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Posted:Mar 7, 2021 9:21 am
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2021 2:28 pm

The question of the day is "Is oral sex really considered sex?"

Example: Jane likes to have her kitty licked and fingered but Joe is not allowed to take his clothes off and have penetrative sex with her.
Yes, it sex... .i.e. oral sex
No, it's not because there's no genital to genital contact
Who cares, I just like to lick kitties!
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Happy Birthday!
Posted:Feb 25, 2021 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2021 2:49 pm
It all started in Paramedic school. "O'Brien, you're with Doc here." And that was the beginning of a long and adventurous friendship. During those two years, we became inseparable. Between saving lives and grieving for those we had not been able to save, from adrenaline rush to absolute bone-weary tiredness. No matter how stressed or tired we were, the two of us were always up for an adventure, rappelling off silos in the middle of the night, ride-outs with AC/DC blasting, and taking the wildest calls. Every morning ended with a wink and a hug for a job well done. After we graduated, life sent me to the sandbox, and my partner continued on with the local fire department. We had created a bond that was forged in blood, sweat, and tears.

The years would pass, and we had always remembered to stay in touch, for birthdays mostly, ours were days apart. We shared our sexual adventures a well. Still trying to one-up the other in our conquests. It had never occurred to us that we should be together; we were best pals, friends, confidants. He was like Adonis in living form; he was simply the most beautiful man I had ever seen; I was one of the many women who adored him. And he was my adoring fan as well.

He would soon move on for a new adventure and decided to become a Police Officer. I remember how handsome he looked when he pinned on that badge, and with the customary wink and hug, we celebrated another milestone in our friendship.

More years would pass, and our bond never changed. When tragedy struck, he was there, helping me pull the remnants of normalcy back together. Unlike years before where we'd celebrated our birthdays together on some quest for adventure, this one would be different. Maybe it was seeing me vulnerable, or perhaps it was the hug that lasted longer than usual. Maybe it was a tragedy that could have taken my life that made us realize how important we were to each other. Things changed…

It was my birthday, and unlike others, it was not a time of joy. Due to a house fire, I stayed at a local hotel while my home was being rebuilt. After a Skype birthday call from my boyfriend, I had a quiet dinner in my room and was ready to catch a few hours of sleep. As I laid there trying to find rest, the familiar ding of a text message broke the silence. It was O'Brien! "whatcha doing, beautiful?" he texted. "Sleeping," I responded. Then the phone rang, "I'll be by in 10 minutes; meet me in the parking lot," he stated and hung up.

I climbed grumpily out of bed and scrambled to find something quick to slip on, my favorite sundress. It was O'Brien; there was no need to "be made up" he'd seen me at my worse covered in things I'll not mention here, so seeing me with messy hair and no make-up was nothing new. I grab the room card key and head out to the parking lot.

As I reach the parking lot, he drives up in his police cruiser. Most women are drawn to the uniform, but I'd known this man in every mode of dress, and he always made it all look good, sometimes too good. And tonight, he was looking really good. "Hey beautiful," he greets me as he gets out and approaches me. "Close your eyes," he demands, and I oblige. "Hold your hands out," he demands again. I know your thinking… handcuffs. Slow down; we're not there yet! As I hold my hands out, I feel the coolness of a small gift box. I open my eyes and look at him, surprised. He had remembered. I opened the box, and it contained a small jewelry box in the shape of a red bird. He had also remembered the significance of this bird and was telling me with this gift that I'd make it through this adversity like so many before. Teary-eyed, I gave him a hug.

I always like smelling him, we'd shopped for colognes together, and this was one of my favorites. I broke the embrace and set the gift on the hood of the cruiser so we could talk. "Close your eyes again," he said. So again, I obliged. I sure hope this isn't another gift; if so, I'd be a bawling mess before the night was over. "Hold your hands out," he demanded. I waited and didn't feel another gift, just the cool night air, and I could hear him moving near me. And then I felt the first one wrapped around my wrist. Yes, it's the handcuffs. "Don't open your eyes," he stated calmly. "What are you up to?" I asked, and he just shooshed me. And then I felt him move behind me while he gently pulled my other arm behind me. The cool steel of the handcuff encircling my other wrist. "So I am under arrest?" I asked laughingly. "That you are, Doc, now lean up against the car while I search you," he teased.

