up my crack. It was my personal mission to make this guy cum. I wanted it and I was curious to see if a cock this big would cum more than average. I pulled my mouth off it, stuck out my tongue, and then encouraged him, "You taste good. Let me know when you're going to cum so I can be ready."

I went back to sucking and jerking. This went on for a few minutes and my slurping became louder. Eventually, I could feel his cock start to throb and I could also feel his heart beat through his shaft on my lips. I never stopped my sucking rhythm as my head bobbed back and forth. His breathing got heavy and sporadic. He began to groan and took hold of my head with both hands as he fucked my mouth without concern for the gagging noises I had started to make. Maybe the sounds from my throat were getting him off, because he jammed his cock against my face as he continued to fuck my mouth. I flinched but stayed in position.

Just then his hips lurched forward and a huge wad of cum blasted the back of my throat causing me to first gag then cough. His second spurt might have been even larger. He grunted and jammed his long, thick cock to the back of my throat, holding my head in place while I gagged on his cum. I nearly threw up when he pulled his cock away, whipping my face with his cock and spreading his cum over any spot he could find that didn't already have cum on it. He grunted, "Awww fuck, you look like s fucking slut, ," as his cock oozed a few more drops in my mouth.

I didn't want to stop until he was completely finished so I just kept sucking every last drop off his cock. He was still holding my hair in his hand with his fist while he quivered and held his spent cock in my mouth as he dribbled and oozed the last of his sperm. I locked my lips on the head, and slid off very slowly, careful not to make a mess. Sure enough a large glob, plopped right on my leg and he told me to clean it off and eat it.

I stood up with my mouth still full with his cum. I swallowed it and without missing a beat, I licked my lips and smiled. He had cum a lot and even though it was slightly bitter and salty, it wasn't bad. It was so thick and plentiful.

I didn't say a word but I did bat my eyes and blow him an air kiss.

"You are one slutty ," he grinned and then laughed as he looked at my cum covered face.

I had brought a tissue for this exact occasion and took it out as he turned and walked away saying he’d love to make this a regular thing.

I walked back home and texted a picture to my husband of my face still coated in cum. I think I still surprise him with what a slut I can be when I’m in the mood. I told him all about it that night in bed and he came within 30 secs. Seems we’re made for each other.

Kisses, jen
Ass Licking Uber Driver
Posted:Jun 1, 2019 9:25 am
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2019 11:00 am

Hi Y’all,
A quick story of a quickie I had with a Uber rider last night. I don’t normally work Friday nights but we’re trying to save up to take the to Disney this summer and see the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opening. So I decided to work the evening and see if I could get some good tips from the happy hour crew.

Around 7PM I got lucky enough and picked up a very cute guy in his 20s from Bellevue Brewing which looks more like it should be a dentist office then a brewery but I guess you serve beer where you can. He was headed downtown to his hotel. We started chatting and it took the normal route of him being interested in how much I like driving for Uber. I told him I loved it and the tips could be really great sometimes. That usually sparks some horny guys interest in how do I get good tips?

Sure enough the conversation went to him saying, “I’m sure women get better tips than men, especially cute blonde ones like yourself.”

Given he was bold, a bit drunk and very cute I played along and told him, “Well I do have some special talents to make my male riders happy.”

I could practically hear the instant straining of his cock against his pants when I said this. He was then adventurous to say, “Do you display these talents often to your riders?”

I answered back, “Only ones as cute as you. If you’re interested I could find a place to pull over to show you?”

“Fuck Yes!!!”, was his immediate reply.

With that we had now crossed the 520 bridge into Seattle and I took the first exit for the Arboretum and was soon in their parking lot in a space I had fun a few other times. I’m always on the lookout for good space to blow my riders lol.

I turned to him, got a great look, still very cute, stared him straight in the eyes, licked my lips and then slowly crawled into the back seat with him. I always leave the front passenger seat pushed all the way forward so my riders have room but also so I can sink into the open area to blow them if the mood strikes me and them. I reached his open legs and started unbuckling his pants. He told me he couldn’t believe this was happening. The look in his eyes were of wild bewilderment. In just a few seconds his shoes were off, his pants and briefs were somewhere else in the car and his nice thick cock was right where I wanted it to be. I smiled at him as I looked in his eyes and stroked his cock moving his hands out of the way.

