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pagancountrygirl 64F
6466 posts
12/15/2021 3:26 pm

I like the teal! And it's only been a couple of weeks ago that I watched the X-Men and Rogue with her white streak.

Hmmmm....I know I left that wand around here somewhere!

redrockrascal 63M
23580 posts
12/15/2021 3:34 pm

Bananas are one of the luckiest fruits in the world

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Paulxx001 65M  
22616 posts
12/15/2021 3:45 pm

The color of your hair is nice, but it doesn't matter, it's the shape of your heart and the size of your soul that people see...
... in an instant. 😊

Yep... emoji guy says hi. πŸŒŸβ­πŸŒžπŸŒπŸŒˆπŸ•πŸ•‘

studbird2000 56M  
1150 posts
12/15/2021 3:54 pm

nicely done love the hair

staci_19702 51T  
3767 posts
12/15/2021 4:38 pm

Whoa! That’s cool!
I like your style!!

Have a great day! πŸ’‹

japaneseass 54F
50231 posts
12/15/2021 4:47 pm

yellow it...jokes aside....beautiful teal...goes well with your beautiful eyes...well done...well done....

I_giv_pleasure 58M  
2891 posts
12/15/2021 5:14 pm

Love the color. Happy HNW

mc_justmc 62M  
6929 posts
12/15/2021 5:31 pm

Nice! Quite Smurfy!

lok4fun500 M
51906 posts
12/15/2021 5:33 pm

Happy "banana" HNW! I did guess green...just the wrong shade!

resant78 43M  
3326 posts
12/15/2021 5:39 pm

WOW! Love it! Teal looks fantastic on you! and I love the "rogue" stripe, yep from X-Men. Very cool!!

I do like you rocking that banana accessory.

CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
12/15/2021 5:50 pm

Cool banana, but not sure how well it will survive as a strap-on.

I like the freaky hair style.

Happy HNW.

X, Y, Z, on HNW
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DeInSLC 58F  
84 posts
12/15/2021 6:06 pm

Yay, that is beautiful! Such a gorgeous color for an even more gorgeous woman.

Now the white stripe? That's a perfect addition, for sure!

pacnwlover42 53M
9808 posts
12/15/2021 9:00 pm

Nice color choice!

Funny women are incredibly sexy!

24 posts
12/15/2021 9:29 pm

Love the pics very sexy! And sexy curves!

author51 59F  
130010 posts
12/15/2021 11:04 pm

Love the hair my friend. You rock that colour and you had me laughing with the banana between your legs..xoxo

Weeload2 59M
1104 posts
12/16/2021 3:13 am

Yikes, my color guess the other day was wayyyy off. Looking good though !

π•‹π•™π•’π•Ÿπ•œπ•€ 𝕗𝕠𝕣 π•“π•–π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ π•ͺ𝕠𝕦

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
41171 posts
12/16/2021 3:16 am

Teal suits you well, And you nailed, or should I say banana-ed, the XYZ!
Happy HNW.

easyrider4008 65M
2563 posts
12/16/2021 3:56 am

Love the hair colour.

lunchandconvo 52F
4034 posts
12/16/2021 5:28 am

my hair is getting more and more gray.
i dunno if i will go with a wild vibrant color as i don't see myself keeping it up.

how often will you do touch ups at the salon?

pal334 68M  
45821 posts
12/16/2021 5:46 am

So naughty HNW, but so sexy

Please cum visit my blog,,,,,,,,,,,,pal334

lust4life59 63F  
2552 posts
12/16/2021 6:11 am

love the Yellow banana!!!!

citizen4722 64M  
74582 posts
12/16/2021 9:17 am

Great colour! I was half right when I said you'd be sky blue
I like your lingerie but I'm not keen on the banana!
Happy (late) HNW

aman4u1962a 60M
1979 posts
12/16/2021 11:06 am

I like the color and the Rogue look. Great shot of your sexy body in the second pic.
Let's talk about that banana, and how we can replace that one with mine

Logan0867 54M
244 posts
12/17/2021 5:30 pm

I LOVE ROGUE...and the hair...and the banana LOL xxoo

smartasswoman 64F  
35813 posts
12/18/2021 11:24 am

Love it! I have had similar to this color in the past. It's only achievable for me, if I go to a salon and have them do a partial foil so that I have very light highlights. And I always do the same as you, leave my silver streak in the front undyed - to show that I'm not trying to hide the fact that I have gray hair.

smartasswoman 64F  
35813 posts
12/18/2021 2:07 pm

>>I don't know what happened, but a couple of your responses to my blog didn't show up here but I found them on the beta version of the new community. I just saw them today, I was not deliberately ignoring you.

No worries! I've kind of been going back and forth between the two sites - sometimes I comment here, sometimes over there. I know that the stuff I do there doesn't ever get reflected back here, and I also know that most people aren't spending very much time over there yet.

PonyGirl1965 56F
22090 posts
12/21/2021 12:06 am

Your hair is gorgeous! Very pretty color. And the banana made me giggle

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