Notaname99 62M  
432 posts
8/9/2021 10:44 am

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Notaname99 62M  
568 posts
8/9/2021 10:44 am

No, I was not willing to pay that. I do not drink soda anyway.

alwayslookin8454 49M  
11 posts
8/9/2021 3:02 pm

Another 3 years and it might be that bad. Good thing I don't drink soda either.

peladodel56 66M
10340 posts
8/9/2021 3:27 pm

Es preferible beber "regular" ... Y si quieres saber sobre inflación, en Argentina es del 3% por mes... te imaginas algo así?

Notaname99 replies on 8/10/2021 10:02 am:
I have never lived with huge inflation. The worse I have had here was in the 70's. I read about hyper inflation in several countries. I can do without, thank you.

jajo696 67F
4287 posts
8/9/2021 3:30 pm

ya.....thats excessive.


lust4life59 63F  
2552 posts
8/9/2021 5:20 pm

I'm trying to figure out what diesel "efficient" is, never seen that down in this neck of the woods.

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