Nxtphaze227 62F  
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3/5/2021 1:53 pm

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Tmptrzz 59F  
107038 posts
3/5/2021 2:07 pm

Sounds like their form letter they send to everyone, no matter what you write them about. And it's funny how the site can do what ever they want with our information but yet we are not allowed the same courtesy.

I hope all is well with you, and you enjoy your weekend..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

Nxtphaze227 replies on 3/5/2021 2:40 pm:
Hello Tmp, hope all is going well with you and yours.

I cannot believe they want people to actually "pay" when they're placing/using "all" of our site information all over the WWW.

I have a few attorney friends and will check if what the site, Various, Inc., is doing with members' profile and site data is really legal. If anything, they need to compensate members for sharing everything.

Still having problems replying to messages but can receive still them.

I use my post box blog here to keep in touch with members here.

Hope you are doing well and enjoy your weekend.


1seeking1 57F
3767 posts
3/5/2021 3:04 pm

Thank you for sharing

midmo5268 53M

3/5/2021 3:52 pm

I just googled it. And nothing.

Nxtphaze227 replies on 3/5/2021 4:56 pm:
I googled your username and found you on two other sites.

lindoboy100 59M  
23969 posts
3/5/2021 4:16 pm

Thankyou for sharing this McPhaze. This kind of thing has been going on all too long, the site is more interested in money than its members' well being, and this is yet another example of their inconsistent application of the ToU.I

Take care, stay safe.

Nxtphaze227 replies on 3/5/2021 5:44 pm:
My point exactly, and it's "Nxt."

fun4usinport 47M  
66 posts
3/5/2021 5:12 pm

Pretty shady and it seems like the number of "affiliate" sites keeps growing. And what happens on those sites? Unless all the sites interoperate then basically those other sites are filled with essentially fake profiles.

Nxtphaze227 replies on 3/5/2021 5:46 pm:
Exactly, just like all the fake profiles w/stolen pictures and bots on here.

xNewsPhotog 59M  
243 posts
3/5/2021 5:22 pm


DiscreetQuirky 53M
281 posts
3/5/2021 6:20 pm

Very uncool.

trixietrixster 54F  
3125 posts
3/5/2021 7:28 pm

I just happened to stumble upon your post. Same "cover letter" they send to everyone for all issues, apparently. Legal or not, they are getting away with it, as are other sites ...

In Luv, Lite, Laffter ...

Nxtphaze227 replies on 3/6/2021 3:22 pm:
According to the site, the blog was denied. I merely quoted the site's CS message response back to me.

So does that mean that their own response is contrary to their own TOU?

I'm confused.

lust4life59 63F  
2552 posts
3/8/2021 10:57 am

ah........I was getting ready to send you an email, was going to ask you if the site had deleted it when I noticed it gone the other day. Good luck, nothing about this place makes sense sometimes.

Nxtphaze227 replies on 3/8/2021 12:10 pm:
I didn't know it had been deleted at first. I was up for a few days before it was removed.

Seems like the site's TOU do not apply to them. It gets confusing when they send you "chapter and verse" TOU documentation but then turn around and operate the site(s) in ways that are contrary to them.

Just did some minor tweaks...we'll see how long it stays up.

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