Nettie101 57F
21 posts
1/12/2022 2:10 am

Been here a while . But cant seem to access chatting on the chat rooms on my laptop . Could do with some help .
When i try to log on I get a message saying 'You may not enter this room until your profile has been approved by our reviews team'.
How do i get my profile approved ?
I go in 3 rooms . Uk room . Over 50s room . And lobby .
Thanks very much for help
Nettie xx

Unzipmeslowly51x 52M
216 posts
1/12/2022 4:13 am

I had the same issue...i just deleted my account and started a new profile with a very similar name😊

EnigmaInitiative 54F  
6054 posts
1/12/2022 4:52 am

It usually just takes time to get your profile approved. I'm willing to bet that by tonight, it will.

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RonSalter35 36M
4 posts
1/12/2022 5:01 am

Yes, a lot of ppl have been facing a similar issue. Just create another account

Brownie202 65F  
2680 posts
1/12/2022 5:08 am

I sometimes get that message even with not being a new member and no profile change. It happens after I loose my connection. Not every time I loose it. After signing in again I can get back in.

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MyBaffies 52M
4983 posts
1/12/2022 7:02 am

There are some very random things that go on on this site. Sometimes you can be watching the chat text go by and the next thing you know, you're completely logged out with a "Profile username contains invalid characters" error message or something like that. Even though it let you log in, and you've been logging in under the same profile for the last five years.

If you keep getting the "profile not approved" error, best thing to do it contact the online help (link at the bottom of the webpage on the desktop version, not sure where it is on the mobile edition) and explain what you've been experiencing.


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Nettie101 57F
15 posts
1/26/2022 7:10 am

Joe Yes you do . And i keep missing you .
Mail me lol x

redduracell 51M
909 posts
1/26/2022 7:25 am

Use the full website.
Find the header Live action.
Drop down its menu.
The last to choose is called: Adult Chat Rooms
Click on it.

Nettie101 replies on 1/26/2022 7:46 am:
thank you Red x

Nettie101 57F
15 posts
1/26/2022 7:39 am

Hi thanks for your help/ I can use my laptop to go in the chat room s
thank you x

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