Asking for a friend....  

Naughtypursuit 53F  
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11/9/2020 2:16 pm
Asking for a friend....

How does one give a blow job to someone who is uncut?

Is there an art to the uncut?

Do you swirl it differently?

To milk or not?


Do you lick it like a popsicle or just engulf it like hot ?

Curious minds want to know....

Naughtypursuit 53F  
2687 posts
11/9/2020 2:17 pm

Help a woman out....

CaptainCock1 66M
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11/9/2020 3:13 pm

Asking for a friend?

cwazywabbit009 56M
6303 posts
11/9/2020 3:14 pm

I would love to help, but unless you want to practice on me, I am of no help

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topherific 58M
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11/9/2020 3:16 pm

part of pre-bj chat

xxxgreatimes69 39M  
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11/9/2020 3:21 pm

Oh Canadians and the silly questions you have! lol

Naughtypursuit replies on 11/9/2020 4:11 pm:
Eh? lol

Massass1963 57M  
1444 posts
11/9/2020 3:52 pm

I've never been cut but am circumcised. I know what you mean I just am sticking to normal terms.

1niceguy4u2008 60M
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11/9/2020 4:01 pm

The same way as a cut one.

dell9600 64M  
1193 posts
11/9/2020 4:17 pm

Just like you give blowjob to a cut one....

pocogato12 68F  
36463 posts
11/9/2020 4:40 pm

Seriously?? I prefer uncut- there is no mystery to a bj

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CumsDeep 59M
84 posts
11/9/2020 4:54 pm

Is this friend cute?

scorp6926 59M
81 posts
11/9/2020 5:01 pm

Watch some non-american porn, shirley you can find one or two uncut cocks from our european friends.

aaronboboria 25M
1 post
11/9/2020 6:26 pm

Can I make true love with you am Aaron Oritaimae

Masters_sl_a_v_e 52F
134 posts
11/9/2020 6:48 pm

Let your mind, mouth, tongue, fingers, and hands wander as you go down and enjoy the journey. Let his body language and sounds that he utters guide you. Do not be afraid to ask questions along the way. I still do when I have gotten lost. I find it makes for more enjoyable fun.

boobwhisperer69 58M  
6872 posts
11/9/2020 9:00 pm

Looks like a dude robbing a bank with pantyhose over his head!!!!!

tablesexisbest 46M
658 posts
11/9/2020 10:44 pm

As above, it's all personal preference, I'm sure you'd work it out,. Hehe. Personally I like get all the way in

Jjjonathan10113 39M
16 posts
11/10/2020 12:19 am

Good friend

tokyo_blaggs 45M  
12 posts
11/10/2020 12:51 am

All right and all wrong. Personally being uncut makes the tip extremely sensitive (too much if that can be a thing) so use that power creatively. If you go hard on the ridge of the tip I won’t like it - go soft I cum hard. But go hard and make me squirm just enough - damn I am moving all over the place

mufdiver69er2 60M  
1581 posts
11/10/2020 3:04 am

if your friend was with me,i would tell her to be very careful skinning the foreskin back,as it has tightened over the years and may rip..but when soft can be peeled back for cleaning and hygiene..

woop woop

Naughtypursuit 53F  
2687 posts
11/10/2020 4:21 am

Ohhh, you're supposed to chat before, negotiate the terms of the blow job?

flowerkings2012 57M  
4303 posts
11/10/2020 5:32 am

You realise that we have nerves still that will explode like crazy with your skills and just give us your best. I for the life of me remain thankful I'm uncircumcised, but just do what you do well and bask in the moans we unleash when our nerves in the foreskin pulse like crazy

WyoCowboy7751 67M
1584 posts
11/10/2020 5:48 am

I believe simple math on this would calculate that ; if He is Horny enough ; Uncut is NOT going to matter before a Blowjob is GIVEN

XHamburgDave 77M  
10464 posts
11/10/2020 7:20 am

You can practice on mine Jo I will happily repay your effort

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lindoboy100 58M
23284 posts
11/10/2020 8:10 am

McSuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell are ye m'dear? Always nice tae see that McNiceBum of yours!

My advice to your friend, ahem, would be that practice makes perfect........ I'm sure the fortunate fellow on the receiving end will be happy to make himself available in that regard!

Pull ma finger.........

Naughtypursuit 53F  
2687 posts
11/10/2020 2:30 pm

    Quoting lindoboy100:
    McSuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell are ye m'dear? Always nice tae see that McNiceBum of yours!

    My advice to your friend, ahem, would be that practice makes perfect........ I'm sure the fortunate fellow on the receiving end will be happy to make himself available in that regard!
Hello Sexy McLindo

All is well in Naughtyville. I hope you are surviving the inscrutableness of the world these days.

My ahem friend and I had a discussion regarding the art of the BJ. My philosophy is every man has his own little idiosyncrasies when it comes to what he likes however most are just happy to have tongue to penis. Thus the disagreement and the blog post.

upncummer69 42M
148 posts
11/11/2020 5:35 am

I volunteer my uncut member for you to try things out. I will let you know how well you are doing!

Paulxx001 64M
19217 posts
11/11/2020 1:01 pm

It's simple... 😊 ❗❗❗🔥

voyeur2017 58M
1025 posts
11/11/2020 2:57 pm

ask a Canadian Mountie? idk?

willbthick4u 59M
440 posts
11/27/2020 1:48 pm

I would say it would be ok to use your hand or hands to clear the way, obviously hair will be growing around the penis. If this is the case taking it all will probably be out of the question. So I'd suggest you work with your hands and your mouth and give the nob plenty of attention... cheers Russ x

Mr_Eight 39M
217 posts
12/15/2020 9:05 pm

I’m uncut so can only talk to that!

To be honest you have an advantage with an uncut penis because it’s more sensitive around the head.

Which means you can let your tongue go wild and drive him crazy in the process.

Some women like to roll the foreskin back with their mouth so the head pops into their mouth.

Otherwise I’d imagine it’s business as usual.

Hope that helps!

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gattomonstrosis 55M
881 posts
4/17/2021 4:19 pm

Definitely use hands, the combination is (for me) much better than the mouth alone, and also remember that the uncut are more sensitive to friction... =)

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