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New Home Inspection
Posted:Nov 10, 2015 7:10 am
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2015 5:27 pm

The new home inspection an acquired taste…

Ii had been living in an apartment when I came back to town. It was time for me to find a place to call home. I located a realtor to assist me in finding a new house. He was an attractive man tall 6’4 athletic a real piece of eye candy what a bonus I thought. A tall built man very good looking, I figured he might just be fun to tease a bit anyway. Besides, he looked to be packing a nice cock. I just loved a tasty cock. As we looked for houses a sexual attraction built towards him. It was very harmless fun flirtations that inside at first, nice I thought. After all we were spending time together. A girl should have fun. My pussy got wet in just subtle touching while talking with him he had a sexy deep voice. As i began to settle on a house we had become more forward on their desires to check the chemistry, sexually speaking of course. He might be safe to play with after all. I really just wanted to suck him off. No commitments on anyone’s part, a boy toy if you will. I thought could be fun to get fucked my a tall attractive man. It had been a couple weeks since a man made my pussy cum. A thick hard cock could please my hunger. But that would have to wait a bit longer. It was business first.

As the closing on the house came closer, we had gotten to know each other from going out with other friends and having a few drinks not focused on business, just public flirting. The time for closing on my home came closer. It was time for that final home inspection. The day at work had been long for me knowing the home was closer than ever to being mine. There was excitement building in me. He called to ask me to meet him at the house for one last inspection of the home before closing. This was it! She responded to herself. What time he asked her, how’s 7:30? Sounds great i replied.

This gave me time to go home and have a glass of wine and relax. I was feeling pretty good after a couple of glasses of wine. I was happy buzzed and horny, i was looking hot! I had my black leather paints on. Hugging my ass and long sexy legs, my freshly shaved pussy lips left only a little to the imagination. They wrapped around the soft leather of the seam in the crotch. With my low cut top and the sexy shelf bra made my tits look very inviting. I put on my jacket to go out in the fall evening air. My nipples perked up through my clothes in the nip in the air.

as i drove in the car to my new house I could feel the heat in my leather pants as the moisture from my pussy feeling the seam of my tight pants. I reached down my legs as i drove. Ever so slightly touching my now hard clit, it made me even more excited. When i pulled up to the house i could see him already there. He was standing in the doorway. I walked up to the door. He could not help but notice her smile of excitement. Not knowing i had intention of my own inspection. I entered the house from the cool outside air and removed my jacket.
He handed me a beer and smiled back at me. I knew he could see that my nipples were firm from the cool air. It excited me looking at him standing looking at my perky tits and tight leather pants. My eyes glanced down to his crotch to see his large cock starting to fill the front of his trousers. I tipped up my beer, I said to him in a rather naughty voice. Well lets us inspect this house. I lead the way through the downstairs area of the house into the kitchen. He is close behind me I could feel him looking at my ass as I walked into the other room.
I had dropped my keys while reaching to turn on the lights. He bumps right into my sexy round ass as I bend over to pick up my keys. I stand up and flirt you liked that huh, with a short look and smile. He grins and says what’s not to like, and excuse me with a gentlemen’s voice. I turn around to face him and in my own flirtatious voice. Say I like the package you have put together. oh, I mean with this house. Then smile as I clear my throat leaving the kitchen turning the light off on my way out.

I reach the foyer and head up the stairs, you coming i ask with a grin. He follows behind me. My naughty sexy ass is right in front of him and i know it. Once at the top it is dark. I was not is sure where the light switch is located. He steps past me closely rubbing my tits with his chest as he does. She reaches out to follows him, nervously excited from the horny attention I was feeling. I hold his waist with one hand until he reaches the switch. But, before he can turn it on I lean into him and kisses him softly while sliding my free hand down his chest to feel this cock that she glanced at earlier as she entered the house knowing my tits and nipples were a turn on to him when I removed my jacket. Accepting the beer he offered. Never mind the nice look he took of my ass in tight sexy leather pants.

by now his cock was hard from the not so discrete attention I began teased him with. I now had the situation in my hand. I continued to kiss him as i was rubbing his hard cock through this now filled up trousers. He reaches up to gently pinch my nipples that started the arousal in the first place. I moan ever so quietly. He then slowly starts to remove my shirt. My big tits are resting nicely in my shelf bra. I never stop touching his thick cock through this whole process. He begins to kiss then suck on my nipples until they are pink tender and hard. I push back on him and says to him I crave the taste of cum. I want to taste yours from that hard thick cock. I have now created for me.