He gently pushed me up against the hood of the car and leaned in near my ear, and whispered, "now it's time for my birthday present." He slid his leg in between mine and nudged them slightly apart, leaning in close and nuzzling my hair with his face. "hmmm, you always smell so good," he whispered as he leaned in and kissed my neck lightly. "Brett, what are you doing?" I asked, surprised by this turn in things. "searching you, what else?" he teased back. At this, he reached his hands around, running them up my arms sending goosebumps over my skin in the cool air. And then he reached around and run his hands up my ribcage and then slightly over my breasts. My braless nipples were responding immediately and hardening against his hands. "What's this?" he whispers as he rubs both lightly through my dress. "Nice," he says as he pulls away slightly, leaving my nipples begging for more.

He then begins moving his hands down my waist to my ass, kneading me softly as he made his way lower to my legs. I feel him move away and bend to continue his search up my legs, his warm hands moving up from my ankles to my knees slowly. And then he went higher, pushing my dress up as he went. As he reached the apex of my thighs, his thumbs slightly touch my most intimate parts. "No panties?" he chuckled. His thumbs were rubbing gently on my now damp labia.

He reaches up and pushes me flat over the hood of the car, making my intimate areas more accessible to his touch. "Stay like that," he whispers. As he stands behind me to shield me from view, he slides his hand back under my dress, cupping my kitty in his palm while his thumb explored my wet opening. My nipples were hardening again with my excitement. "You've been telling me for years how you drive your lovers crazy; now it's your turn to show me," he whispered again. At this, he slides a finger inside my wetness. I can feel myself grip around his finger, wanting him to continue with this sweet torture. My breath is coming in small gasps as I can feel myself already nearing my first orgasm.

He slides in and out of me until I cannot hold back, and my hot liquids gush out onto his hand, pushing his finger out of me with the strength of my orgasm. "That was fucking hot," he whispers and gently slides his finger back inside for a new onslaught. Over and over, he brings me to orgasm after orgasm. My wetness is dripping down my legs onto the dark pavement. My legs begin to tremble, weak and spent.

When he notices, he pulls away and pulls me up from the hood. "Need a breather?" he asks, and I nod yes. He removes one of the cuffs from my hands, and I stretch my arms to relieve the muscles. As we stand there while I am stretching, the hotel night manager walks up.

"Are you ok, Miss V? You're not in any trouble, are you? she asked in a concerned voice. That's when I realized that we had forgotten the cameras. She had most likely seen everything. "No, Ma'am," I respond, embarrassed. "It's her birthday," quips Brett. As if that would explain my being in handcuffs in a dark parking lot. "If you need anything, just let me know," she said and walked back into the building.

We both burst out laughing when she made it inside. "You know she saw us on camera," I said. "I bet she enjoyed the show," he laughed. "Stay right there and let me lock this car up and we'll finish this where there aren't any cameras," he stated. I just stood there, my legs weak, my nipples erect, and a handcuff still on my wrist. I am indeed a sight to be seen.

He locks up, and together we walk back into the building, him holding my one cuffed wrist in his hand. I can tell by the look on his face he's thinking mischievously. From all of his conquest stories, I know he's a wild one. This is definitely not the quiet birthday I had in mind.

We get into my room, and I collapse onto the bed, thinking he would follow. I smile up invitingly, not wanting to waste this opportunity. "Oh no, lazy bones, get that fine ass up" he laughs and begins stripping out of his uniform. I just lay there, taking in the sight of this godlike creature before me. And then he frees himself of his pants, and my breath catches. Oh, now I realize why his women friends were so persistent, and men were so jealous.

He smiles down at me and grabs the cuff pulling me up off the bed. As I begrudgingly rise, he motions me towards the bathroom, and as I walk by him, he slaps me hard across the ass. "Happy Birthday," he laughs. He pushes me towards the shower and then climbs in behind me. He then moves my cuffed wrist up to the showerhead and loops the empty one over. "Give me your other hand," he demands. He then slides the cuff around my other wrist again, and I'm suspended over the showerhead. He then turns the water on and adjusts it so the warm water runs down my back. My long hair was trailing down my back like dark ink.