I held his cock up and lowered my head so I could lick the underside of his shaft. I licked from sac holding his balls up to the tip and tongued the tip for several seconds before licking back down to repeat this trek. I increased the pressure of my tongue on the underside of his cock. This was just a tease and I took a bit of his head into my mouth when I reached the top.

He started to moan and I slowed down. I didn't want this to end too soon. I licked lower and started to lick his balls then up his cock. I cupped his balls and caressed them with one hand while I licked up his shaft.

On the next pass after I licked his balls, I took one of them into my mouth and sucked then switched to the other one. Finally I had both balls in my mouth and moved my tongue over them and pulling them away from his body until I allowed them to pop out of my mouth.

He kept telling me how amazing I was and this was exactly the encouragement I needed to continue being his slut.

I then started to lick the underside of his balls and had to push on his thighs for him to rise up higher to allow me the access I desired. His moans became louder and he started to move. He thrust up each time my tongue went low. I thought at first that he wanted his cock in my mouth and I obliged the first few times, taking him deep, but then I realized he wanted something different.

I set my tongue low on the underside of his balls and waited for him to thrust upwards forcing my tongue lower. I allowed him to direct the action for several more thrusts of my tongue across his opening before I took over and gave him a thorough tonguing before moving from his asshole, across his balls, up the underside of his cock and then taking his cock into my mouth as deep as it would go.

We continued this action a few times, each time I gave more attention to his ass which he loved me licking and going deep into his asshole.

Something must have switched on within him because he all of a sudden he said to me, "You fucking slut. How does it taste, bitch? You like that, don't you? You like it sticking your tongue up my asshole, don't you?"

I looked up at him with my tongue still on his ass and mumbled, “I love it”, which was very true.

“Lick my asshole you cunt”, he kept saying, “OMG fuck yes get in there!”

With that he took over stroking his cock and within seconds he was blasting stream after stream of cum all over my face. One that went right in my eye and blinded me until I could reach around and find my wet wipes to clean myself with. Wow what a quick and sudden ending. I did end it by grabbing his softening cock and licking off the remaining cum, savoring it as I smiled and helped him with his undies and pants.

We finished the ride to his hotel without much said. As we approached his hotel he asked if he could get my number for when he’s back in Seattle. I gave him my email address and told him I’d love it. What a fun way to make and enjoy cocks and assholes!

Kisses, jen
Uber Brotherly Love
Posted:May 19, 2019 11:05 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2019 9:25 am

Hi Y’all,

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared anything and thought I tell of a very memorable Uber driving adventure I recently had with two brothers that actually recognized me when I picked them up in downtown Seattle. It had been a slow couple of weeks and while I’d given a couple hand jobs in the back seat, I’d not had any wild times to really have some fun outside of stroking some very nice cocks.

It seems the description of myself, my car and pictures/videos I’ve shared have created a bit of a stur with some folks interested in finding the elusive Uber driving slut.

So when I picked up these two brother’s from downtown Seattle, that were headed to a condo they owned in Bellevue, one of the brothers L.J. immediately asked me if I was Jen Dvorak. So I’ll admit my name isn’t Jen Dvorak but that clues in what they are looking for pretty quickly. They were super cute, in their 20s and very fit young men. I couldn’t help but admit that was my alias and yes indeed I was Jen the Uber Driving Slut, knowing full well where I was going to end up.

Cautionary note: Please know with how random and duplicative the world is that I’m unlikely the only blonde mom driving a blue honda accord hybrid in Seattle. So if you ask the driver if she’s Jen Dvorak and she says no, please believe her. With all seriousness, please.

Back to the story. When I admitted who I was there was an eruption in the car like they had gotten into the Cash Cab. They were bouncing around like they’d won the lottery, which I suppose they had, to them at least. To me I’m just a horny, slut of a mom but to them I was this prized catch. Fascinating as very honestly, I’m barely average but I am slutty.

