Sex is an intimate and participatory act.  

RuckiiFun 50M
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1/23/2022 5:51 am
Sex is an intimate and participatory act.

It is different for every person and a sensitive issue for many. It is extremely difficult to communicate about sex, even in a close, monogamous relationship. In fact, there were times in my own past where it was easier for me to be vulnerable, curious and exploratory of sexuality in my work, than in my personal life. I am grateful for having finally arrived at a place where I am comfortable with my sexuality (and self-assured enough to talk to my lover about what gives me pleasure) which makes for a more fulfilling life overall. It wasn't easy to get here.

I have now had the opportunity to speak about , burlesque, striptease and sexuality to audiences, peers and strangers globally and am still asked the same questions I was asked as a young adult. It breaks my heart every time someone asks me whether they are normal because they are still a virgin or if their vulva/penis/breasts/ass should look a certain way or if they should do something they don't really want to just because everyone else is.

I am lucky that I have an arsenal of accredited experts with many years of field experience (whether they are medical professionals, academics, adult entertainers, burlesque queens, doulas, spiritual leaders or sex workers) to consult when I need to be reassured that yes, it is all ok and I am indeed, normal.

My lifelong journey into the world of sex education is why I am able to provide resources to others who, like me, are seeking information about their own sexual wellness. There were so many times that I wished I had had a place to get answers to questions I felt too ashamed to ask my friends-- even to interact with them and ask if they were experiencing the same things I was when I felt really alone. My hope is I can empower people with knowledge toward their sexual health. After all, information (which is what we provide) is power the power to make informed decisions, to expand your sexual repertoire, to say no or yes to have better orgasms even to expand your consciousness.

First person research has always held a special place in my heart understanding the human experience through storytelling helps me better relate to the past, present and future and to connect with the complex subject of sex. Each human has a sexual identity as unique as our thumbprint. With that in mind, we all have something to contribute to the collective education around sex, health and consciousness. This first-person series aims to start telling our diverse narratives so that we can better understand ourselves and the wondrous, multifaceted nature of human sexuality.

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