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Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Bed Wetters Make The Sex Fun!
Posted:Feb 21, 2022 1:26 pm
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2022 2:59 pm
I have been lucky enough to experience the pleasure of fucking bed wetters. I'm not talking about peeing the bed (although that is some of you reader's thing... more power to you), I am taking about when a woman is so wet she leaves wet patches on the bed sheets.

I call these puddles. I like dipping with a shot of Coffee Patron and licking Hennessy off her ties and calling her a 'little baddy' as I finger fuck her to get her ready for Hurricane G. I must confess not every lover is a playmate. But the one's I explore her mentals always get the overtime sex session.

Bed wetters love when I bury my tongue inside their pussy. Ten minutes of licking and biting as I play with her perfectly shaped breast usually works, but I also like to use my fingers and land kisses all over her clitoris. Rubbing her clitoris in different directions, fast and slow is another pleasure eliciting technique I use and this goes back-to-back with licking her slow and licking Hennessy off of her body. I get so lit and tipsy whilst pleasuring her; arousing her; listening to her body and the sound of moist pussy.

As I get super turned-on my dick is hard as fuck. Bed wetting pussy gets doggystyle fucking. Love that ass up as I fuck her from behind. Love feeling my dick slide (and I mean slide) in and out with her cream all over my dick. I love to wrap my arms around her waist and finger her from the frontal I fuck from behind. Slapping her ass and watching that boots shake.

Bed wetter pussy is not only wet, it is hot as fuck. Sticking your tongue in juicy pussy feels like hot as an oven, but damn sexy.

Bed wetters or those wanting to experience that Bed wetter pussy, send me a message. Damn, this blog has me ready to fuck.

Songs on My Sex Playlist This Week:

1. Kitchen Table - Rotimi
2. Faded To Sade - Lyreca Anderson
3. She Likes - Pleasure P
4. Makin Good Love - Avant
5. Lose Control - Silk
6. Freekn You - Jodeci
7. Sex With Me - Rihanna
8. Put It In - Bobby V
9. Your Favorite Song - Eric Bellinger
10. When We Make Love - Ginuwine
11. Too Deep - dvsn
12. You and I - Avant
13. Distraction- Kehlani
14. The Worst - Jhene Aiko
15. Fire We Make - Alicia Keys

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you and hope you get in touch and let me know if your wetting the bed!
Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Breaking My Profile Rules!
Posted:Feb 20, 2022 6:38 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2022 1:28 pm
Hot damn hoe here we go again... always loved the line. Shout out to Lil Kim.

On a serious note I receive so many frieend requests and I set a strict policy: no genital profile pics. I never accept and it's not personal, I just prefer to see a person's face so I have some clue to whom I am flirting or vibing with.

But yesterday I broke my own rules and became friends with someone with vagina all up in yo face. I was mesmerised by all the other pics and beautiful body. I hold my metaphorical Jesus pieces tight and ask for forgiveness.

On this Sunday I hope every is having fucking good time, and I don't mean that as a euphemism. I literally hope you are all enjoying good sex, getting blown or licked and feeling pleasure and satisfaction whatever floats your boat or makes you shoot or squirt.

Have a good one!
Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Sex On Repeat
Posted:Feb 16, 2022 10:34 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2022 4:49 pm
Hey folks, thanks for clicking on my blog. You could be doing anything in the world but you're reading my memoirs. I appreciate that.

In this entry I am taking you back to 2003. It was my freshman year at University. I'd moved into halls of residency... damn I was free. Loose to get drunk. Have wild parties. Fuck before lectures, after lectures, between lectures whatever.... I was free to have fun and get brain (no pun intended). I shared with two guy an two girls. Girl one A was cool. She was a Broadcast Journalism major. We had banter and I would always invite to watch me play basketball. She was a proper fan! Girl two B was an Art major. She was creative, alluring, petite, funny and always looking stylish.

Days went by getting know my roomies and having parties every night. I went to my room to change my white t-shirt as it was covered in Alizé and Hypnotiq. I heard my door open. It was girl B.

'Hey' she said looking all sexy.

'How are you doing miss?' I said looking at her thinking she's crazy if she thinks she can rock up in here and tease me.

'Everyone will be leaving soon and I am sleeping in your bed tonight.' Oh my true story she hit me with real talk.

I was like 'that's cool with me babe'.

As she opened he door to leave to go back to the party, she peep her head through acrack in the door and said: 'I wouldn't bother changing your shirt, you won't be needing it.'

20 minutes later everyone had left and sure enough girl B came into my room.

We kissed at the door. She locked the door. I'm wearing just my team shorts. She's wearing a hoodie and tight shorts.

I take off her hoodie. I kiss her again. This time on her neck. She bites my lip seductively. I grab her waist. She gasps.
I lead her to my bed. I push to the bed. She sits up slightly. I remove her bra and kiss her breast. She kisses me on my neck and chest. I could tell this was going to be fun!

I get up to turn the light off, put on my Avant: Ectasy CD and turn on a side lamp.

I remember taking her shorts and knickers off and kissing her between her thighs. Kissing became licking and lots of it! I was a tease. I lick then stop. Lick then stop. I have always been able to tease to heighten the anticipation, raise the heart rate and urge for more pleasure.

