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I washed the dust off.
Posted:Jul 1, 2021 8:52 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2021 11:46 pm

A good friend of mine recently commented on my sexual activity. I actively interjected, and informed her that a ghost gets more sex than I do. She laughed as I listened to her spout off about her conquests over the last few years.
I don't blame her, she's god damn beautiful and she can pick from the cremë of the crop. She did so with a fervor, and kept sharing with me. I half listened as she went through her last hookup, something about a guy with an average unit making her cum the way he did.
Ya, yada, fucking yada. I went on hiatus, and she knew that. I still question whether or not she wanted (wants?) me as a notch on her bedpost... Not that there is anything left of it. I'm pretty sure I saw splinters of it on her kitchen floor.
"So, any luck?". She trailed off her own conversation, giving me a segway into my thoughts, and comments.
"No. And you fuck too much Soph", I half grinned. She started giggling, and pushed me to talk.
"Ya, I like sex. Sometimes too much. How many years now has it been for you... What? 5?".
"Fuck off Sophie", I let out an exasperated sigh.
"Fuck on Sean, you might actually enjoy it". She was being serious, I could tell. She knows how to subtly press my buttons. Friends can do that.
"I've known you for almost 2 decades, and this isn't healthy my friend. I know you like sex, and I know you miss it".
There was a 5 second silence, give or take.
"Ya...I miss the feeling of a woman. Inside". My voice did actually trail off.
"Ya, mhmm.... And?!", She chided.
"And what Soph?, what do you want me to say?", I gently asked her in reply, switching the phone toy other ear.
"I actually want you to tell me you had sex Sean, and I want the gory deets. All of them. How beautiful her pussycat was, how she sucked you senseless, how you doggy fucked her until she came on your stomach, sex... something, Jeezus... Anything!".
"Ok, ok Soph, I get it. You're concerned", I let out a sigh.
"Ya, I'm concerned that your nuts are going to implode". We both laughed.
"Try a site", a matter of fact tone said.
"Look at you, you're easy to look at. Lots of women would jump at the chance to jump your bones, and I mean that". By her tone, she was really serious.
"Fuck, ok Soph. I will do it". I said.
"Ya, fuck someone Sean.. It's going to help. A lot.", She laughed again.
"Dust that thing off" she said matter of factly.
"Call me tomorrow when you are done your profile, I will create a user and look".
It's really like this...
Posted:Jul 1, 2021 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2021 5:02 pm

Hi everyone, I'm Sean, and not afraid to "put it out there" as it goes. I'm too fucking old to actually give a shit about what anyone says, we lose this filter and revert back to a 5 year old.
This is a huge step for me, actually wanting to be vulnerable enough with a woman to have sex. After reading below, you may understand why.

I went through a relationship that I never ever, fucking ever, thought I would go through.
A physically abusive one. I will spare the gory stuff, but let's just say it took a shrink 3 years to unbolt my head. To feel normal again, is the most unbelievable feeling for me right now. It's peace, and a deep sense of primal male power.
I want to fuck, and Im glad it's making it's way to the surface. I actually feel like a man again, instead of the thought of my masculinity being slowly emaciated.
It's been 5 years for me... Let's just say, this Leo is hungry.
I have a penchant for writing, and I want to keep doing this. If you read my fantasy in my profile, to be honest... I got really turned on writing it. I don't want to wet myself in my fantasy mind you, I added flavor for effect.
My grade 10 English teacher was a member of a provincial writers guild where I grew up, and I wanted to fuck her brains out. She was this gorgeous Greek woman about 5'5", cute little apple bottom, and a wonderful firm set of handful sized breasts. I seem to recall fantasizing about her. She invited me to join that guild after reading several of my essays.

My goal is to find a lover here in Victoria B.C., and fill this blog post with ... New experiences. The way I am living my life is like a new entity, I'm fit, and I feel good. I have no rules. I'm my own general. I want my partner to know that I am simply going to write what I experience, and her involvement in my reawakening.
She's so beautiful, and so important.

I don't have any idea about whom she is, but she going to say those magic words. She's going to ...

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