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Welcome to Erotic Cinema of the Mind
Posted:Sep 18, 2021 6:11 pm
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2021 6:18 pm

Occasionally, there will be an erotic movie that begins to play in my head. Their genesis can be found solely in my depraved mind. I've decided to share the one that's been playing most of the evening and has become my goal to make reality.

A beautiful woman stands with her back to me, her auburn hair cascading down over her shoulders. She's wearing an elegant, but very form fitting dress that ends just above her knees. The sight of her becomes overwhelming, and despite us having to be somewhere for an engagement, the desire she stirs in me pushes everything else from my mind. I step behind her, clearing her hair to provide access to her neck, which I begin kissing roughly. I must have her... I reach down, pull her dress up just far enough to tear her skimpy panties from her body. I bend her over whatever she's standing in front of, spreading her feet, and take her. There's no words of passion or endearment; this is pure lust that's driving me.

Something similar has already happened to me, while living in Richmond. I'd been dating a gorgeous, statuesque redhead. On this particular evening, I'd taken her to the finest French restaurant in town. She wore a tight, knee length, black skirt and thigh highs (the memory of what top she was wearing has been lost). Fuck, she looked . On the way home, she revealed her absence of underwear and proceeded to provide visual proof. She may have done other things in the car, but suffice to say we were both on fire when we walked in from the garage. Once we got to the living room, I yanked up her skirt and took her right then and there. Fun night. Dumbest thing I've ever done, ending things with her.

Oh, this happened one other time, but it didn't end as well. I was damned lucky that woman at Macy's didn't press charges.
Ground Attack!
Posted:Sep 18, 2021 1:38 pm
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2021 7:31 am

Perhaps I finally pissed the wrong person off because a pair of A- Warthogs have been circling my house for the last 20 minutes. So, if you hear of some Maverick missiles being deployed in Kansas, you'll know what happened.
Self Importance
Posted:Sep 17, 2021 5:55 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2021 7:22 am

You were in my 'recently visited' category as 'interested/visited’ - a site ploy. This does not mean that you are fake/not real, just that the ’supposed visit’ never truly may have happened. The site time-stamps all visits - could be even from a bio appearing on your homepage, or you in chat or w/e, hence a 'site ploy'. Anyway, I'm not interested, but thanks for stopping by, and good luck! Just clearing the queue. PLEASE- Do Not Reply. Seriously. Adios.

I received the above message earlier today and like many other things in my life, it pissed me off. Why would you feel the need to send me a note indicating you aren't interested, solely because the site spoofed my visit to your profile, you self-important bitch? If you're fairly certain it was doing things, did you really need to make sure I knew you weren't interested?

Of course, I attempted to tell her to fuck off, because she told me not to reply, but somehow, she disabled replies to her messages. If it weren't a breach of generally accepted protocol, I'd out her right here, because she deserves it. Yes, I realize copy pasting messages is also a breach, but I'm surprisingly out of fucks to give at the moment.
September Loser Update 2
Posted:Sep 13, 2021 6:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2021 12:14 pm

In my last update, I was hopeful that I would be receiving a job offer from a company I really wanted to work for. I'd completed a two and a half hour video interview where I'd put in my finest ever interview performance. And having owned the same product portfolio for this company's biggest competitor, along with possessing twenty years of marketing experience and a track record of significant revenue growth, short of scooping up the person currently doing the job at their largest competitor, there was literally no one else in the country more qualified for the job.

But that didn't stop a rejection email from hitting my inbox today, just the same. Honestly, it wasn't a surprise. I even told my parents it wouldn't happen, over the weekend, because it's me. I have a long, illustrious history of having things I'm deserving of and are most important to me yanked from my grasp. That's not a woe is me comment; it's just how things work for me, despite my veneer of invincibility. Of course, along with being pissed off, my self-esteem has taken the hit from being rejected for who fucking knows what.

