Playing in Naughty Land Together  

PeekingIn1972 49F
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2/19/2022 12:59 pm
Playing in Naughty Land Together

This morning, a man asked if I would create a couples account here with a partner. I'd never been asked that question.

My answer is Yes.
(And his was that he'd insist on it.) *laughing*

I said I'd tell my next boyfriend I play here in Naughty Land and ask to play together. We could go into chatrooms together, watch cams, let each other view naughty messages/exchanges with others.

Two caveats:
(1) No meeting others in person.
(2) No phone calls with others.

I'm a monogamous slut, naturally built for one. Monogamy more easily creates a sense of trust, security, and intimacy for me. With these things, I easily express my playful, naughty, dirty, and kinky sides.

To be clear, I don't judge anyone's lifestyle or sexual expression.

I'm now wondering how in the world I would bring up my play here to a potential partner.
How exactly does someone even bring that up?

**Imagined Scene**

[Sitting across the table at Barnes and Noble bookstore with new boyfriend, sipping Starbucks and exploring various chosen reading material]

Him: Any of those books interesting enough to bring home?
Me: Yep. A few of these fiction ones. You?
Him: Just these two new releases.
Me: I love releases. *naughty smile*
Him: We've had three already, dear. *side eye at me*
Me: You know, lots of people like releases.
Him: *stops leafing through magazine* Mm-hmm...go on...
Me: I like peeking and chatting with people like that.
Him: Are you cheating----
Me: No, no, no, no, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
*places hand on his arm*
Can I show you what I mean?
Him: *raises eyebrow*

And that's the *best* imagined scenario I've come up with so far.

I better figure this out.
You never know when love will visit.

*bright smile*

Note: Words and punctuation go missing after posting. If you see any them, please tell them I miss them terribly.

69ereatwetpussy 60M
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2/24/2022 5:03 am

I'm a blog reader
I scan many blogger
I follow the blogger of interest
You Brite Smile 😃
Have my full attention
And will love to read all
Of all of your in and outs
When you get naughty
So will I
I'd you get serious
So will I
If you laugh
I will laugh with you
Put me in the mood you what
And I will follow xoxoxoxoxox

boobwhisperer69 59M  
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2/20/2022 4:50 pm

Well if he doesn't understand or is into it, he probably isn't right for you!!!!

PeekingIn1972 replies on 2/22/2022 9:08 pm:
Ty for your comment. I suppose you're right. I'd like to think my next partner would find this Naughty Land intriguing enough to say Yes at first. I'd just have to delete all of the dick pics thrown my way before he checked my Inbox so he didn't get irritated. Lol

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
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2/20/2022 1:47 am

I usually bring the subject up by saying I blog. And then depending on the reaction, I'll say what site I blog on.

PeekingIn1972 replies on 2/22/2022 9:06 pm:
Ty for your comment. Ooooooo, that's a good idea....although now I have to continually blog. *laughing*

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