Telling him the customers always right with a lick of my lips. He never lets go of my tits as i move down his strong hard body. I release his belt buckle and pull down on his zipper. Exposing the cock of which I plan to enjoy his hot flowing cum that is about to stream down my throat.
I slide his pants down to the floor, then reaching back up to grab his balls. I firmly grab them to let him know that i am now in control of this inspection. Making my intensities’ clear of my plans to take that hard cock deep in mouth and throat and drain it of its nectar. While holding his balls in one hand i place my lips against his shaft flicking my tongue as i slide up the length of his cock to the head. As I get down on my knees i can feel the tight crotch of my own pants squeezing my clit. This sensation only drives me harder to taste his cum. I look up to his face as if to say are you ready? I’m putting this beautiful cock down my throat just to lube it up for the pleasures i want to taste when i make it explode.

I commit myself to sliding his whole thick cock to its base down my open throat. Gagging only slightly as I loosen up my throat to take it all in one motion. I can feel his knees bend with pleasure as my tonsils stroke the head of his cock. I raise my head to the tip. I truly desire to suck out any pre-cum that may have developed from the sensation I just gave his long shaft. Nibbling at the head of it, not miss any drops. With his cock now at its hardest shining from my own juices from my throat. I grab it and starts stroking, pumping it while he stares at me watching the head of his cock disappear between my fingers. I know that it is driving him wild.

I continue to stroke it faster & faster. I slow only to look at his face. This is candy i think to myself and meant to be enjoyed. I again place my lips on this cock and start to suck on it hard and in rhythmic strokes. By now my pussy is so wet it is starting to show through my leather pants. It has softened the leather; I reach between my own legs with one hand. My now tingling clit is easy to touch.
I stroke his balls with the other hand. His knees bend he reaches to pinch my nipples again, i know he is about to cum. I won’t stop sucking his thick cock until I swallow every drop of cum from his throbbing cock. He releases my tits and grabs the nearby door frame as his body tenses. He is out of control from the sensation that my throat is creating through his cock. I can now feel his balls drawing up into him as his load of cum is about to explode in mouth. I let go of his balls and start to stroke the cock in rhythm with my mouth. My cheeks tingle with the expected load I have just earned myself.

His cock starts to pump uncontrollably within my jaws. He fucks my throat. It is time; I take a breath through my nose. Not wanting to take my lips off of that cock until it is milked of all its juicy cum loads. He is wreaked. Just then a huge pump from his cock unleashes a hot steaming load of cum running down my throat, i swallow it. His thick cock begins to flow an even larger load of cum. The head of his cock gushes out another load of thicker cum. It fills my mouth full as i try to swallow it. I can feel his shaft throbbing in my mouth. Even more cum gushes from his throbbing cock sending it out of the corners of my mouth and hot cum starts flowing down my chin and dripping hot cum on my tits.

I can feel his hot juices running down my tits as it reaches my hard nipples.
Still warm I begin to feel my own pussy start flowing wetter. I cum, squirting with the pleasure of the taste of his thick cum. Never taking my lips from his cock i moan and squirm. Satisfying my long needs to taste his cum in my mouth. I then stand my tits covered in his cock’s juices. Looks at him while rubbing my tits and licking my fingers of his cum. I smile and say i think this house passes my inspection, yours? I throw my shirt on reach for my beer and swallow the rest of it. Washing the rest of the cum down my throat. I walk down the stairs and fantasize of an encounter of a naughty experience i will have on the stairs. I walk out the door in the cool air without my jacket on. My tits are still warm from the cum that just washed down them, nipples still hard. Smiling at the fact the home will be mine in the morning.

