Gimmie_your_load 39F
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7/31/2009 12:23 pm

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6/14/2011 8:54 pm


Hehehe can you tell I'm bored?

Your Cock Sucker,



9/23/2012 4:45 am

bored???!!! u look so HOT!! really beautiful!

Toenasslicker 38M

9/1/2011 12:10 am

I love your blog, jerking it to the stories, wishing it was you instead

9lives304 44M
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8/14/2011 9:12 pm

i love ur stories..makes my cock rock hard everytime

teachme2havfun2 44M

7/31/2011 11:27 am

Wow wow so hot and sexy would love to give you my load

lovetoplay6912 41F

7/13/2011 8:27 am

im pretty sure iseen a short vid of you sucking of a guy on here i could be wrong but it so inspired me i love to suck so good and for the guy to hear you moaning over it is such a turn on
thanks for your inspiration

beadsandbikes1 62M/F  
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7/5/2011 5:59 pm

All I can say is God Bless the Sluts in our lives that make all of the fun we have possible....!!

misterbd 63M
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6/6/2011 7:22 am


rm_zuuky75 64M
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4/20/2011 12:18 am

To let go of a large load, and watch you swallow..............HEAVEN

flavornyc 45M
49 posts
11/6/2010 9:55 pm

I like this pic. Very sexy!

CentralCT32M 53M
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8/1/2009 2:22 pm

those lips, those eyes, damn. need more pics to leave heaping loads of man spackle on. (only cause you are too far away at the moment.)

JustChillinUK 61M
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8/1/2009 12:48 pm

Hi Lucia, I agree, you're not looking bored there, just ready for a cock to cum over you If you want to send me a pic I'll cum over you as well, you look so hot in the pics that you've got guys to cum on - see my blog for a sample.

Check out my vid -> Cumming on Cam

sman2k.01 49M
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7/31/2009 1:11 pm

funny, you don't look bored, you look inviting...

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