Another week in newbies world  

King4aday1970 52M
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12/26/2021 11:38 am
Another week in newbies world

Another week gone by. Christmas came and went. This week brought in some conversation with people in Some odd and expected ones. I was approached by email scammer, asking money for video chat confirmation because her phone and computer couldn’t connect to any free video chat services around now. That request stopped that conversation. Also got a message from girl, offering her services. Politely told her that I’m not looking for that here. Send few more messages but no replies. Maybe people busy because of Christmas or it’s just me . It is a odd world, this adult hook up, swingers, dating. I do get fair amount visitors on my profile, I seems to be attracting lot of Asian women who are living far away . Another oddity I have come across here. Oh well, what can you do than just keep on going.

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