Still feeling she was a little horny, drove out to one of her favorite bars to flirt a little more. Meeting up with some of her girl friends she tells her story of inspecting the house. Her girls enjoy being naughty too. She is happy for the findings in her new home. Erotic thoughts flow through her head as she can’t wait for her man to come home to fuck her on the stairs of the new house. She had a few drinks and some flirting moments. She heads home to make her way into her own bed to satisfy herself. She once more thinks of the pleasure the realtor must have felt, if it was that good for her. Then she smiles, as she cums at the reflection of the events of her evening’s home inception.
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We Shared Her Naughty Side.
Posted:Nov 10, 2015 6:45 am
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2020 12:48 pm

Yes, It Happened. A Saturday, becomes an erotic evening, with a sexy sexual encounter.

It was Saturday afternoon; we had spent the whole day together working in and outside the house. It was warm out that day. The sun felt good on our bodies. She had been wearing a sports bra style top all day, holding her sexy girls firmly. I worked without my shirt on getting some sun. We finished up our projects and headed in for a well needed shower.

We headed up stairs to shower; I grabbed us a well earned cold beer. When we reached the bedroom she slid off her shorts standing in front of me, then she removed her top letting her beautiful tits come free. As she did, I reached up to caress these gorgeously sexy large tits. Rubbing her nipples gently, they had been confined all day. I stood up lightly sucked on each nipple she smiled as we headed to the cool shower. We stood under the cool water just taking the heat off our skin. It felt refreshing to the both of us. She looked amazing as she leaned back to get her hair wet. I grabbed the bar of soap and began washing her fantastic sexy body. She lathered her hair. Her soft shiny skin was erotic. My cock was getting thick just touching her body. She knew exactly what she does to me. As I began to wash my hair she returned the favor running her hands across my chest pinching my nipples. She did it with an interesting grin. She completed with a sexy stroking of my cock saying rinse and let’s get out.

She wrapped a towel around herself. We were back in the bedroom. I had mentioned earlier in the day, I would like to take her out for a beer and dinner. She headed to her closet. I said to her; wear something light and sexy as walked in. I put on a pair of shorts and a soft shirt she liked me wearing. I liked it to, knowing she liked how it felt. Knowing she would have her hands on me for the evening. She came out of her closet stunning! She had on comfortable sexy light sun dress on. I looked at her then smiled sexy at her. Wow! You look great I responded. I noticed that her tits were supported nicely, and I could see her sexy nipples perking upward. I asked what you got on under that sexy outfit. She grinned big and told me you’ll find out later if you’re good. I just smiled back at her; i could tell she was feeling flirtatious. I loved her in that mood. She was exciting to be with when she felt good.

We headed out downtown; she loved a good steak. I knew where see would like to go. It was a slightly upscale steak house just off the main street in downtown. As we rode in the car i placed my hand on her sexy long leg. Gently I rubbed her smooth thigh. We were listening to music; she was looking so sexy sitting next to me with the wind blowing in from the open sun roof. I was telling her how hot she was looking today while we worked in the yard. It was a turn on to see her in the sun with her tanned body sweating and shinning from the heat. I made a sexy comment of how horny she made me after a good work out. She was looking very naughty tonight. She smelled wonderful; I could sense she felt horny to. I thought sweet would like to take on a good fucking later. It was in her eyes, along with her naughty smile. I could tell she was feeling pretty sexy too. Her low cut dress was showing just enough to draw attention. It was exciting to be out her, I enjoyed watching others looking at her long sexy legs and beautiful tits. She could draw strangers to conversation when she wanted. She had a sexy smile that was friendly and inviting. I asked her again so what you got on under that dress. I knew she had some very sexy lingerie i had bought for her. She just smiled sexy replying wouldn’t you like to know horny man.