So, time to resume full throttle job search activity. I'd been coasting the last couple weeks, due to a misplaced sense of optimism I allowed to creep in.
Intimacy and Fear of it
Posted:Sep 5, 2021 5:58 pm
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2021 7:00 am

As I sit here in Kansas, sans employment, it's impossible overstate the importance of landing a job that provides a path back the East Coast. Being completely transparent (which I can do here, because there's no one active on this site who knows me) the hit my self-confidence was massive, coming out here. As everyone who's read my blog knows, I loathe the midwest and the hypocritical, vanilla, entitled, bible thumpers in the dating pool here, preventing me from establishing any meaningful relationships. But the piece I didn't share much of was having a job I hated and its impact. Yes, I was very well and I worked with awesome applications, like rocket launchers, satellites, and Formula One cars. However, my company was run by morons, so the organization never actually completed most of the projects. Because of such criminal lack of execution, I had kill programs that would have been worth tens of millions of dollars, had we gotten the products market. My manager opened his kimono, one day, and said something that perfectly encapsulated our situation. He said that it was the only company where regardless of the amount of time and effort he put into it, nothing ever improved.

But the worst part was that as someone who takes and charts his own destiny, I was impotent at being able get the out. Real men can get the out of this kind of shit; only a whimpering passive loser stays where he is. That there were circumstances that prevented an exit for a period of time, such as contracts and retirement funds that I refused raid, didn't matter. I was a loser for allowing myself stay in such a horrible situation and that destroyed my confidence. I recognize there are others who find themselves in jobs they hate and that I'm not alone.

Recently, I made the mistake of trying date again. Really, is internet dating ever not a mistake? Likely one of the dumbest moves I could make, at the moment, but I really crave companionship, beyond my cuddly and annoying parents. I've been selective with who I reach out and a few days ago, began communicating with a woman who's in my dating sweet spot; intelligent, well traveled, the right amount of hotness, etc., with the implied closet dirty . Four years ago, I knew exactly the right way draw such a woman in and seduce her with my words, long before we met. But today, I'm unable to break free of the banal wet noodle discourse and can't figure out why. What's worse is she's begun to share much more about herself (greater interest) and all I can think about is running away from this woman who's way out of my league (but is every woman I've ever had a serious relationship with). What gave me a chuckle is that at some point, I bought a copy of The Art of Seduction. Being cocky, I wanted to see if it was right or not. Perhaps I should dig it out and reread the damned thing.

The root causes for my disconcerting inability to seduce a woman are well known to me. First, I've struggled with intimacy issues for most of my life. I'll skip the psychoanalysis of its origins, but my fear of intimacy was raging after my marriage ended, because you learn to NEVER be vulnerable around a borderline. I wrote about the effects in a previous entry, Confessions of a Former Womanizer). Apparently, my condition was painfully obvious to a psychologist friend (but not to my former therapist, which is another story) and I'd done my level be mindful of it. Then, I met the woman I wanted spend the rest of my life with, with whom I was finally able be vulnerable, only for her dump me over her own insecurities. This was back in Richmond, but I arrived in the flatlands already avoiding intimacy. The second contributing factor is my confidence of being able to properly satisfy a woman in the bedroom has all but been extinguished, since moving here. Not having sex in almost two years will do that to you.

However, with how things played out, as outlined above, my fear of intimacy has become all but paralyzing, when it comes to establishing new relationships, both friendly and romantic. As an aside illustration of how fear of intimacy can impact your quality of life, I didn't want to take in my parents' , for no other reason that fear of becoming attached her. Surprisingly, I don't think my lack of employment's contribution my situation is anything greater than marginal.

While my fear of intimacy won't just vanish, a new job, with a company that's known for being highly rewarding work for, and clear path out of this hellscape is vital my mental well-being. This life improvement should also improve my blog entries where I'm writing about my dirty adventures again, instead of how much life sucks for me.

Thanks for tuning in Psychology Today.
September Loser Update
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 5:52 pm
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2021 6:23 pm

Another month has passed in the jobless loser saga. At the moment, I'm hopeful, bordering on optimistic, about at least the jobless portion changing. I have three active opportunities going with the company that really wants to hire me. Also, yesterday I rocked through two and a half hours of video interviews with another company that's well known as one of the best places to work in the industry. Without the intention of doing so, I went full on politician in the process. An interviewer would ask for an example of XYX happened and how I handled it. There were a number of instances where I didn't really have what they were after, so I substituted a distantly similar experience where I looked like a complete stud. Everyone bought that part of the act. Edit - I completely forgot to mention a comment made by the division VP, which was 'why have we not talked to you sooner?'

What's the likelihood of my receiving an offer next week? I refuse to answer that question but I will share the following. There's literally no one more qualified for this role than myself. Sure, I have gobs of industry and marketing experience, but here's the kicker - I'd managed and grown the shit out of the same portfolio at this company's largest competitor for several years. Somehow, I still had the relevant sample kit from previous employer (maybe I'm a selective hoarder) and you're damned right I threw that thing up at the camera with everyone I met virtually. Marketing.

