My first date with Katz  

Rosiesparkles 62M   
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3/13/2021 3:04 am
My first date with Katz

This is a story of my first date with my sextext mate Katz. I meet Katz online and she, in my mind the hottest CD. We have on more than a couple of occasions had this really hot sextexting encounters. She would send me photos and I would return them. Here photos were to die for, gorgeous shaped legs, a lovely flat tummy and buttocks. OMG, the photos she sent me had this gorgeous clitty protruding from between her legs. I would have to relieve myself just to go to bed. Anyway Katz was coming over to Australia for business, and we agreed to meet up. We arranged the two hotel rooms, just adjacent to eachother, so in case it went pearshaped, we could retreat to our own rooms. I spent so long getting ready for here, over three hours. I bought a new outfit, something subtle because of my age. I love dressing slutty, but when you first meet….well, we both knew we wanted nakedness and plenty of sex action, so why over sell it.

I heard that knock at the door, it was Katz, my heart jumped, would she like the way I looked, would she think I was carrying too much weight, was I too old for her. Putting that aside, she was here, and when I opened the door, these she was stunning, sexy and sensous. I stammered, “come in darling, you look gorgeous”, then she strode, in, confident, walking like a model on the catwalk
When she walked in I calmed, down, but I needed a drink, I had chilled glasses and very cold champagne in the fridge, and I asked if she needed a drink.
I managed to pour it out without spilling anything, and we both sat down and started chatting. We talked and more importantly laughed at her stories of us both getting ready for this afternoon, and a long evening. When Katz was holding the long stemmed flute, I admired her long gorgeous fingers wrapped around the stem. I imagined those gorgeous fingers wrapped around “my hard clitty.
Katz noticed my distraction and asked “ what are you thinking about my hun? “ I wondered if I should tell her the truth, and I thought, why not. When she heard my explanation she said, “pull off your dress and take you knickers down to your high heels and stand straight.

NaughtySamantha7 63T  
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3/13/2021 7:14 am

The anticipation, the awkwardness, then the incredible relief, sexual arousal and excitement of it all!! Don't you just love it! Beautiful story hun!!

flannel_light 59F  
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3/13/2021 10:19 am

That was a beautiful story

The Light is shinning and she is lonely and waiting in the darkness.

Rosiesparkles 62M  

3/17/2021 2:42 am

HI Naughty Samatha, that is such a lovely thing to say hun. I am surprised you like it so much. I will continue it......I am especially good with awardness

Rosiesparkles 62M  

3/17/2021 2:43 am

Thanks Flannel Light. I appreciate your feedback. I will have to continue writing.

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