A small rant  

Seannoland92 29M
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2/11/2018 10:13 am
A small rant

Alright, this place isn't THAT bad but it needs a LOT of work.

For instance read receipts for those who aren't VIP because communication is key, if it's clear that someone is ignoring your messages it would be great to know because I'm sure I've bothered people by now. I can't tell if you've seen my messages or not and it's annoying to not know, because it helps when someone says "Sorry, I'm not interested" rather than letting a message hang.

Speaking of, it would also REALLY help if the IM system worked, sometimes it tells me if you've read my message or if it was even delivered otherwise I have no idea if it's gone through. Which leads me to my next point, most of you gotta write back I know it can be a pain in the ass but you gotta weed through the garden to find your rose you know what I mean?

It would also help if the site was more stable like the mobile , because that's more reliable than wondering if your stuff has gone through.

Also, BlackSexMatch.com really has to keep tabs on couples, I'm finding a lot of profiles that have "Couple looking for female only" or "Oh we broke up so it's just me, the male" it's fucking up a lot of the searches.

That aside, nothing too fruitful from here.

sumthinfun4utoo 48M
42 posts
3/9/2018 12:07 pm


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