My first date with Katz part 2  

Rosiesparkles 62M   
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3/19/2021 4:32 am
My first date with Katz part 2

Katz knelt down before me and blew on my clitty, gently and slowly. She covered the whole area, with her breathe. Katz then she gave me a very cute and fast lick up the entire shaft….I was shaking, Katz knew how tease, but then she then said, kneel down as well, so we were face face. I wasn’t disappointed, because, with all the previous conversations with Katz, I got know her. This wasn’t going be a quick turn around job with each swallowing eachother’s cum and going home. I wanted a long night with her. Plus she loved calling me a slut, and I her. I really wanted see how slutty she is.

Her lips were wet from licking my clitty, and that gorgous mouth looked so sensous, I imaged kissing her deeply, before I wrapped my lips around her clit. My nerves started ease as our lips touched and we both drew our breathe inwards. We kissed gently, and her breathe was intoxicating. This went on for minutes and simultaneously our hands explored eachother’s clothed bodies. At first we both kept away from that most sensous of areas, but was she touched my member so gently. Then we kissed more passionately, hers was the first tongue to enter mouth, felt so good. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and our tongues dueled fervently in my mouth.

I reckon you can tell how good someone is with Oral sex, based on how they kiss you. I have kissed a few gurls in my life, and generally the better the kisser, the better the sex.

I let her explore my mouth then it was my turn…..I grabbed for her clitty, which was expanding in her panties. I looked down and saw that delicious head poking out. For months with all our sexting back and forth across a large ocean, I imagined what her clitty would look, taste and feel like, with my first touch, it was silky smooth and warm, I knew it, it was better in real life.
I then started to get some courage and said “Bring your curvaceous clitty towards my mouth you sexy princess; my eager tongue awaits your gorgeous pink and purple shaft……
OMG you have a beautiful clitty”, I exclaimed and I meant it “…. the eye is so expressive, let my tongue explore it ….”
Katz pulled down her panties and that erect clitty sprung forward, like a spring being let out of a box.
Now I couldn’t wait, but I knew I had too, Katz has so often in the past talked about me sucking her gorgeous clitty, so I had to be sure she would remember this encounter. Now I have had my share of clittys in my mouth how is this one different, the advantage of age I suppose, I gently rimmed the eye and the head, making sure my tongue was very wet and slippery. Then I thought, I need some water, and glass I reached for had the bubbly French champagne. I kept the champagne in my mouth, and parted my lips, her shaft entered my cool mouth and I heard Katz moan.

That’s a good sign, her moan was long and deep….at this time I wondered how many mouths had wrapped themselves around this gorgeous clitty. I don’t know why I was thinking this, but right now I felt a sense of ownership, ridiculous I know, but I was jealous of those other gurls and guys that made this Katz princess cum. I thought a little more about it, and then the opposite feeling came on, I got really turned on. Katz like me, loved sex, and I am glad that this clitty has spent some time in other people’s mouths. Geez, I loved sex, and Katz is that, sometimes pure sex. I was so enjoying this clitty.

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