10 Years on AFF  

TrueChicagoGuy 35M  
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12/14/2021 8:38 am
10 Years on AFF

I have been a member on and off for 10 years. Not once have I been able to meet anyone from here. I've had a few potentials and one person blew me off completely after having me leave at 1 am to meet her (her loss). I am verified, confirmed and gold and I am not an unattractive man. A bit on the heavy side (which I am working on) but overall I am a friendly, kind, funny a bit vanilla in my day to day other than that I am a good guy with a good dick.

I'm not the best at texting or opening messages since I don't use pick-up lines and I understand that this site has a 4-1 male to female ratio so there is a lot competition here. If a conversation starts it normally ends shortly after. That's my fault for not asking the right questions, being too forward or (believe it or not) not responding in a timely manner. I mean damn I have a life too ya know. lol

Internet dating/meeting has changed so much in the past 10 years. It used to be that you would send a message, talk and meet no matter what you looked like, people were less superficial and if they liked you they got to know you and looks were only a bonus. Now I'm not saying that looks aren't important because let's face it, they are. However, relationships no matter what kind are built on communication, trust, honesty and many other aspects no matter what type it is. I.E. Casual, Fwb, Dating, Long-term D/s etc.

Again, this goes back to the amount of competition here lol and NO I am not complaining. It is what it is and it's their loss. I've made good friends just haven't had any "encounters". Maybe I need some advice on how to message women to get a response or if I do get a response how to keep the conversation from dying right away. Anyway, this is just my perspective on the matter.

HarleygetzD 33F  
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12/18/2021 7:42 pm

Awe sweet cheeks I'd love to meet up soon!!!

TrueChicagoGuy 35M  
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12/19/2021 3:12 pm

I would too Harley! I've been a bit busy with the holiday and the little one but I'll free soon.

sumthinfun4utoo 48M
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1/11/2022 3:56 pm

Lol, good luck with that

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