My first date with Katz part 3  

Rosiesparkles 62M   
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4/1/2021 3:14 pm
My first date with Katz part 3

Katz so much enjoyed my initial cool mouth entry with champagne, and now the champagne was making much more uninhibited. I was so enjoying the in and out movements of her gorgeous clitty in my mouth, but that is the standard fare for sucking cock, yes so I rotated my head when I was going in and out, occasionally I removed her clitty and spat on it. Oh yeah she loved that, Katz called me her “dirty slut” and that was an encouragement. So now for the variety, my tongue, which I am fortunate is very long. So long I can touch the tip of nose, no problem. I ask the readers now, you try that, and if you cannot just imagine if your tongue was half an inch longer.
So I withdraw Katz’s cock from my mouth and started to give it the flicking tongue treatment, firstly on the head with me holding the gorgeous shaft, I asked Katz what it felt like, she said.....”it was like a butterfly flapping it’s wings against the head of my clitty”. Well I like the sound of that. Then I turned my tongue attention to her shaft, so I let it go, and had my tongue whipping back and forth so the whole clitty went slowly up and down. As her shaft was so wet my tongue would often slip past and my lips would collide with that hot shaft.
Then Katz took charge and slapped her clitty across my cheeks, and being so wet, covered my cheeks with saliva. This was getting hot, I could tell that, so I stood up and gave her the deepest kiss I can remember. I pulled her head towards mine, and just explored her mouth, I was loving it and Katz, well the same. I withdrew my tongue and said, “you are the hottest thing I have been with and your cock fits my mouth so well, Please fuck my mouth Be my mouth filler quick….I need to stop talking for a while. I went back to her gorgeous cock….. "Good girl," she purred, guiding my mouth back to her coc

I took another inch of her her cock in my mouth with each downward bob as I wanted to move towards the total swallow. The total swallow is when my mouth touches her gorgeous balls. I like working on a cock like that. Katz was about 7 inches but she was thick in diameter.

I kept bobbing even as I was feeling like I would never make the end, slowly taking more and more of the magnificent cock down my throat. "Oh yes, Rosie," Katz moaned, "You want my entire clitty in that cock sucking mouth of yours, don't you?" I moaned in response as I kept bobbing, trying to make the seemingly impossible happen.

Katz suddenly grabbed my head and pushed me down, forcing the last inche in my mouth. I gagged briefly, but she held me in place by my ponytail there until I stopped. I felt a rush at being forced to take it all in my mouth….."wow honey you did it," Katz said, sounding impressed. "I knew she was a complete submissive clitty sucker the moment I wrote to her," Katz proudly stated. Even as she continued holding my head on her coc Katz’s cock was completely filling my mouth, but I was getting used it. Then I relaxed and started breathing. The way I look at it now, she was stretching my mouth for the future.

Finally, she ordered, "I am so proud of you honey, now you may continue sucking . "I obeyed, bobbing up and down on her cock, taking the entire monster with each downward bob. A rush of adrenaline hitting at accomplishing the difficult tas be continued…..

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