It was nearing 7:30 once we arrived there. I walked her in the restaurant. She was in a rare form flirting with a few gentlemen that were walking out as we entered. Mind you she is a sexy 6’2” 36DD 160lbs of I like to fuck”. She is taller than most men. Putting, her sexy ass tits at easy eye level for most. It is hard to miss those girls in her low cut dress. It was such a turn on to be with her in public. She told me to check for a table, telling me she would meet me at the bar.

I asked how long the wait was. The cute young girl replied about 45 minutes. I replied that will be fine, before heading to the bar i headed to the restroom. I noticed the bar had quite a nice crowd. I walked through. I glanced over to the bar i could see her standing and chatting to a couple. That was a good sign she was relaxing and unwinding for a fun night. Once I returned, she handed me a drink she had ordered for me. It was a great drink, amazing how a sexy lady can get a drink made stronger than a man. Lol! There weren’t any seat available at the time. So, we stood by the bar. I leaned over and gave her a sexy kiss, as i did i grabbed her nice ass discreetly. It was at that point I noticed that she had no panties on. I never said a word. All I could do was grin.

I scanned the room. She was doing the same; I asked see anything you like. She quickly replied sure do with a naughty giggle. You she asked? I calmly and sexy replied maybe. She continued, who in this room would you like to have sex with? I took a second look around there was a brunet at the bar ordering a drink. She had nice tits round ass, just a few years younger than us. I told her she would be fun to fuck. What about you i asked, she nodded towards a tall gentlemen. He stood about 6’4” he was much younger late twenties early thirties, strong athletic build. I could enjoy getting fucked by him. He he! It was fun talking with her like this. She loved great sex. About that moment the tall gentlemen started heading towards us near the bar where we were standing.
i smiled at the thought she just put in my head. We had talked several times while in the heat of fucking each other. About watching her suck a cock or getting fucked. Knowing I was there watching her. I could only imagine her putting on a hot sexy show.

Enjoying the attention herself, she smiled with that thought of another cock. We even talked about being with another couple in the same bed with us before. She enjoyed sucking a hard cock; I think I would enjoy watching her suck and fucked. I had a funny feeling she wanted me to see her take another cock too. As he approached the bar he immediately noticed my hottie. Saying hello to her while he past. She was looking up at him with a smile, just as he reached the bar. The lady i picked out walked up behind him. Hi sexy she said, do you see anything you like. We both just kinda giggled. How ironic is that she say’s laughing aloud. They appeared to be from out of town we both thought. They were now standing right next to us and the bar. We had just about finished our drinks it was still about 20 minutes till they called us.

I asked do you want another round. She laughed and said oh yea! I had a sense that she was thinking somewhat of a naughty idea. She said I’ll get them with a sexy grin. Now, I knew she was working a thought. Lol! I walked over to check on the table, when i walked back in I saw her just getting our drinks. I walked up giving her a kiss on her cheek. The brunet commented that was sweet. I laughed smiled saying she is my sweetie. Got to keep her happy if I am going to get a fucking tonight. She smiled I know what you mean. She gently hits her man in the ribs.

We shared intros. We are Shawn and Lisa we told them. Nice to meet you, their names were Tammy and Mark; i struck up a conversation with Tammy. So, what brings you out tonight? They both reply we are visiting. Nice, Lisa replies with her smiling face lighting up. A table opened up next to us. Let’s have a seat mark replies. Sure, we are still waiting for a table. I maneuver so as Lisa sits next to mark pulling out her chair to sit. Tammy is next to me. They come off like they are a secure professional couple. That was refreshing. Good people, intelligent conversation. After, we talked for a few. They called for our tables at the same time. We all kind of laughed. We went to get our tables. Mark asked the waiter if we could sit together looking back at Lisa if that ok with you. She looked at me with a very, very naughty grin. Of course she replied. I knew what she was thinking.

