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Erotic Stories
Posted:Apr 14, 2021 11:44 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2021 2:59 pm

Do you have a fav story or theme? Something that you read more than once? Do you bring up that story as a memorized video when the need hits?

I've been reading more with voyeur/exhibitionist, gang bang, and jack n jill parties.

Send me a link to one of your favs!
To those with pussies that squirt:
Posted:Mar 12, 2021 1:26 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2021 8:14 pm

What does your cum smell like?
Mild, strong, earthy, fruity, floral, musky or?
What sex toys would you like to use and why?
Posted:Mar 8, 2021 10:47 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2021 11:57 pm

I use my clit vibe way too often. Searching for something to scratch that internal itch, G-spot, a silent wearable with a remote. I'd like to try different positioners: pillows, swing, chair. Any other ideas?

Have not had a chance to see a cock ring up close and personal. Tell me what effects it has on you, better yet show me.
Where would you like to play?
Posted:Mar 6, 2021 9:09 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2021 11:38 pm

A bed, The beach, A moving vehicle (i.e. car), The middle of a park, An airplane, A dark back alley, A movie theatre, A remote wilderness spot, Under a waterfall, Your desk at work, A swimming pool or hot tub, A store dressing room, An elevator, A hotel room, No particular place, Anywhere, Somewhere almost priv with a change of being discovered.
A little walk
Posted:Mar 5, 2021 3:03 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2021 11:39 pm
On a chill winter , we took a long walk in the snow. Holding hands, short kisses, the playful PDA of teenagers in the 80's.

The roads have been plowed several times, snow reaching above our heads, hard and compact. Along a stretch of road with no houses near by, you laid me back into the large snowbank along the road. Unseen by drivers, pants around our ankles,
we made love as cars drove past not ' from us. It was fast, hormones of horny teenagers are no joke.

The combination of your draining from my pussy and into the cold
dry snow was exquisite. The quick too-too of the semi as it passed sent us scurrying.
Tell us about your favorite sexual encounter:
Posted:Mar 3, 2021 11:11 pm
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2021 1:06 pm

He and I had been discreetly handsy all evening, passing too close, quick kisses. After dark, we went for a walk in the cool night air. The party was noisy and loud, 50 people, drinking, sharing fondue, laughing, and telling tales. We fucked in secret in the back yard, standing against the garage wall then returning to the party inside.

The party lasted till the wee hours, some crashed out on the couches, some were piled together under blankets on the floor. I asked to sleep in their large bed. He and his wife snuggled close, with me at the far edge. Sleep came fast, though so did morning.

When she got up in the morning, she scooted down to the foot of the bed, leaving the bedroom door open a few inches, and started coffee and breakfast for all the folks still sleeping. If she stood right there by the stove, she could see in from the kitchen, but his view was blocked.

His morning wood ached for release. We locked eyes. She nodded permission. I stroked the length of his shaft, my palm swiped over his head. I stroked him firmly. No need for lube, he was dripping. His dreams must have been hot. I stroked fast and firm. He did not hold bac With a low growl his cum arching near the ceiling. She and I smiled devilishly.
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What is your ideal fantasy "date"?
Posted:Mar 2, 2021 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2021 10:10 pm

A secluded, cozy cabin. Nearby, but not too close, are cabins filled with our best friends, a swimming hole, and a firepit. Food, beverages, laughter, and honest conversations. As the fire fades, folks wander to their cabins. Faint, loving
noises are carried on the breeze.

The smells of bacon and coffee fill the air. Our friends come back to the fire, in pajamas and wrapped in soft blankets.

By midmorning it is , everyone stripping down to wash in the lake. Some shy, some proud and bold. The bottle of soap is passed around, bubbles tease and roll off every inch of skin.

Clean, dressed in comfortable shorts and T's, choosing activities for the ; board games, reading, singing, or just lounging.

The afternoon heats up, clothing starts to pile up on chairs, folks play in the cool shallows at the edge of the lake. Someone rigs a rope swing, far in deep water. Wet and naked, relieving fear by dropping into the lake, playing free in the summer sun!

Hidden the surface, hands wander and play. Some in 2's, some in 3's, groups forming and reforming, getting bolder and more carefree. All are welcome to play or just watch. Trusting boundaries, giving pleasure is the goal.

Someone starts dinner, someone stokes the fire, s'mores appear with their stickiness joyfully licked off naked skin, fingers sucked clean.

Tales, songs, and stories are shared; "No shit, I was..." Folks are comfy, relaxed into their chairs. The atmosphere of trust and safety is freeing. The stories take an erotic turn. One by one, friends casually start stroking, Bringing pleasure to yourself, at your own pace, in your own style. The small sounds of passions rise exponentially, echoing back, ever increasing. Watching while being watched. Someone is close to their peak. "mmmmm...." you encourage them. "be free....mmmm... ." they surrender to the ecstasy. Another climaxes, "Oohhh, yes, let yourself fly." the voices are encourage. Higher and higher, closer and closer to the edge, sharing the glorious passion, by , harmony. Explosions happen all around. "Mmmmm.....yes!" I too, bring myself over the top. My climax is loud, wet, groaning. Purring.

Tomorrow is another carefree summer ...
On camera
Posted:Feb 26, 2021 11:10 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2021 8:22 pm

As I think about my camera setup, I'm wondering...

Would you prefer pics of me alone or with a partner?
Solo. No sharing.
Please, only mystery hands exploring.
Just a bit of cum, I'll imagine it mine.
Playing with a partner. Damn he is a lucky dog!
7 Comments , 49 votes
About me
Posted:Feb 24, 2021 2:36 pm
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2021 9:46 pm

I am learning to receive,
to let it all go,
to fucken take 'my turn' to cum hard!
eat with passion,
my clit,
3 fingers, find my G,
fuck me with intention,
fuck me hard,
remind me it is ok,
again, deep, hard, powerful, repeatedly,
remind me to embrace the passion,
let me rub my clit exactly right,
push me to climax over the mountain!!
fuck me slow,
hold me close,
whisper in my ear,
sweet nothings,
just breathe.

raw, unedited, stream of consciousness.
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Posted:Feb 23, 2021 4:42 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2021 2:49 pm
Working towards a camera set up. At the very least I need to take some recent photos for you guys.

Do you want pics or vids?
Is there really interest in 51F gray, soft BBW, all jiggly and wiggly?
Posted:Feb 20, 2021 9:21 pm
Last Updated:Mar 12, 2021 4:30 pm

New here, still figuring things out and exploring.

I love seeing new messages and the pics.

Do you like to write stories or read them?
Watch or be watched?
Jack or Jill?
Show off or fuck?

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see more of?

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