He leans into my back and slides his arms around me, and cups my breasts. I can feel his erection against my lower back. His thumb and forefingers gently pinching my nipples slowly and savoringly, and I can feel the gripping sensation of my kitty nearing another orgasm. As I feel it coming on, I push my ass back into him, needing him to bring me to fulfillment. Another pinch to my nipples, and I'm gushing again, my kitty convulsing from the intensity of it. "Hold onto the cuffs because I'm going to ride you hard; this isn't going to be a boyfriend fuck” he growls into my ear as he pushes my legs apart.

Before I can even take a deep breath, he's pushing into me, the water and my juices helping him slide into my tightness. He puts his hand on my waist and pulls me harshly back onto his cock. My breath was catching as he drives home forcefully. "So fucking tight," he grits out in a ragged voice before sliding out to start his next rough stroke. Over and over, he strokes into me roughly, my breasts bouncing with each long deep stroke. The water is splashing between us. I can feel my body start trembling and my kitty gripping in anticipation of my orgasm. Another deep stroke, and I'm gushing once again. My hot juices are spraying onto his cock and balls. "Fuuuccckkk," he growls out in response.

As I convulse from my orgasm, he slips out of the shower and grabs the cuff key. When he returns, he leans into me again, his cock hard and pulsing against my back as he frees my hands from the handcuffs. He drops them on the floor and turns me around under the water. Rubbing my wrists gently where the cuffs had dug into them. As he continues to rub them with the warm water, he leans in and kisses me. His hot mouth is covering mine, forcefully opening mine to his tongue. I so love kissing, and this was a damn good kiss. He slips his hand into my hair, pulling me in so he can kiss me deeper. Without breaking the kiss, he grabs the soap and begins lathering me up, his large hands cupping me here and there the entire time. This is definitely an exquisite shower.

He breaks the kiss and pushes me under the water to rinse off. I smile wickedly, thinking that this is one of our best adventures yet. As he watches me, I reach out for the soap. It's my turn to do some exploring. I lather it up and reach up to lather his chest with its hint of blonde hair. His skin is like velvet to the touch, and I continue working my way up to his neck and then rub my lathered fingers behind his ears to knead softly, then down his neck to his shoulders. He's enjoying this exploration as his cock pulses with each new touch. I lather my hands again and begin working my hands down his back, slowly massaging and feeling the hardness of his body. My hands finally make it to his firm ass, and I knead it softly, leisurely watching his reaction to my touch. And then I work my way down his legs, exploring him much the same way he had done to me earlier.

As I kneel in front of him, the water pouring over my face, I am now directly in front of his hard cock. I look up at him expectantly, raising my eyebrows in question. "Do you want this?" my eyes spoke to him, and he reaches and takes my hair, guiding me to his erection. I lather my hands again and begin to stroke his cock as I lean in to lick his balls. Taking my time to savor the feel of them on my lips. Slowly stroking him up and down in sync with my kisses and licks. "Suck them, baby," he groans out, and I take him into my mouth, gently sucking and licking before doing the same to the other. His cock growing harder each time.

I stop stroking him and let the water wash the soap from him, and I look up to see his blue eyes intently watching me please him. Never breaking eye contact, I lean in and lick up the length of his cock, savoring the hardness. I close my lips around the head of his cock and begin sucking him in and out as my hand works him from the base simultaneously. He closes his eyes and leans back, savoring the experience. His breath was coming in short gasps. The look of satisfaction on his beautiful face making me want to please him more. I continue sucking and stroking until I feel his body tightening, nearing his orgasm.

He reaches down and pulls my head away from him; I frown up at him. Why is he stopping? And then he takes over, stroking himself as I watch. Stroking harder and faster, and with a groan, he shudders and erupts, his hot cum spraying onto my face and breasts.

He leans back against the shower wall spent, and we begin to wash up again, both with weak satisfied smiles. We finish with our show, and I'm so relaxed as we towel off and head to bed; I'm thinking I would enjoy snuggling up and sleeping for a little bit on that sexy chest of his. My smile must have given me away because he asks me, "what's going through that pretty mind of yours?" I smile mischievously and reply, "I'm thinking I'd enjoy some cuddling before round 2." He laughs. "Round 2, we're not done with Round 1."