We got everyone another round of drinks and ordered our food. We shared some conversations at the table. Sex ended up as one of course. We finished our steaks. The girls headed to the restroom. Mark and I had hit it off pretty good. I asked him so, what are your plans for the rest of the evening. He smiled and said by the way Lisa kept smiling the whole time we sat here. I think the girls have their own desires. I laughed. I thought it was just Tammy lol! Mark smiled saying you’re a lucky man. Lisa is a sexy lady and her outfit makes her even more fuckable. Then he winks. You guy’s ok with this. I smiled i think we are good. I mention that it has be talked about before, we have never been there before but. Yea, if Lisa is good I’m ok with this. What about Tammy? He grins yea, about that time the ladies walk up giggling and laughing. Come on men they say let’s go,

We stand Tammy grabs my arm. Mark takes Lisa’s hand. Tammy leads us all out. We get to the parking lot. Tammy kisses and licks my ear saying you guy’s is in for a naughty treat tonight. Mark remarks we are going to our hotel baby. Tammy you ride with Shawn. Lisa looks at me and smiles reassuring me its ok. Tammy tells mark we are going to stop and pick up more beer. We’ll meet you there.

My heart is pounding i am excitedly nervous. Not sure what this evening will hold. But, Lisa was horny. I knew somehow the girls had talked. They had their own plans. I open the door to let Tammy in my car. She climbs in, i get in the car. Tammy smiles so, you two have talked about watching another couple or Lisa sucks a cock and fucks someone else. She leans over kisses me; it is going to be a lot of fun then. I grin with a desire. Tammy reaches over and grabs my cock this is what makes Lisa happy! Nice package, softly she kisses me again. We leave heading to the store. They are already gone. I reach up and touch her firm tits. She smiles and say’s drive us to pleasure.
When we stop at the store i go in grab a case of beer. I come back to my car Tammy has taken her bra off her top is loosely buttoned. I can see her sexy large nipples poking through her shear top. I have always enjoyed a nice set of tits. We slowly drive away. She reaches over stroking my cock with a grin, this could be interesting. We pull up to their luxury hotel. We walk in, get on the elevator. She pushes the button to the top floor. She leans over her tits against my chest whispers do you think you’re ready for this night?

My cock is so hard at this point. She grabs my rock hard shaft and smiles. Nice tool, now you will wait your turn, this is Lisa’s night to get fucked first alright, she smiles. Lisa has been there about 30 minutes already.
Tammy opens the door to the room. There is a 4-6 person hot tub in the middle of the room steam rolling just atop the water. There are mirrors surrounding the bedroom area. Very sexy! The lights are dimmed. The balcony door is open. There are two huge king beds in this room. I take the beer to the kitchen area. Then we walk out to the balcony; Lisa is sitting in a chair with mark facing her. He is smiling towards me. Nice huh! I reply yea, very with a wink. He is close to her between her legs. Lisa smiles, isn’t this room great. What a view. Isn’t that hot tub is hot? Lisa had a beer in her hand. She seemed quite comfortable. Lol! She had a great buzz going. She was very horny. I could tell she was relaxed. She to my surprise had already lost here sexy dress. Revealing just what she was wearing underneath it. Wow!

It was almost like she knew she wanted this to happen. I had me one horny sexy hottie tonight. She seemed ready for anything sexually. She had on a sexy black leather thong, an excitingly erotic shelf bra her large tits rested perky in. She had on her chain nipple jewelry trapping from her tits. Lisa’s nipples were pink and firm from their grip. Mark had most likely been enjoying sucking on them while waiting i had no doubt. She enjoys her tits sucked on. I smiled at her then offered them another beer. Yes, they both said. I need to wet my lips Lisa replied. Then she smiled at me again. I could not believe how erotic and sexy it was to see her so openly sexy with another couple. I walked in to get everyone a beer. Tammy walks out of the other room wearing a red shear sexy teddy. Her tits are gorgeous. Her nice ass was exposed. Her nipples are hard. I turn from the fridge she grabs my hips lifts my shirt off. She puts her lips on one of my nipples, sucks on it hard, telling me just watch. It’s ok; it’s what Lisa wants to do with you. I believe she knew Lisa’s desires. I could sense the girls had talked already. I grinned pinching her firm nipples while rubbing my hands across her tits. Let’s go on the balcony she smiles sexy.