I’ll skip past the chit chat, 20 questions on the life of a Uber driving slut and overall gushing of compliments of these two super fans (to steal from Howard Stern fandom). Soon we were across the 520 bridge and pulling off to a brand new condo development where I agreed to come in and “check out” their place.

After some more chit chat L.J. dared me to give them both a lap dance. Gary turned on a Marvin Gaye song, and asked who gets the first dance. Did I mention the brother’s were black and very sexy? Well they were. I chose L.J., because I knew he appeared not to be as aggressive as Gary and would follow some ground rules hopefully.

L.J. sat on the couch, and I started swaying to the music. Soon, I was getting into the groove of the sexy song, and I leaned over and put my hands on his legs. He could see right down my shirt, and his eyes widened. His stare made me feel sexy, and I gently rubbed his incredibly strong thighs as I swayed. My hands got closer and closer to his cock that was straining his pants, but I never touched it.

I spun around and bent over. As I reached for my toes, my butt was just a few inches from his nose. He could probably smell my musk, as I was starting to really get wet. I felt L.J.’s hands tickle the sides of my legs. It surprised me, and gave me a shiver of excitement. He ran his finger tips up and down the sides of my legs a few times. My legs turned to jelly, I was so turned on.

I sat down on his lap, and started to wiggle a little on his crotch. I could feel him hardening and twitching beneath my ass. His hands reached around to my belly, and he grabbed my shirt and started pulling it up towards my breasts. I just raised my arms and let him pull my shirt completely up and off. So much for ground rules lol.

His hands quickly grabbed both breasts, and he rubbed and tweaked my thick mommy nipples as I leaned my head back to his shoulder and moaned. I turned my head to look up at him, and he started to kiss me. His tongue danced with mine while his hands kneaded my very erect, sensitive nipples. I could feel that his cock was fully hard at this point, and I rocked my ass back and forth along its length as we kissed.

I had forgotten about Gary, and was startled when I felt a tug on the side of my shorts. Instinctively, I raised my hips a little, and Gary slid my shorts down and off my legs in one quick motion. He started rubbing my soaking wet pussy, and I moaned again as his thick fingers found my clit. L.J. kept his kiss going and rubbed my breasts while his younger, very eager brother worked two fingers into and out of my now drenched pussy. With each stroke, Gary rubbed the full length of my pussy. I was on fire.

Gary's touch suddenly stopped so that he could undo his pants and pull out his cock. He stroked it a few times while L.J. and I finished our amazing kiss. Gary sat back on the coffee table, and held his 8" straight out, waiting for me to touch or kiss it. L.J. gave me a gentle push from behind, so that I slid off his lap and knelt down on the floor. I took Gary's lovely sausage into my hand, and lowered my lips to its tip. In no time, his cock disappeared between my lips and into the back of my mouth. My hand and my mouth moved up and down his shaft, gradually picking up pace.

As Gary was getting a very wet, warm and deep throated, gagging blow job, L.J. lowered his pants to his ankles, knelt on the floor, and positioned his cock at the entry of my soaking wet pussy. He grabbed my hips, and with a couple of thrusts buried himself deep inside of me. Very quickly, his rhythm matched mine, and the three of us moved in blissful unison. Gary soon yelled "Here I cum!" so I backed my mouth off his cock a little. His delicious spunk shot into my mouth and down my throat. So warm and so delicious!

I leaned back into L.J. and his cock, a very long, thick one I completely felt, was buried to the hilt inside of me. He moaned and shot his huge load into me, too. I was completely spent, and just stayed there on my knees, doubly-penetrated. Both cocks slowly went limp, and slid out of me. We all collapsed on the floor, basking in the glorious feeling of what had just happened.

After a couple minutes, I reached over and proceeded to lick and clean each delicious black cock as a thank you for an amazing brotherly fuck. I slowly stroked both of them, and eventually they both twitched and started to come back to attention.

I smiled coyly and said "My turn. I dare you to both put your cocks inside of me again."

I felt some true brotherly love in my ass and pussy that afternoon. I returned the love with all the affection I could to these slut lovers. I love my fans!
Kisses, jen

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