Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Bed Wetters Make The Sex Fun!  

Trigger_Cade 40M
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2/21/2022 1:26 pm
Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Bed Wetters Make The Sex Fun!

I have been lucky enough to experience the pleasure of fucking bed wetters. I'm not talking about peeing the bed (although that is some of you reader's thing... more power to you), I am taking about when a woman is so wet she leaves wet patches on the bed sheets.

I call these puddles. I like dipping with a shot of Coffee Patron and licking Hennessy off her ties and calling her a 'little baddy' as I finger fuck her to get her ready for Hurricane G. I must confess not every lover is a playmate. But the one's I explore her mentals always get the overtime sex session.

Bed wetters love when I bury my tongue inside their pussy. Ten minutes of licking and biting as I play with her perfectly shaped breast usually works, but I also like to use my fingers and land kisses all over her clitoris. Rubbing her clitoris in different directions, fast and slow is another pleasure eliciting technique I use and this goes back-to-back with licking her slow and licking Hennessy off of her body. I get so lit and tipsy whilst pleasuring her; arousing her; listening to her body and the sound of moist pussy.

As I get super turned-on my dick is hard as fuck. Bed wetting pussy gets doggystyle fucking. Love that ass up as I fuck her from behind. Love feeling my dick slide (and I mean slide) in and out with her cream all over my dick. I love to wrap my arms around her waist and finger her from the frontal I fuck from behind. Slapping her ass and watching that boots shake.

Bed wetter pussy is not only wet, it is hot as fuck. Sticking your tongue in juicy pussy feels like hot as an oven, but damn sexy.

Bed wetters or those wanting to experience that Bed wetter pussy, send me a message. Damn, this blog has me ready to fuck.

Songs on My Sex Playlist This Week:

1. Kitchen Table - Rotimi
2. Faded To Sade - Lyreca Anderson
3. She Likes - Pleasure P
4. Makin Good Love - Avant
5. Lose Control - Silk
6. Freekn You - Jodeci
7. Sex With Me - Rihanna
8. Put It In - Bobby V
9. Your Favorite Song - Eric Bellinger
10. When We Make Love - Ginuwine
11. Too Deep - dvsn
12. You and I - Avant
13. Distraction- Kehlani
14. The Worst - Jhene Aiko
15. Fire We Make - Alicia Keys

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you and hope you get in touch and let me know if your wetting the bed!




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