He pushes me back on the bed, and I slide over, giggling. "Well, aren't you the rough one?" He climbs in behind me and lays back onto the pillows. The perfect snuggly cuddly position, and I crawl over to him with that intent. He watches me with a smile on his face. "No snuggles for you birthday girl, come ride this tongue of mine." I shake my head no, I would surely drown him if I were to cum. He looks at me with that "I dare you" look that had gotten us into so many adventures before. Who am I to back down from a dare?

I straddle him and move up him, letting my wetness slide along his stomach and then his chest as I positioned myself over his waiting mouth. I grip the headboard to steady myself, and he reaches up and grabs my ass cheeks to push me down onto his tongue. A shock goes through me at the sensation. He pushes up into me, his nose gently nudging my clit while his tongue probes my entrance. Oh, that feels so wonderful; my nipples grow taut with arousal. And as if my hips had a mind of their own, I began to move over his lips and tongue, back and forth, and I feel that familiar sensation of an orgasm coming on. I try to pull away, but he pulls me in tighter and continues to lick me until I cannot take it anymore. I convulse and gush onto his waiting mouth. My juices are flowing over him and dripping down his chin and face. I'm trembling, and I weakly slide back down his body to recover, collapsing on his chest, shuddering breathlessly.

After a few minutes, I can breathe correctly again. I look up at him, and he's smiling mischievously. "This time, you are going to ride me" he chuckles and pushes me down so that I feel his hard cock pressing against me. I move back onto him, feeling him slide in slowly. Oh yes, this is definitely good stuff. I slide my legs down his and hook my feet under the sides of his calves. As I smile and watch his face, I begin to move up and down. Not in the traditional riding motion, just my hips doing the work in much the same way a man would do. His eyes register surprise as I continue to pump onto him over and over. Never too deep but never letting him go either… just stroke after delicious stroke. He reaches up to cup my ass cheeks to pull me down harder, but I shake my head no. I grab his hands and push them back over his head, pinning them there. "No touching, birthday boy," I say. I continue stroking up and down until I feel his body tensing once again. I smile mischievously and bite my lower lip, watching his beautiful face as he enjoys this ride.

I stop, and he opens his eyes abruptly. I can see he's questioning whether I will leave him so near to orgasm. I smile again and push myself up; now I am in true cowgirl style and feel his cock fully penetrate me. I think we're both going to enjoy this ride. I begin sliding back and forth on him, feeling the soft hair surrounding his cock tickle my clit as I move. He reaches up and starts cupping my breasts as I continue moving back and forth. Tweaking a nipple from time to time. I can feel my muscles clench around his hardness, gripping him deep inside of me. A few more strokes, and I lean in so he can take a nipple into his mouth. Suckling it while rolling the other between his finger and thumb. I bite my lip once more, and when he sees me do this, he bites down on my nipple. My body responds with my orgasm, my juices spraying over his cock and down his balls to the bed beneath him. The warmness flooding over him. As the convulsions roll through me, he drives into me hard a few more times and joins me with his orgasm. Cumming deep inside me, I can feel the pulses of his cock with each release. My muscles are twitching around him as I collapse spent onto his chest.

When I recover enough to move, I slide off him and onto the bed. He pulls me in next to him, and I lay my head on his arm as he rolls over and hooks a leg over mine to pull me in even closer. I snuggle up to his chest and feel safe wrapped in his arms. Just as I am drifting off to a contented sleep. He smiles down at me and kisses me gently. "Happy Birthday Bestie"
Do I wanna know?
Posted:Feb 23, 2021 12:51 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2021 5:26 am

Have you got colour in your cheeks?
Do you ever get that fear that you can't shift the type
That sticks around like summat in your teeth?
Are there some aces up your sleeve?
Have you no idea that you're in deep?
I've dreamt about you nearly every night this week
How many secrets can you keep?
'Cause there's this tune I found
That makes me think of you somehow an' I it on repeat
Until I fall asleep, spillin' drinks on my settee

(Do I wanna know?) If this feelin' flows both ways?
(Sad to see you go) Was sorta hopin' that you’d stay
(Baby, we both know) That the nights were mainly made
For sayin' things that you can't say tomorrow day

Crawlin' back to you
Ever thought of callin' when
You've had a few?
'Cause I always do
Maybe I'm too
Busy bein' yours
To fall for somebody new
Now, I've thought it through
Crawlin' back to you

So have you got the guts?
Been wonderin' if your heart's still open
And if so, I wanna know what time it shuts
Simmer down an' pucker up, I'm sorry to interrupt
It's just I'm constantly on the cusp of tryin' to kiss you
I don't know if you feel the same as I do
But we could be together if you wanted to

(Do I wanna know?) Do you want me crawlin' back to you?