She takes a beer. Mark has his arms around Lisa’s back. She has her head tilted back has he begins sucking on her nipples. I can see the pleasure she is feeling on her face. Tammy walks over then unsuspected kisses Lisa. Lisa hesitates a second then reengages the sexy kiss. I am standing there watching. I was enjoying our erotically sexy desires in front of me. Lisa stopped kissing Tammy for a minute to taste her beer. She looks at me as if to say okay i want to get naughty now? I smile and nod to her. She reaches forward unlatching marks shorts. Dropping them to the floor as she does, exposing his large cock. Oh, nice she smiles again. Mark reaches back unclasping her shelf bra. Her large tits swing freely nipples still clasped with a chain nice! Her nipples are already tender pink and sticking out nicely. Tammy suggests we all move inside. We get up, entering the room.

Lisa walks over to me wraps her arms around me. Giving me a big naughty kiss, telling me i love you precious man. Let’s enjoy this erotic night together. Okay I want to fuck Mark. I just smile giving a soft tug on her chain to her sexy nipples. Show mark something naughty that you desire Hottie, I say to her with a relaxed smile. Just at that time Tammy reaches around dropping my shorts. We head for the hot tub. Tammy follows me dropping her teddy. Mark takes a seat in a large chair. Marks large thick cock is getting hard looking at Lisa’s long legs and ass.

My baby was starting to sit on he steps that entered the hot tub. But, she crawls over to where mark is now sitting in the chair gets on her knees, mark lifts and kisses her tits. She grabs his thick shaft softly strokes it a few times. Looking at his 10 inches of cock, if to gage how far down her throat she can take this cock. Then she glances back over to me smiles tipping up her beer, turning she slides the tip of his cock in her mouth. I can see her sucking the head of it hard. She strokes his long shaft as she does. She slowly stands her sexy tits swaying. She is taking more of his huge cock in her mouth. Her sexy long legs lock very erotic! She stands slightly spreading her sexy long legs. I can see her pussy is wet. I can watch her teasing her throat muscles. It is a long thick cock. She continues to stroke it with one hand cupping his balls with the other hand. I can see her gag reflects in her neck deep around his cock. It is starting to get deep in her throat, with more to go. She slides her lips back to the tip of it as if to get a breath.
Nice cock she says smiling. His cock is shinning from her throat juices. I can tell he is enjoying cock being taken like that. I am enjoying watching her suck his monster. She slides her mouth down his stiff cock once more, slowing only slightly when it is entering her throat. Mark places his hands on her head stroking her hair pulling it back to see her face fuck his long cock. Then he grabs a hold of her hair. He starts pulling her down his huge cock, until she has it completely down her sexy throat. She is squeezing his balls as she takes it down. He moans from the intense sensation of her throat, she gags slightly with her mouth around his thick cock. She is enjoying his pleasures. She loves to deep throat a thick cock.

I have been sitting back in the hot tub with Tammy straddling me as I watched. Tammy had been gently stoking my cock, the entire time driving me crazy watching my baby working a his cock. I am excited watching her. Tammy’s tits are floating in the bubbles in front of me. She can tell i am horny as hell watching. I wanted to come up from behind and lick Lisa’s pussy. Tammy had restrained me from getting up. Whispering naughty idea’s the entire time. Telling me just watch her that’s your lover. We are all going to fuck her. She then moves next to me i begin to suck on her tits. While watching her man getting sucked off by my lover. I am now a bit more relaxed at this point. Lisa, is enjoying herself, I’m enjoying watching her be extremely erotic sucking another mans cock.