The HR person promised they'd reach out early next week. Any optimism I may have possessed at one time has long since been crushed by reality, but I'm pretty hopeful on this one. Fingers crossed, . It's that hope that has me feeling a bit less like shit at the moment, so I'm soaking it up.

Circling back to another job in the area I was beyond qualified for, but didn't receive an offer (and was pissed / bummed about), I discovered it's still open. This came from a conversation I had with one of the major head hunters in my industry. Apparently, the company I interviewed with had modified their requirements at some point. They decided they didn't want to pay to relocate anyone, wouldn't pay more than a hundred k, and required very specific skills and background. I said yeah, good luck with that, the cheap bastards. He responded that he wasn't putting much effort into that loser. He also made a comment about my most recent employer that provided me with a bit of validation. Direct quote: That place has been circling the drain for years. During the call, he also indicated he'd keep my resume on his desk because I should be easy to place.
Customer Care and Product Defects
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 3:34 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2021 9:41 am
If you read my previous post, you know the barrel on my mid range precision rifle suddenly went defective, after less than a thousand shots fired through it (it should have lasted closer to thirty thousand). Although, no one would blame you for not giving a shit. Because I was both impatient and pissed that I couldn't engage in my favorite relaxation activity, I started looking for another barrel option that I could install. Then, I'd sell the replacement, when it arrived.

An online vendor had an amazing sale going on a Ballistic Advantage barrel that fit my needs. BA has a good reputation amongst those who know nothing. More importantly, I'd bought a BA barrel for another rifle build and was impressed with their quality.

When the barrel arrived, I immediately removed it from the sealed factory packaging and pulled out my handy borescope to examine it. For those who aren't familiar with this device, it's a tiny camera mounted on the end of a rod that allows you to see the inside of a barrel. It can also be used to perform your own colonoscopy on the cheap. The picture shows what I found. The stainless steel barrel had rust the whole way through it and the machining was abysmal.

What followed was a perfect contrast in customer care. When the company that made the first bad barrel saw my borescope pictures, they were prepared to immediately ship a replacement. This on a two year old barrel. However, when I sent pictures to Ballistic Advantage of their product brand new, fresh out of the package, they said I had to return the (completely fucking obviously defective) product for inspection before they'd ship a replacement. WTF??? When I called to say that, words were uttered about my borescope being set incorrectly and unknown storage conditions at the place I purchased the barrel. My reply included words such as shitty service and attempting to deflect blame.

While I await these fuckers bothering to inspect my barrel, I've done what any pissed off customer would in the twenty first century - posting my story and pictures to every place on the internet I can think of. Multiple subreddits, multiple shooting message boards. And I just remembered a big one that'll get some attention. I must address this oversite.

While waiting for all this shit to get cleared up, I did what any responsible jobless person would do; bought a new precision rifle. I've really wanted to try shooting on my club's six hundred yard range and my other gun won't reach that far, even with a new barrel. Ordinarily, one can't buy a rifle without needing a bunch of other stuff to fit it out, so the entire package can be quite pricey. However, in my case, I already had a high quality scope and solid bipod. Unfortunately, feeding it (ammo) is a bit salty at $2.50 or more per trigger pull. Depending on my job situation, I may sell it when winter hits; the nice thing about guns is they're practically liquid assets. It'll almost certainly go, once I'm back on the coast, as very few clubs have sufficiently long rifle ranges to use this.

Update - I arrived home today to find a long, slender package on my front porch, containing my replacement barrel from the not asshats. They even lived up to their promise to upgrade me to the best barrel they make for my gun. If you'll excuse me, I have a rifle to rebuild.
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 6:44 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2021 1:31 pm

Warning - the following may contain copious amounts of self-pity as well as what may be considered a humble brag.

Five months have passed since I was RIF'd out the door by my previous employer and I'm living the slog. That's what my job search has come to feel like. Plenty of interviews (with properly done makeup, of course) but no offers. Despite being very good at what I do, in some instances, the deck is stacked against me. I've been in the same role as many of the hiring managers I've met, none of these companies are in KC nor do are they seemingly wanting to incur relo costs, and finally, I'm not cheap. Oh, there's also the one I never thought I'd reach the point where I'd encounter it, age discrimination. However, at the risk of it being a train, I feel there's light at the end of the tunnel. I'd interviewed with the largest (by a massive margin) company in my industry and while they made that offer to an internal candidate, management really wants to find a place for me within the organization (their words). I told you I was good at what I did. So, I've already had interviews for a second opportunity and am in the process of scheduling for a third. In the meantime, savings are being eaten.