ARTIC MONKEYS - Do I wanna know?
Posted:Feb 21, 2021 12:26 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 8:48 am
Sorry peeps and pervs, this post isn't a sexy story... One will be forthcoming this coming week. My topic today is how I feel things should progress in a relationship with me. Please know that the term relationship is used loosely here.

I know that this seems somewhat simplified, but finding the best "lover" is much like finding a qualified employee. You have to vet the applicants and choose from those that best fit your needs.

1. You make contact here, and we determine via message if there is a desire to connect further.

I know that each of you will be engaging (contacting) with at least 5 people, sometimes many more. You will pick 1 or 2 of those and focus your energies there. The others will be considered "backups" This is the (phase 1) time where I will note your level of interest. A quick text or message here and there will tell me that you are not worthy of serious consideration—those who are engaging move on.

2. We continued testing this connection chatting via a safe outlet, i.e., , etc. If this continues at a steady pace and everyone is comfortable, we move on. Unfortunately, most connections usually diminish in these two stages.

There will be those who are engaging actively and wanting to further the connection, and that's where we move to Phase 3. I would equate this to the initial phone interview. I measure the level of engagement moreso here and the participants' sense of urgency to reach the next level. If a person is content in this phase, they are considered potential future applicants and kept on a back burner. It's nice to have an applicant pool for future needs. For those who actively seek to further the process, we move on to Level 3.

3.A level of trust is established, and names are exchanged. This is where the real connection is established. We can put a voice and personality to the words.

I see this as the home stretch, so to speak. We will exchange contact information where I will expect you to actively engage me with live conversation to establish a level of trust and interest to move forward. If you fail to do so, you are removed from the applicant pool completely. Similar to the interview question, "If we offer you this job, when can you start?" That's the determining factor; you're either onboard or not.

4. In-person meeting. The moment of truth where the connection and chemistry are tested. This isn't a sexual encounter; it's a friendly get to know each other test the waters stage.

Those who are serious in their pursuit and engage are allowed to take the job. We meet and determine if it will be a good fit. If not, then both parties decide how to part ways. Either as friends, frenemies or move forward to establish the connection further. If it is positive, at this point, I am sure both parties have decided how they wish to continue and set expectations for the relationship. YAY!

5. 2nd In-person meeting. It could or could not be a sexual encounter. It is again reestablishing in person the connection from the prior texts, calls, and in-person meetings.

Oh yes, someone is most likely getting laid at this point! Send up the fireworks. BUT... this is the probationary period. This is where I see how you perform and vice versa. If your skills are substandard, then you will be released, so you still have to be on your best behavior and put in extra efforts. (I'm exhausted). If we both meet our expectations, we move on to regular hot steamy sex, and life is good! Our search is over... (cheering section in full beast mode)

6. Established a relationship in which both parties determine the context.

I know that this sounds like a lot of work, it is! But I am contributing mine as well. This entire process is a good thing for both parties because those who are not willing to put forth their best efforts will not reach the higher levels. This prevents a large of wasted time meeting numerous people who won't be your best match. Like myself, most people wish to have the best, and only the best will put out a considerable effort to get what they want. It's a win/win for both parties.

As my name states, I am educated. One of my degrees is in "Human Resource Management," so I view this entire "dating/sexing" process differently from most who waste enormous amounts of time kissing frogs. Let the princes come to me; the frogs can apply elsewhere.
How can I serve you Ma'am?
Posted:Feb 16, 2021 5:38 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 8:52 am
And there I was sitting my desk, another long work just like all the rest. Boring had become the understatement of my life. Soon I would head home to the same routine that was just as dull. Just as I was getting ready to shut things down, my secretary buzzes in to say I had a visitor who wished to see me. I had no appointments on my schedule and was curious to see who it could be—anything to break up this monotony.

