Time Rolls On  

MrMikesMouth 60M  
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5/31/2020 6:19 am
Time Rolls On

My goals have simply changed. I have been fortunate find friends on A F F, a handful of friends, a few good close friends. I have met and talked thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people over time. But people come and go on here like the night wind. I’ve been a paying member since October of 2003, having talked to possibly a small city sized number of people …. and I have a only handful of friends over all this time? I made more friends in person last year alone. So, the future seems clearer.

Early on, people on social media had not ruined the process of web-based social interaction like this. But more recently, more people are critical of one another and have begun using free forum media site like this to further their own self-serving point of view. Most of the time, their point of view is not even their real point of view, they just like to come on and bust people’s balls. Drama. High school behavior from adults. It must make them feel better about themselves. It has become more about people showing their preeminence over others and less about meeting those with things we have in common.

I am no longer going to add to the folly. I never felt I used this site to better my own impression of me, although I do admit that the ability to capture someone’s attention with sexy pics, or steamy stories had been be a lure in the past. I have been there. I have thrived on the attention. But it got old. I have always been happy with myself in every respect. I feel I never needed this site to sedate some bad self-image, as I simply have never had a bad self-image. I just wanted to find friends.

I for one have decided this site is not how true lasting friendships, albeit relationships, affairs, hookups, or anything at all should happen. I barely come here anymore. It has been a horrendous misuse of time. When I do stop in, it is literally for 5 minutes before I again realize I just wasted another 5 minutes of my precious life. I don’t know why there is still the urge to come in here. I keep returning, like an A F F maniac. Maybe I keep hoping the interactions would resemble how they used to be, in those days of old. I just know that as my needs and desires and goal have changed, the usefulness of this site has also changed.

The anonymity has all but gone away. I have nothing to hide from anyone, so the use of this site has even diminished that perceived need to stay hidden. The kind of discussions that have become prominent here can be found in other ways. So why not just go there? I can be insulted by humanity just as easily there as here. The only difference here is that one can display their tits, and cock, and ass and say about anything you want.

And you can not trust people’s intentions from a site like this. I have met people that are sweet as can be on here, and end up being complete scathing douche bags in person. And I have met people that I deemed to be total assholes on here only to find out they are indeed some of the nicest people you could meet in person. No wonder it doesn’t matter what I do or how I act or the way I craft my resume profile description. I simply am one of the most awesome people you could ever know. I know I am, and I know this about me, I know you would think so if you met me. But knowing what I know about online profile impressions, just because I know it doesn’t mean you know it or believe it, so you would never take the chance to find out what I am about. As far as you know, I could just be the douche bag in the nice guys clothing. I get it. People that know me know I am the real deal. However, I just do not really need for you to know this about me any longer. Your opportunity has vanished.

I will not seek, or bother, or leg-hump, or interfere with anyone's time on here any longer. If you think I am someone you want to know, you will simply have to say so. I have said so, to many people. But I am tired of the game people have to play to gain points, and win affection, and show your feathers, before being graced with their attention, only to find that person has left, or changed, or lost, or faked, or otherwise poo pooed their existence here. I have been here for years, I am the same person, maybe I have changed my agenda over time, I have grown up, but I am and have never been a fly by night.

So, this apparently is not where strong relationships are forged. People do not treat other people on this site like they would if they were face to face with that person. Maybe I am bored of the site, in fact I know I am, maybe I have grown wiser, maybe I am just tired of the impression I receive from other humans and their bad examples, maybe I am just tired of the rejections, maybe I am just entirely wrong about this entire process, but I know there is more to life. I will continue my true genuine relationships out here in the living, where people cannot hide behind a persona, real or imagined.

And when I do stop in, it will be to bust your balls.

I have even stayed here too long to type this.

lust4life59 63F  
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8/11/2021 5:20 am

I don't even know myself why I'm on here anymore. Maybe because it's familiar and safe, unlike the real world since Covid. But I will admit to having met a few people that are real and genuine on here. But they are far outnumbered by the type of people you mention.

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