Watching, i see Lisa raise her lips off his swollen shaft. I knew what was next. Lisa has a hunger to milk the per-cum from a cock. She just loves the taste of it. She has his cock in her hand, slick. She strokes it hard working all his juices to the tip. She is rolling her tongue around the head of his cock with a grin. It is fucking sexy as hell watching her. After getting what she desires from this cocks nectar. She admires her work with this herded shaft in her hand. She glances over at me with her fuck me eyes. Confirming the pleasure she is having. I’m just watching her. Lisa then looks at mark. What a hot sexy lady i have. I think to myself. Lisa sharing her pleasures with me watching her. We just hit a new first. I didn’t want her fucking other guy’s without me. Somehow, we being with another sexy couple was great! She looked at Tammy asking should i finish him off lol! Tammy laughed saying i think you’re doing a good job of it gf lol!
You do enjoy yourself sucking cock i know.

Lisa continued to stroke his steel hard shaft even faster and harder. I could see Mark enjoying the pleasures of her stroking the length of his cock. He was watching Tammy. She seemed to enjoy seeing Mark getting used by a sexy lady. I really want to join in. Mark was very much enjoying my baby’s cock sucking talent.

Tammy said; let’s get out of the hot tub. Asking, who wants a beer? We both got out with a smile. We lightly toweled off heading toward the kitchen area. I opened the fridge getting us a beer. I turned around her hot sex ass was purched on the counter. Legs spread wide. Her wet pussy was shaved smooth. I loved big pussy lips. I could see her clit was hard and pink. I could tell it was a deep soft sexy pleasure hole. She motioned me over as i opened a beer. I stood between her legs my cock was rock hard. She reached down between her legs gliding her fingers crossed her clit. Then she began to softly kiss me, pulling me closer. She grabbed my stiff cock and started to slap it against her pussy. She was giggling with a smile. You like my pussy? Teasingly she asked?

It’s not your turn yet, she said in my ear softly. You’ll just have to wait, teasingly. We are all going to be fucking Lisa soon enough. You wanted to see that right? I grinned looking over my shoulder at her; Lisa was turned on still sucking marks thick cock.
We returned to the room. We both sat on the edge of one bed. We were watching the two of them. Lisa had made his cock so fucking hard. It was throbbing; she sat up just a bit her sexy tits around his slippery shaft. She slid his huge cock between them smiling. She was looking at his body. Holy shit! You got a big sexy cock, a great body she said out loud. Tammy laughs, she tells Lisa make it explode baby. I know you want cum! My baby wrapped her hand around it stroking the full length. Then she took the head of his cock in her lips flicking her tongue across it. Looking him with her deep blue fuck me eye’s.