As a result of this situation, my motivation for doing much of anything has either gone out the window. I haven't shot a match at all this year. Practice and actual matches have been hindered because the weather here in the flatlands has vacillated between a million degrees and monsoons. In fact, a couple of matches were called due to lightning, so not much of a loss that I wasn't there in the first place. As a result, I suck, being neither fast nor accurate. There were two matches over the weekend and the weather was perfect. Because of the most recent monsoon on Thursday, the range would have been a swamp for Saturday's match, but Sunday was glorious. But I just can't be bothered to load up my gear and go shoot like a noob.

What I've come to enjoy more than competing is shooting tiny groups at targets two hundred or more yards away. Because you're completely focused on making each shot count, it's impossible to stress about other aspects of life; sort of like meditation with suppressed gun shots. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do that for over a month, because the very high end barrel I used to build my precision rifle has suddenly decided it's defective. The manufacturer is replacing the barrel under warranty, but they don't know when they'll have one to ship to me. I should be back in business this week though, because I just ordered a new barrel to put in the gun. I'll sell the replacement when it shows up.

My other enthusiasm has pretty much been confined to the garage. When I quit competing the first time and sold my equipment, I found myself with enough funds to buy a certain German sportscar I'd coveted since my college days. Not a new one, but an older driver quality car. Nine years ago, I traded it for a slightly newer model. This was just before collector car prices went bananas. A rising tide lifts all boats, so even mine increased in value by over thirty percent. This pushed it into investment territory, so no more autocrosses or putting a ton of miles on the car. And now, just within the past few months, values have exploded again, adding another thirty plus percent to the car's value. Suddenly, my 'fun weekend car' is worth more money than I took home last year. So, I'm not even driving the thing at all (read enjoying it) right now, for fear of diminishing its value. Yes, I fully realize it's a burden most others would happily take from me, but I just want my fun car.

Woe is me, but the sum total has left me unmotivated about most things and feeling generally dull and uninteresting. Yes, I realize some could argue the latter has been a constant for years.

While I'm whining and crying, I've apparently killed another bakery. This makes no less than four that have gone under within two months after I've decided to regularly patronize them. Store owners laugh when I inform them I'm the baked goods angel of death...none are chuckling now. Anyway, the latest is / was a cupcake place very close to me. Cupcakes aren't my fav, because the cake to frosting ratio is wrong, but they were my only option for decent cake foodstuffs in Kansas. I particularly liked the ones that looked like Hostess chocolate cupcakes. You know the ones with the cream filling and swirls on the top. Since those are no longer available to me, I created my own layer cake version. Doctored chocolate cake, decadent white filling, enrobed with whipped chocolate ganache. Each of those are yummy, but should be amazing together. I'd planned on posting a picture, except that it looks like it was made by someone who should wear a helmet in the house. Combination of whipped ganache being a mofo to work with and my having the cake decorating skills of a wombat (they suck at cake decorating).
That Fucking Washer!
Posted:Jul 22, 2021 4:23 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2021 2:34 pm

I've been without a washer for over three weeks now. As I'm sure you all remember, mine went batshit and decided too much water wasn't enough, flooding my laundry room. Troubleshooting said the water pressure / level sensor was likely bad, so I ordered a new one. Not only did that not fix the issue, my washer started exhibiting new psychotic tendencies.

So, I said fuck it and ordered a whole new motherboard. A national retailer's website said they had it in stock, but a week later, it still hadn't shipped. Long story short, the CSR informed me it was in stock, just not at their warehouse. Okay, thanks Sparky; cancel my order.

So, I tried another online retailer, also showing it in stock. Success! I had a tracking number by the end of the day (this was last Tuesday) and it was expected to arrive in two days. Well, two days became never, because FedEx seems to have lost the shipment. So, I ordered yet another motherboard. This one arrived today. Hooray!!!

Installed that fucker and was ready for some serious laundry group groping. Ran a test cycle to make sure everything was kosher and because I'm writing about it, you know the outcome wasn't positive. This fucker is still overfilling!

