Fakes and Flakes  

Sissy919 59M/31F
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7/4/2021 8:57 pm
Fakes and Flakes

In the swinging lifestyle the women make all of the rules and the rest of us abide by them or we don't get to play.

Why don't we pay for the room? The simple answer is because if we paid for the room every time someone wanted to fuck me, we would go broke.

Why do guys create profiles of couples and/or girls? So they can then try to pass themselves off as a guy that the girl wants to check us out first.

Why do guys talk a big game and then stand people up? Because they don't have the balls to play in real life and know nothing but how to play games.

Why do people try to direct others while they are on cam without even tipping? Because they are too cheap, are narcissistic, and only fantasize about sex.

Why do people in cam rooms say, "I want to breed you"? The narcissism involved in that process is only outweighed by the deep lack of understanding of responsibility. We have played with a couple of these guys and they are the biggest assholes on the planet.

Why do people say that they have read our profile but don't know what to bring with them when we play? Because they haven't read our profile or they have read our profile, and have a reading comprehension issue. Mostly it's because they think they can lie to us and get away with it and just looked at our pics and videos anyway.

Why do people come into cam rooms and say I shouldn't be doing this? Now, this is a particularly stupid approach to trying to get laid. Insulting the person you are approaching right off the bat says more about you than it does me.

Why do guys think that we would drive 100 miles at midnight to their house so they can fuck me for 15 minutes? Once again, narcissism is strong in these people. They have little experience in swinging or in relationships either.

Why would a person come into any cam room just to put the person down? Every single cam girl, guy, or couple has experienced this. I almost feel sorry for the person that does this. Their lives are so irreparable at this point that it will take years of psychotherapy to repair.

How can someone that has been on BlackSexMatch.com for years have no friends or fans? Well, that speaks for itself, doesn't it? If even over a years' time you are not able to become friends by just chatting with people here on BlackSexMatch.com then you probably have some major anger issues, lose your patience quickly, are generally unpleasant, and/or your expectations of others is extremely warped.

Why are you a member of an adult swingers website and spend time talking about conservative values? The inner conflict that you must face every day undoubtedly has your head spinning to the point of complete confusion.

Why don't people fill out their profiles? Because they are too lazy and will be a lazy sex partner as well. If they can't put in the effort on a profile, I would expect much in the sexual arena either. Zero effort.

Why don't guys put in the effort on BlackSexMatch.com? Because they are under the impression that everyone is a sex fiend and can't wait to get their cocks in them. They don't see other members as being human with a heart and soul. They can't imagine that normal people can have extraordinary sex...because they never have.

What does this all mean? Most of the people on BlackSexMatch.com are not swingers. Most have never experienced the closeness of truly sharing themselves with others. They would rather tell a lie than the truth and this is often the reason they are alone in this world or deeply unsatisfied in their life and/or marriage. It isn't about growth or adventure for the non-swingers here on BlackSexMatch.com. It's about conquest and use. It's about a twisted sense of how the lifestyle operates and how to navigate this wonderful world.

Swingers take the time to better themselves personally and sexually. We read, talk, ask questions and try to learn more about what turns our partner on both in and out of the bedroom. We search for new adventures. We expand our horizons. We keep an open mind. We don't close people out that are different than us. We are accepting of those who don't attempt to force their will on us. But most of all, we are intelligent, caring, and supportive.

Swingers would never intentionally try to hurt, scam, or defraud another person. We aren't here for money but for great sexual experiences, lasting friendships, and the comradery of others with common interests. That's what the "Lifestyle" is really about. That's what we are about.

merlot5555 65M/55F  
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7/5/2021 12:47 pm

...all simple truth... well said....

Sissy919 59M/31F
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7/5/2021 1:09 pm

I can't believe someone read all of that...LOL

merlot5555 65M/55F  
1472 posts
7/6/2021 8:34 am

    Quoting Sissy919:
    I can't believe someone read all of that...LOL
.... and even made a positive comment to boot.... Wink!

smiles5865 64M/57F  
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7/21/2021 8:11 am

so many questions.
guys do it because they are insecure, the need to feel wanted sexy desirable is fear of being ignored in a sexual world.
all the parties i have been to the girls get in free while a single male pays $100, the old saying " with a pussy I can get as many cocks as I want" most guys are lucky to get a second thought. been there done that.

Jbt254 37M  
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7/28/2021 8:31 am

I approve of this

vipa21 60M
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8/22/2021 2:53 pm

well said I think we have all experienced all or some of what you have mentioned

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