Confused newbie is back.  

King4aday1970 52M
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1/18/2022 11:38 pm
Confused newbie is back.

I made a foolish comment last week that I may not be newbie any more. Well, this week proved have wrong that statement was. I’m getting a lot better recognizing fake profiles. If it looks too good, it will most likely be bad for you in some point. As far as sending message and getting replies, last week seem to have taken me back to week one. I still feel like I have no idea what to say or maybe it’s person who says it. I said it before, I’m a married man, looking for some extra marital affair. Just simply put because things missing at home. Truth is little more complicated than that but we’ll leave for that now. Now, it seems that there seems to be stigma against married men who are looking for affair. This doesn’t seem to effect women same way. Personally I find it comical for someone who is married and looking, to make a comment that they don’t want married men or they don’t like cheaters( and those are some of the nicer comments I have got) when they are doing the same thing themselves. Oh well, everybody their own way. Because of situation, I stopped sending messages to single women, why try to burden them with this. It is my problem, why try to lead them on one way, only to tell them truth later or just disappear after getting what you want. As it is, some ways I’m more confused than I was at beginning, there obviously is a striving community here. It just seem to be out of my reach somehow. I think I have three more weeks left on my gold membership, right now it kind of feels that there is no reason to extent it. Who knows, maybe things will change this week or next week.

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