Kneeling before Daddy  

Kandalk84 37F  
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1/24/2022 12:19 am
Kneeling before Daddy

I’m kneeling in front of you begging for daddy’s cock. You finally snap saying one more fucking word out that mouth and I will force it all the way down your throat.
I go mmmm is a promise or a threat daddy.
Without out warning you undo your belt and whip it out from your pants. As I try keeping one eye on your belt and the other watching as your jeans drop down revealing a nice hard cock. You release him from boxers and he springs out nearly smacking me in the face.
You order my hands behind my back where you use your boxers to bind them.
Then you blindfold me, and order my mouth open where you tease me by just lightly touching my tongue and slapping me in face a couple of times with your cock.
Then without warning you grab the back of my head and force yourself all the way down my throat using the momentum to put me on my back while you face fuck me.
Then without a word you dive 2 fingers straight into my pussy, and find me sopping wet. All the while whispering how you are going to make me your little cock sucking, cum swallowing slut. You turn around while still fucking my mouth. Driving your tongue strait into my pussy ravaging it. I start to cum and then you start pounding even harder on my mouth till you start cumin. You lay down beside me pulling me into you saying what a good little slut daddy’s girl is. And how I better get some rest now because tonight he’s going to find about the rest of his holes and how he’s going to use them. As you slowly run your hand up and down my back sending me off to slumber land.

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