It was then that he walked in, and handsome. Looking better than a man should and dressed impeccably. If they made men like this in my age range, I think to myself. I’m curious, to say the least. I stand up to greet him and reach to shake his hand. As I do, he quickly grasps mine in a firm grip and looks directly into my eyes. “I’m Seth, your new manager from First National; I’m just stopping by to introduce myself and offer my services to you,” he says. I think lewdly to myself, oh yes, I am sure you could be of service. He must’ve read my mind because the in his eyes changed, and his eyebrows raised slightly. A slight smile crossed his lips as he took a seat opposite my desk.

After leaving some paperwork and his business , I escorted him to the front door and bade him goodbye. I’ve turned into an old pervert for sure, gawking his nice backside as he walked . I smile to myself and think, well, that definitely was a pleasant way to end the workday.

Life continued at its typical day-to-day pace and a week or two passed. Once again, it was one of those long, dull days, and Lydia, my secretary, had just let know she was leaving. I let her know I’d lock up behind her in a few and to have a good evening, back to the end-of-month financials and then home to a long bath and a romance novel.

A few minutes later, I hear a knock on my office door. Thinking it was Lydia, I said, “come in.” And when I up there he is…Seth! I must’ve shown my surprise because he smiled and said, “surprised to see ?” I jump up and move around to shake his hand and motion him into a chair. “Yes, a pleasant surprise; how can I help you, Seth?” I stated flatly. I sat down behind my desk, and he responded, “I was in the neighborhood and just wanted to stop by and see if I could help you with anything.” As I looked across at him, he caught my gaze and held it. I could see that there was a mischievous look to those beautiful blue eyes. I shook my head and nodded no, “No, I believe I am good but thank you for offering!” At this, he stood up and came to sit on the edge of the desk near me. “Are you sure there isn’t anything I can help you with?” he asks. I push my chair back in an attempt to get up, and he reaches over and takes my hand.

“I can think of a lot of things I can help you with,” he states confidently as he pulls my hand up and kisses the palm. I pull my hand back sharply and sit back in my chair to gain some distance. He smiled a mischievous smile and said, “You do need me to help you, right?” I was speechless and just leaned back quietly. What was he up to? All I know is that he is way too for and way too good-looking.

He smoothly moved closer to and put a hand on each of my chair arms as he leaned in to ask again, “You do need my help, right?” I just shook my head no. His breath on my was making my body come alive. My breath hitched as he moved his hand to my knee. Gently squeezing as he watched me closely. “I don’t think you can, Seth,” I said as I attempted to rise. As I stood, he pulled me in close, and I reached barely to his shoulder. I hadn’t noticed how tall he was in our previous meeting. His hands reached around to grab my ass and pull me in hard against him.

I could feel his erection through our clothing. Interesting, I thought. He rubbed against me, and I could feel my nipples harden in response. "I think I can help you with a lot of things, let me show you," he said as he turned me around towards my desk, breaking the embrace. Breathing warmly by my ear. He reached around and cupped my breast, rubbing his thumb over my nipple teasingly. The other on my thigh, pulling me back to nestle against his hard cock.

"Oh yes, you like that, don't you?" he whispered in my ear. And I nodded yes. He reached up and pushed me gently to bend me over my desk. At the same time, pinching and rubbing my nipple to keep it aroused. He reaches down and moves my skirt up, his warm hand sliding up my thigh. His thumb is rubbing my wetness through my panties. "So wet" he whispers.

I can feel his fingers probing my wetness through my panties, stroking along my labia and seeking my clit. I moan softly at the sensation. Yes, this is definitely the best way to break up the monotony. And then he gently pushes my panties to the side and slides a finger into my wet wanting kitty. I immediately gush all over his hand and tremble with the intensity of my orgasm.

"There you go, let's do that again" he tells me. His finger is working in and of , rapidly pushing to another squirting orgasm. I can feel it dripping down my legs and onto the floor. But he doesn't stop, his finger working its magic inside of over and over again. I continue to orgasm over and over again until I feel my legs shaking from the intensity of my orgasms. He withdrew his finger, and I can hear his moan as he tastes on his finger. ";You taste so good, I knew you would" he says. He then slides his finger back inside and begins to work towards another orgasm. My panties are soaked, and my legs are dripping with my juices. Then I came again, pulsing around his finger and spraying my liquids down my legs and his hand again. He withdraws again and pulls my panties back in place.