I took a dinner break, but am heading back upstairs to curse, throw things, and be generally pissed off.

Update - No way I was letting a fucking appliance beat me. A bit of additional fiddling and it fell into line. It passed a diagnostic cycle and is currently running a light load of real laundry. Now, all I have to do is find out where the fuck the other motherboard I paid for is.
Fucking Filters
Posted:Jul 18, 2021 6:30 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2021 11:57 am

This subject isn't anything new, but I don't recall seeing a proper rant on the topic. Therefore, I'm picking up the mantel and including it in my Old Man Ranting Series

Technology has delivered to us digital camera technology that yields photos with amazing clarity and resolution. Today, even cell phone cameras yield superior quality, particularly compared to high end digital cameras of even a few years ago. With all of this amazing capability, it would follow that dating profile pictures would be crystal clear, but sadly, this isn't the case. Someone created some filter app (maybe there's more than one; how would I know?) that allows the user to soft focus pictures to felony level, making it almost impossible to distinguish someone's features. And a considerable number of women are utilizing this filter to laughable results. Perhaps men are as well, but I don't look at their dating profiles. Seriously, I've seen so many of these that I almost scheduled a doctor's visit to be checked for cataracts. The worst are the ones who dial in eye liner enhancements to max level, making them appear ready for the next best horror film and causing small to cry.

I'm sure most of my readers share my position that these filters have no place on dating sites. Unless you plan on meeting someone after consuming half a bottle of Don Julio, you want their photos to provide an accurate representation of who you're about to meet. Perhaps the only exception to posting such photos would be if someone had their portrait done by Annie Leibovitz and she incorporated some sort of filter. But the most gifted portrait photographer on the planet doesn't use them, so there goes that excuse. Look, none of us become more attractive from our late forties onward; it's a fact of life. And try as you might, those filters don't fix ugly, so if you're using them, save yourself the guaranteed ghosting after (or during) your first date.

Some will never give up their squint inducing fog filters. I recently saw a profile on the Big T where not only were filters used in the manner I've described, but the woman was positively combative about using them. Apparently, potential matches challenged her on the subject and she was asserting her right to post pictures that didn't look like her.

While on the subject of filters, if you're past forty years old, leave the fucking snap chat filters alone. Unless it was a Halloween costume, bunny ears, cat whiskers, etc. don't paint you as playful or fun. It just screams immature. Worse yet, the majority of those you love the bunny ears typically run the picture through the Don Julio blur filter first, completely obscuring any facial detail. A forty something woman that does that screams she's trying to hide ugly.

Embrace who you are and be proud of it, people.
User Interfaces - WTF??
Posted:Jul 17, 2021 8:37 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2021 6:20 pm

The second installment of my Old Man Ranting Series

seems be an unwritten rule amongst those create interfaces for software, apps, and other consumer devices. That is once users have become accustomed to finding everything they need, we must change the fucking interface. Until tonight, my ire was mostly kept in , but I two major 'gotta change' landmines within the past 48 hours and I'm pissed. Strangely, the culprit laid both mines.

Yesterday, I decided I wanted use the Amazon music app for the errand run I was about embark on. When my phone hooked up my Bluetooth stereo, the screen changed to what I came to discover was car mode. And , this thing made no sense. I couldn't find the specific music I wanted listen . Was Amazon thinking 'Let's cause people crash their cars by making them have figure out a whole new UI that was created prevent people from crashing their cars.' I'll spare you my tirade about parties deciding for you what you should see. Fortunately, I could disable and did at my first stop.

Then tonight, when I kicked on my Fire TV for entertainment while on the treadmill, I was greeted by a 'we've updated your experience' screen, followed by a two minute video explaining how they'd fucked everything up...I mean moved everything to where I can't find ...oh, , you know what I mean. Getting out of the video was challenging; really wanted you see the masterpiece. Profanity echoed from the walls of my gym! Fortunately, I was able get the content I wanted quickly.

In all fairness, I shouldn't be surprised at Amazon fucking shit up. The hardware they make, or more accurately the hardware they have made put their on, is almost universally shit. The aforementioned Fire TV was the second in that location and 4th or 5th replacement overall. Don't get me started on the new Kindle. The first generation was a simple device; reliable, durable, easy use, and had real buttons. This latest version is a handheld advertisement that's anything but intuitive and utilizes a touch screen and processor that makes've...ever...seen. My decade old Kindle was much faster, had greater functionality, and didn't barrage me with ads. Unfortunately, the battery took the big dirt nap, leaving me no choice but to replace it.

