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1/15/2022 2:18 am

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Autofellatio: Everybody wishes they could do it. Suck your own dick. Everybody. Some folks have bolstered. If you could, you would. It might just be there is a better way to. To train yourself to meet your next worthy goal. And it is. Worthy. I'm telling you now. You can do it. I have not performed autofellatio since I became disabled even more. More than before. After Hurricane Katrina on August 29th, 2005 it seemed important. More important to once again, get back my skill practiced only upon myself. Selfsuck. If I can do it. Again. I will. So help me God. If it's the last thing you wanna see, don't look now. My own Dad told me, repeatedly. "Believe nothing of what you hear. And only half, of what you see". Seeing is believing. Whether on the widescreen on your very own TV at home, you can watch yourself, and learn how. Yourself. How to. Your own damn self. Why delegate your own God given authority to suck off yourself, to anybody else. Ever again. Especially when, if you don't do it, it won't get done. Get er done, man. Do it yourself. And there's nuthin wrong wit dat. Not one damn thing. So go ahead. It won't make me mad. Tell everybody who asks you. You heard it here first. When you learn just what steps you must take; diet, exercise and stretching. Period. Yes, even some of you ladies can even do it too. I've heard a man say, "If you'll go down on a hole. You'll go down on a pole". This could be your cue. You know what you can do. Suck it up. Like, a man. A real man. Real men, suck real cock. All that talk? Put a dick in your mouth. Try it. You'll like it. Plus. You'll come ever damn time. And, you every don't. Well, whose fault to blame. But, you. You already know what to do. Selfsuck it up. Autofellatio. Join me. Watch this. See me. Try this at home. Then. Take the show on the road. Again.

NewOrleansDaddy4 47M
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1/27/2022 2:49 pm

Haven't tried in a long time, but a younger, flexible era I could get almost the whole head of my cock in my own mouth, and would occasionally blow my own load in my mouth. Gonna have to start stretching again.

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1/15/2022 1:54 pm

Tried many a time, just can’t seem to connect. An instruction video would be great

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1/15/2022 1:08 pm

If only it was possible...

Enlighten me if it is...and show my how it can be accomplished...

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1/15/2022 7:21 am

Good morning & welcome to the blogs.

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