Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Breaking My Profile Rules!  

Trigger_Cade 40M
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2/20/2022 6:38 am
Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Breaking My Profile Rules!

Hot damn hoe here we go again... always loved the line. Shout out to Lil Kim.

On a serious note I receive so many frieend requests and I set a strict policy: no genital profile pics. I never accept and it's not personal, I just prefer to see a person's face so I have some clue to whom I am flirting or vibing with.

But yesterday I broke my own rules and became friends with someone with vagina all up in yo face. I was mesmerised by all the other pics and beautiful body. I hold my metaphorical Jesus pieces tight and ask for forgiveness.

On this Sunday I hope every is having fucking good time, and I don't mean that as a euphemism. I literally hope you are all enjoying good sex, getting blown or licked and feeling pleasure and satisfaction whatever floats your boat or makes you shoot or squirt.

Have a good one!




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