Back to the UI topic. The biggest offender of them all, with respect to moving shit around unnecessarily, is Microsoft. My job requires me to use Office; , Powerpoint, Excel are daily staples. The upgrade associated with Windows was an abomination, with features and functions moved all over the place, and some actually being removed. The learning curve was insane and I'm still not as adept with it as I'd been with the previous versions. Were I hold Bill Gates at knifepoint and force him tell me why he committed such blasphemy, I'm sure he'd whimper something about it being more intuitive. Considering that current users, 'd already gotten used the UI, outnumber new users, might find the new UI easier learn, by about one trillion one, I think most would agree that fucking up the existing UI be fucking moronic.

those have any input in designing this sort of stuff, let me offer some words of advice. Users of consumer devices don't want have figure out your shit more than once. After the initial learning curve, which had better be brief, they want pick up their device and use NOW. If you implement a facelift your UI that requires users watch a two fucking minute video guide, you've failed and are undeserving of your job or life. If your new UI requires any sort of acclimation curve versus the old one, you're a failure. People don't like new and unimproved.
Dirty Laundry Conspiracy
Posted:Jul 16, 2021 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2021 7:37 pm

I found a real conspiracy! This is the first in a series of shorter entries that can be described as rants. over 50 now, which affords license to rant about anything that I find objectionable.

As I mentioned on July 1st, my washer had shit the bed or at least decided to become psychotic and fill itself until it over flowed. Shortly after I wrote it, the replacement water level sensor arrived. There was much celebrating after I installed it and began a test cycle. However, my good mood was dashed as the washer not continued its obsession with overflowing, but also developed a of other behavioral issues. I'd found a guide online for almost every other model, but the guide for the one I have didn't seem to exist. It was this point I said fuck it and ordered a new control board for the washer. Another $0 flew from my pocket. But least Sears said it was in stock and would arrive or near the end of last week. It didn't; in fact my order still showed as not shipped as of Monday.

So, I called Sears on Monday and was disconnected. With their wait times 30 minutes, I didn't try again until Tuesday. I asked why the part hadn't shipped, when it showed in stock (and still did, along with an 'order now to have by Friday'. I was informed that they didn't have any in their warehouse, to which I responded by saying that was the definition of NOT in stock. They began to reply about stock elsewhere. Oh, so it's in stock somewhere, just not at your facility. I directed the guy to cancel my order and placed another order somewhere else that said they had it in stock (perhaps gullible). But the second place came through and sent me FedEx tracking info within 2 hours of my order. FedEx said my package would be delivered yesterday. Life was good, until it wasn't.

As I write this, the status with FedEx is that the package left Champaign, IL but that's where the trail ends and my scheduled delivery has gone 'pending'. To add insult to injury, now receiving twice daily updates from Sears that my part's backordered. The fuck it is...I cancelled it. Except it appears the little drone I spoke with didn't actually handle that, which means I'll have to protest the charge on my .

Someone not wants to vaccinate with nanodicks that will allow Bill Gates to track , but they're also colluding to keep from having a functioning washer. It's been over two weeks and pissed.
My Own First Scammer
Posted:Jul 15, 2021 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2021 11:01 am

If you've read my blog, you know that I'm no stranger to scammers, having dealt with the African ones who stole all of my father's savings. However, today is the first time I've encountered a scammer on a dating site. In all fairness, it's surprising it took this long. I'd sent a note to a woman who seemed interesting; she was neither 27 nor out of my league. In fact, she wasn't as attractive as most of the women I've dated. Her response was that she's out of sorts due to a migraine and $65 short to buy the meds. "Feel like death is so bad."

It's funny, because the tactic is the total opposite from what would work on me, if anything really could motivate me to send some unknown chick money. Even if I were completely clueless about scams, I still wouldn't have sent her money due to her behavior being a complete turnoff.

Regular readers know I can't just ignore a scammer and not fuck with them. I just sent her a note, stringing her along, the intent being to see how much energy I can suck out of her. Perhaps the next will be an offer to share some of my (non-existent) migraine meds if she comes over, ready for a gang bang, once they kick in.

Update: I just received a 'thanks' as a response to my 'gee, I hope you feel better; we can talk when you're back up to speed'. you know how much I lack entertainment being unemployed?

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