I remember her reaching into my shorts and grabbing my dick and jerking me. I remember pulling her on top of me in a 69. I love this. This position has got to be part of my foreplay hall of fame!

By about track 5 or 6 I remember going deep inside her. I was grinding her and kissing her neck and telling her she is sexy. I put her on her stomach and fucked her while pulling her hair. I remember sexing her on the edge of the bed with head towards the floor. The head rush she got as I fucked her.

I can't remember how long we sexed for but we went through the Ectasy album at least twice. I still love this album in 2022.

Sex was definitely on repeat and we introduced each other to sexathon. She never had sex with a guy like me before. That teased and mixed up the pace, depth and would be gentle and rough to keep her guessing what was coming next. It was so exciting and unforgettable.

Thanks for staying with me as I took you back to 2003. Sharing my intimate sexual experiences with you.

Until next time,
Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Trigger And The Shower Scene
Posted:Feb 14, 2022 2:33 am
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2022 3:41 am
Now I know what you must be thinking... what's with the title? What is this blog about? But just imagine walking into a hotel room whilst on a romantic trip with your lover and friend. Yikes, dud I early say lover and friend? Anyway, you get my point I'm sure! So back to the visualisation, stay with me here, and imagine the scene. You enter your hotel room after venturing out to see the landmarks of the city. You hear the shower and enter the bathroom and you se your lovers beautiful curves, steamy atmosphere from hot running water and the vew is sexy.

I watch her. She looks over her shoulder to observe my voyeurism. She smirks, winks one eye and pouts her beautiful lips. She moves more erotically knowing she is teasing me. Silently her body is calling me, yearing for me to join her. To feel my hands on her back. To feel me kiss her neck. To nibble her earlobe. To kiss her from her neck to sexy ass. She giggles, it's so sexy the way she does that and the way she looks at me like 'come and get your treats'. I know what she wants. Even more importantly, I know what she needs.

As the steam creates a nice fog in the room I slow undressing she can see my athletic body, tattoos and erect penis. She uses her index finger too call me towards her. As I step in the shower, I kiss her neck. I turn her around to face me. I kiss her lips. I lick her lips seductively before we kiss tongue to tongue. She looks at me and bites her lip. I look at her and wink at her to let her know it's on. I kiss her breast, focusing on her nipples, making circles with my tongue making them nice and hard!

I tell her she is 'beautiful', shee says I am handsome and she is so horny. I kiss her stomach then I like and kiss from her breast going South until I reach her vagina. I kiss above her pearl before lifting her leg onto my shoulder to get a good view and access to her vagina. I plantkisses down low. She gasped in pleasure. She arched her back. I look up at her looking down at me. I smile at her. I plant another kiss down low. The next kiss went inside her. 'Oh my god baby' she says as she moans from my tongue slipping inside her. I go deep. I make circles with my tongue. She rubs the back of my head and mummy 'that's so good' she says. I ask 'do you like it there?' She says 'yes'. (*moans). I go faster and shake my head wildly as I pleasure her. I know she loves receiving cunnilingus and I love giving it. (*moans louder) I change my style: fast and slow. Side to side and flick of the tongue with wet kisses. She is wet and hot like an oven. She moans as I bury my tongue deeper and deeper. Fast and slow. Fast and slow. Then I go for it. Like I'm on a mission to make her cum. I go fast and wild with no breaks,. No stopping. She breathes faster. She moans louder. She squeezes my head and then... silence. She can't make a sound. But I felt her body lose control. Lock up and then relax. Then she sighs. I know she has just had an orgasm. mmmmm that's what made this shower scene so amazing.

Because I am a tease I kissed her and told her to be continued later... with a wink!

Thanks for reading. See you at my next blog.



Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Trigger and The Sexy Cam Model
Posted:Feb 13, 2022 5:03 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2022 2:00 am
So I have explored new things lately, more specifically, my interaction with cam girls. I am not for virtual sex play as I prefer reality and feeling the curves of a sexual partner. However, entering these broadcasts with all of the horny guys sending all types of requests to women has me approaching the women differently. I mean, they are beautiful and trying to make from these guys, but there is something about not tipping for sex... but for respect, intrigue and a genuine appreciation for these women minus the objectification and misogyny.

I look at there curves and think 'beautiful'. I sit back, drink shot of Hennessy and think what is this woman really like in reality? I a (maybe a few) to motivate her. I to say hello. To let her know I'm watching and enjoying the way she moves and embraces her sexual and sensual animalistic instincts.

I am just living in it but it's her world. It's her show. Her mind, heart and body that attracts me. Her confidence on screen with so many people watching. It's so exotic and . She strips in private but it's not she shows that intrigue me. No. It's her actions and her expressions of spoken word, body language an her private messages that intrigue me most. I always wondered if she enjoys it. I private messages to encourage her and to hope she has fun on cam. She writes back and we chat. We're just having fun!

So my cam model experience has helped me explore how I interact with women virtually. Helped me set my own limits and the way I communicate with all of the women I encounter on I focus on on communication, connection, respect, trust and motivation, as I know behind the on screen actress is a woman that still wants love, pleasure and protection!

This is my 'Diary of Deeper Thoughts'

By Trigger Cade

Thanks for reading




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