Sela is made for it  

Petitesela 31F  
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11/18/2020 12:44 am
Sela is made for it

Pete and I wanted Sela first because we knew a crowd was coming for her. Pete held her down as I stroked my 9 inch thick cock which jumped with Sela’s moans and whimpers of pain. She was just barely waking but look in her eyes of fear were beautiful. She has these big brown eyes that just opened wide and stared at my cock. My hands looked huge her little hips, and Pete held her arms and stretched her out as I lined ravish her. I tensed and pushed and it felt like I missed. It was just that little Sela has a tiny pussy and my cock wasn’t fitting. I pushed and jammed and pounded until I got a bloodcurdling scream from Sela and I felt the unbelievable grip of her pussy lips just barely stretching over my tip. She was so small and tight I knew I wouldn’t last .. I pounded into harder and harder trying to get my cock all the way inside her before I came. When I pulled out my cock was covered in her blood.

YandTandA 46M
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1/24/2022 10:24 am

What a lil whippersnapper keg of sexy dynamite! We need 2 chat....

creamycock4u4 58M  
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9/14/2021 4:40 pm

I'd love to wash that blood out of Sela by hosing her out with my bare firehose

profcoquin27bis 57M
4323 posts
11/18/2020 6:08 am

hi dynamite girl, i like a lot small girl

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