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Posted:Nov 23, 2020 2:38 pm
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2020 1:37 pm
Twelve years ago I found myself living in Bangkok Thailand for work I didn't work in Bkk but my job took all over Asia and Bkk was central my travel with easy connections by air. I had a cool condo in the Sukhamvit Road area. I didn;t really know anyone in town. I started going to a small local bar close to my house. I didn't realize it was a Ladyboy bar when I went in but it was cool and I ended up going quite a bit. I became friends with the beautiful bartender, Jit. Jit was very passable and a knock out. Lean body, small breasts, amazing ass. Just my type. I would hang out at the bar and chat with her several nights a week, then I would go home alone. Lot's of guys coming in out the or so bar girls worked the place. I soon realized that the girls would take the men upstairs and them. The guys were usually very nervous and Jit and I would have a good laugh at their expense. Things like, "this poor guy is going get a big surprise from Pom. Pom has a very big dic" So, Jit and I got be great friends and the bar became my hang out. Things progressed and Jit and I ended up at my condo one night. I remember seeing her in my living room naked with a little light coming in the French doors and being blown away by her beauty. The sex was off the charts. We sucked. We fucked and then did it again. This became a regular thing. I asked her move in because she lived so far from the bar. She did and our relationship progressed. after a few months, I went the bar at a time not normal for me find Jit coming downstairs with a guy. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I love you but I need suck off men. No fucking. That is just for you. But, I need suck. I got angry with her and went home alone. She came home a couple of hours later and we had a heart heart. She said she couldn't stop sucking off men. "My addiction", she called . She surely was good at . So, that became our new normal. She sucked off guys at the bar when she had the urge and came home and fucked me. was good times all in all. A few times we had parties with some of her bar girl friends at our house or they would come over swim. We would drink and they would dance and clothes would get lost. Jit told me and her friends that we could give each other head but "no fucking!!" I remember one party when Pom, the one with the huge cock, dick slapped my face while the other girls held me down. In 2013, I moved back to the US. It was tough to leave Jit. So many good times. A very sweet Thai gurl.

My first bi experience with a couple
Posted:Nov 22, 2020 10:40 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2020 6:25 pm

After Shelly and I broke up, I was living alone in a small Indiana town. I got a from Danny, a guy I played football with in college, and we had kept in touch. He lived in Chicago and had just gotten married. I had known him for about but we had shared no sexual experiences. They we traveling through on Friday and he had a job interview on Monday in a city a few hours away. He asked if they could crash at my place on Friday night. Sure, come on down. They arrived about 6:00pm. and he introduced me his new wife Chris. Danny had always been a ladies man and had dated a lot of pretty girls. Chris was way beyond that. This girl just oozed sex. Tall and lean with legs that seemed go on forever. Chris looked every bit the big city girl. Mini skirt, heels, shirt that left little the imagination. We went out the place in town that was open and had food. A bar/restaurant in this small Hoosier town. When she walked in, every head turned. Most of the men didn't take their eyes off her the entire time we were . We got some food and had many drinks. We went back my place and they made up the pull out sofa , I went my room and they went bed. was not long before I heard them. After a few minutes sounded like someone getting murdered. She was very vocal. was obvious what was happening when she screamed, " my ass!". This was super erotic for me and I was in my bed with a raging hard cock and the covers on the floor. Things got quiet for a bit in the crime scene room, when suddenly my door opened and a soft light came in. I saw her fantastic naked body glide through my door and she crawled into my bed and apologized for keeping me awake. Then she said, "Danny says I need to take care of you." She grabbed my throbbing cock and took it into her mouth. Oh my God.... I grabbed her hips and swung her around sh=o that I could eat that amazing pussy. We were both getting well into it when I looked up and saw that Danny was standing right above me with his big cock hard and about 2 feet from my face. He said. smiling, "hey bud, get that ass wet for me will you"? I did just that and ate her cute little butthole and get it good and wet. He came closer and pushed his big dick into that tight little hole. She gasped and sucked even harder. He fucked her ass with his hands on her hips, grinding her pussy into my mouth. I came in her mouth suddenly what seemed like gallons. he pulled his dick out and to my surprise, slid it right into my mouth and filled my mouth with his cum. Wow. I was a bit in shock but very happy. We didn't stop fucking and sucking the whole weekend. By the time we stopped, they were so far behind schedule that they had to drive straight to his interview. We continued to get together on and off for the next . Always a wonderful experience.
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a continuation.....
Posted:Nov 22, 2020 9:57 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2020 12:31 pm

Shelly and I had many and wonderful experiences. The first ffm threesome for me was her friend Pam. We had all been the club hear a great band. Pam had been pulled onstage by the singer and onstage he pushed her down her knees and simulated fucking her mouth. After she came offstage, I could tell she was turned on by the idea of a room full of people seeing her suck cock. We proceeded drink way too much and since I lived a couple of blocks away we went my house and Pam passed out on the couch. was an efficiency apartment and Shelly and I climbed into the bed and went to sleep for a couple of hours. I woke up and, feeling horny, made my way down to Shelly's amazing pussy and proceeded to eat her with passion and purpose. She was getting into it when I went a little lower and tongued her ass just the way she liked it. She let out a little yelp and woke Pam up. Pam said, "you guys are killing me". Shelly said, "get over here you horny bitch. When Pam got up we could see that she had removed her pants and had on a t-shirt. What an amazing body! She slid into our bed and Shelly said, "Let me show you what Mike was doing, 's so fucking good" Then Shelly went down on Pam's beautiful pussy and after a bit of licking, ate her ass like I had done her. "Oh, fuck", said Penny, I joined in and we switched around and all did each other for a while. Shelly and I both licking Pam's two holes was amazing for us all. Then Shelly looked at me and said, "Honey, I think we are ready now. And we did until mid morning. I remember fucking Pam and she was so , I couldn't wait cum. Shelly knew I was going pop and slid my cock out of Pam and took in her mouth . That girl so loved cum! An amazing night.
The first cock that I ever sucked
Posted:Nov 21, 2020 3:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2020 5:24 pm

was my own.

As a very athletic with a perpetual hard on. I masterbated several times a day. One afternoon, home alone, I was on my back and realized that, if I swung my legs over my head, I could lick my own hard cock. That was a switch from my hand so I explored it more. I found that if I strategiclly used some pillows, I could swallow almost my whole dick. I really got into this for a while because doesn't love a blowjob? I got really good at it, too. I could suck the entire length and use my tongue to really pleasure myself. One night, I was sucking myself and I came in my own mouth. Wow! What a sensation. My own cock spasming in my mouth and feeling that sperm was such a turn on. I did this for the next several years. When I started to date and fuck girls I didn't reveal my little secret. After college I started dating a very sexy girl called Shelly. She was pretty wild and her method of birth control was to always make me cum in her mouth. She loved that. I was happy to oblige. She liked to say “give me your people”. One night when we were in bed, and a bit drunk, I showed her "my trick". This was a huge turn on for her. The first time I did it for her, I didn't cum. I unpretzeled myself and she rode my cock like a woman possessed and then sucked me dry to finish. Then she gave me a long sloppy kiss. She loved that I didn't resist taking my own cum. Then we started to explore cum sharing and of course the next time I sucked my own dick, she was right there at the end, kissing and licking up the cum. This kind of play was a part our sex life for the next 5 years until we parted. During that time we explored all kinds of kink.

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