I could see marks legs tense up. He was close to releasing his load of nectar. My baby was going to enjoy it. She was on her knee’s in front of him. Her tits were now bouncing with each stoke of his massive cock. He grabbed the arms of the chair. It was time; he unleashed a huge shower of cum in her mouth. She could feel the hot juices hit the back of her throat. She was swallowing every drop. She continued to pump his cock faster. She was telling him that’s right, give it to me. I know you got more give it to me; come on I want more. His back arched raising his hips, Marks steel hard cock penetrate began shooting another huge load of cum covering her neck and tits. Hot tasty cum was dripping down her sexy tits. His huge cock just kept pumping out more cum as she stroked it. Oh yea, she exclaims you like that don’t you. Don’t stop big boy. I want it all. Marks thick cock was covering my baby in his hot cum. I think Lisa was feeling even naughtier at this point. Her chin was covered with his ejaculations of thick loads of cum. Cum was running down her body. I could tell by the way she looked at his body with her fuck me eyes. She felt sexy; she slowed her strokes taking the swollen head of his cock in her mouth. Sucking hard to drain it of all his tasty cum. Lisa looked so fucking sexy and erotic; i could see the warm cum running down her tits dripping off her nipples. It was as if several cocks had exploded on her at once. To Be Continued...
Cock Sucker
Posted:Nov 9, 2015 8:45 pm
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She tells me when I get home that she met a tall hung young man today at the gym. She wants to me to go with her to watch her as she sucks his cock, before we go out for the evening, I smile and laugh okay. She is excited as we arrive at his place. I know she will waste no time getting what she wants, his cock nectar. He is 6’4” she likes them tall & athletic. Once we are there, no introduction needed. She knows what she wants. She slides his shorts down, revealing his thick cock. Reaching to grab his balls, she firmly grabs them. Just to let him know that she is now in control. Making her intensities clear of her plans to take that hard cock in her mouth and drain it of its nectar. While holding his balls in one hand she places her lips against his thick pleasure shaft, flicking her tongue around its head. She slides her fingers up the length of his cock to the head. I’m watching as she gets down on her knees, peels her top off exposing her nice tits. She can feel the tight crotch of her own pants squeezing her clit. This sensation only drives her harder to taste his cum. She looks up to his face as if to say are you ready? She looks at me with a erotic grin, putting this thick cock down her throat just to lube it up for the pleasures to cum. She wants to taste his entire load when she makes him explode.
She commits herself to sliding his whole cock to its base down her throat. Gagging only slightly as she loosens up her throat to take it all in one motion. I know just how good she can suck a long cock. She likes making a purple cock head. She feels his knees buckle with pleasure as her tonsils stroke the head of his cock she raises her head to the tip. She desires to suck out any pre-cum that may have developed from the sensation. She is biting at the head of his cock. She is not missing a drop. His cock now swollen hard, shining from her own throat juices. She grabs his cock and starts stroking, pumping it as she watches its head disappear between her fingers. I know that it is driving him wild as she continues to stroke it faster & faster. She slows to look at his face. This is her candy she thinks to herself and its meant to be enjoyed. She again places her lips on this cock and starts to suck on it harder and in rhythmic strokes. By now her pussy is so wet it is starting to show through her leather pants. It has softened the leather as she reaches between her own legs with one hand. The now tingling clit is easier to touch.
She strokes his balls with the other hand. He reaches to pinch on her tits & nipples. He knows he is about to cum and she won’t stop until she swallows every drop from his throbbing cock. He releases her tits and grabs the nearby door frame as his body tenses. He is out of control. He is dominated by the sensation that she is creating through his cock. She can now feel his balls drawing up into him as his load of cum is about to explode in her mouth. She lets go of his balls with a hard slap telling him you better cum hard fucker. Watching her, she starts to stroke the cock in rhythm with her mouth. Her cheeks full with the expected load she has just earned herself.
His cock starts to pump uncontrollably within her jaws, grabbing the back of her head. It is time; she takes a breath through her nose. Not wanting to take her lips off of his cock until it is milked of all its juicy cum load. He is weaked. Just then with a huge pump from his cock. He unleashes a hot steaming load of cum running down her throat, she swallows it. It begins to flow an even larger load of cum from the head of his cock gushes. That fills her mouth full as she tries to swallow it more cum gushes from his throbbing cock sending it out of the corners of her mouth and hot cum starts flowing down her chin and dripping on her tits. She can feel his hot juices running down her tits as it drips from her hard nipples.
still warm she begins to feel her own pussy start flowing wetter as she cums herself never taking her lips from his cock she moans and squirms as she is filling a long need to taste cum in her mouth while cumming herself. She then stands her big tits covered in his cocks’ juices. She looks at him then smiles at me watching her. While rubbing her tits and licking her fingers of his cum, and says i think that cock passes my inspection. She throws her top on, reaches for her beer and swallows rest of it. Washing the rest of his cum down her throat. She grins at him without a word & walks down the stairs and fantasizes of another encounter with her new friend. She walks out the door in the cool air without her jacket on. Her tits are still warm from the cum that just washed down them, nipples still hard, she was still feeling horny, we drove out to one of our favorite little bars to flirt a little more. Plus meeting up with some of her girl friends, she tells her story to her girls. Yes, they enjoy being naughty too. She is happy. Just because she’s bringing the two of the girls home, to join us in our hot tub. Erotic thoughts flow through our heads as she learns from one of her friends she is bringing another man friend with her to fuck her. We had a few drinks and some fun flirting. We head home to the house to enjoy. What’s going to be next once we get there? She thinks of the pleasures that are still to be had at home. Then she smiles, at the reflection of the events of her evening. (To be continued)
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