Feeling submissive and feminine  

NaughtySamantha7 63T  
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2/16/2021 8:37 am
Feeling submissive and feminine

I've been a member here for a long time, well over years, perhaps more that twenty in various profiles I've had over the years/decades. But this profile has me so bound my friends. So bound.

I initially put up a few sexy pictures of myself as a tease - or so I though so. Immediately I started getting comments and mail from my friends and followers as to what and how they thought and felt about me and what they were seeing. I didn't see it coming.

From the continued attention, comments, mail and messaging, it slowly consumed and took over me and my fate. Although it was probably decided that I would head down this sexy path much earlier on.... I had never planned on becoming as much the sissy I am today as I ever thought the first time posting those few sexy pictures of me in lingerie, stockings and heels. But it did.

It's the continuous comments every day that I get from you. The constant messaging that I am turning you on and what you want to do with me. It wore me down over the many years and being a submissive just made it all that much easier to accept and live it the way it was meant to be for me. The only problem is that I can't do this 24/7. I made decisions earlier in life to start a family and those cannot be changed. So for me and you, it's our little big secret. Had this happened to me ten years sooner, I would be full time.

Thanks to all of you for the overwhelming support about how I have affected you and in return received supporting messages and thoughts about what you want to do to me, I have become such a submissive sissy slut that I have agreed to and committed to a monogamous relationship with a very pleasant masculine sexually assertive Man since 20 and continue to this day.

Aside from my sexual monogamous relationship with this one Man, my fantasy is to be in a room with maybe one other sexy CD and a bunch of really good looking sexually capable Males shuttling between the two of us sissy sluts! About seven to ten Males who need to use a sissy slut for their own sexual pleasure and benefit! Ok, I'm getting off track....or maybe not...after all that is what this is all about right? OMG , where am I going with this....ok it's a fantasy, for now. But maybe later down the road....well....get back on track Samantha...."I am she says in her head, this is what I want." "Not right now the other shoulder says to her ear".

Anyway, my point is that really appreciate all you say to me and all the sexy comments of support and what you really feel about me! I love those comments and all of you very much! You overwhelm me in sexy love and I love it!


Sam4goodtime 64M  
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4/5/2021 5:08 am

I have the same fantasy, lol. Maybe some day we can pull it off together love.

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 4/6/2021 5:48 am:
...wouldn't it be the hottest thing! Giving all those Males the sexual pleasure they are entitled to!

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