As I straighten up and turn around, he slides his finger into my mouth, sliding it on my tongue."Taste yourself on me" he stated as he watched me suck his finger into my mouth. He glanced at his watch and said that he had to get going. I am disappointed that he hadn't wanted to take it further, but I am happy to have been pleased so well. I straighten my clothing and walk him out of the building. He leans in and gives me a quick kiss, and out the door, he went. I lock up behind him and stand there sated and wet. What an eventful way to end my workday.

A week passes, and I haven't heard from Seth. I resign myself to not seeing him again. What an adventure that one afternoon had been. What woman wouldn't want a handsome man to ravish them? Even if he was way too . But the one time probably wouldn't be repeated, and it's best that I put it of my mind and move on. It's time to pack it up and head home for another evening of romance novels. I grab my purse and lock the door, and head to my car. As I approach, I smell the distinct smell of a cigar. I've always loved the smell of a cigar, my grandfather had smoked them, and the scent always brought forth pleasant memories. I savor the smell, and as I get nearer to my car, I see him. Seth. He's leaning against my car door in jeans and a tee looking better than a man should. I approach and try hard to hide my surprise.

"How are you, Seth?" I ask. He drawls lazily, "wanting you!" as he takes another deep draw on the cigar and exhales. I smile and inhale the fragrant aroma. He has excellent tastes, as this is obviously not your average cigar. "I've always enjoyed the smell of cigar smoke,"; I tell him. He nods his head in agreement. A few more puffs, and he reaches down to extinguish it on the ground. I watch him stretch like a glorious lion would. Easily and gracefully. He is definitely sure of the effect he has on me as he watches me watching him intently.

“I was just heading home. Can I help you with something” I asked him as I reach around him to open my car door. He grabs my hand, stopping me, and pulls me up against his chest. “I thought it was understood that I was the one helping you,” he says as he pulls me in closer. I smile and say, “Yes, you did help me very well Seth, are you planning for more?” I look at him teasingly, daring him to make a move.

He pushes me away from him, and as I stand back, he demands, “take your panties off and hand them to me now!” I just stand staring at him; I’m not taking my panties off in public. “Take your panties off now,” he states again. I just stand there, not sure what to do. He reaches and grabs my hand, and pulls in close. One hand reaching up to grab my hair, pulling it of its pins. He twists it slightly and turns my to him. “Take your panties off and hand them to now,” he demands. I reach down and begin pulling them down over my knees and down over my shoes, stepping of them. He pushes down towards them until I can reach them and then pulls my hair until I up him again. He holds his hand. I put them into his hand and watch as he slides them into his jeans pocket. “Good ,” he tells .

He removes his hand from my hair and grabs my hand as he begins to walk around to the front of my car. “Get up and pull your skirt up for , all the way,” and he indicates that I should sit on the hood of my car. I do as he asks.
As I sit there, he watches intently. Never taking his eyes from mine. “open your legs for ,” and I oblige. “wider, I want to see all of you,” he demands again. I spread them wider and feel the cool air touch in my private area. He continues watching intently. “ spread your lips for sweeting, I want to see how wet you are for ,” he says. I reach down and embarrassingly spread my lips wide. My clit and opening exposed. “Beautiful,” he whispers.

“I want you to rub your clit for , show how you please yourself,” he says hoarsely. I can hear the arousal in his voice. And I rub my forefinger over my now sensitive clit, feeling myself get wet with arousal. That feels so good, and the in his eyes told he approved of the show I was giving him.

He moved in closer and kissed lightly on the lips, licking his tongue over them before moving down to bite my nipples through my clothing. My body jerks in response, and I get closer to an orgasm. He pushes my hand away and licks my wetness. Running his tongue over my clit and down into my wetness. Sucking and nibbling lightly as he went. I am so close to cumming that I can feel the contractions begin deep inside. “Let it go,” he says and slides a finger inside and quickly brings to a gushing orgasm—my juices covering his hand and his .

He pulls away from and pulls towards him, legs still spread. He leans and kisses deeply, forcing his tongue inside my wet mouth so I can taste myself on his lips and tongue. I can smell my scent on him as he kisses me deeply over and over. I feel him move his hand between us and slide down to stroke me once again, sliding a finger deep inside me and stroking in and out. Never breaking our kiss. I like this several times, my juices dripping down my car hood to soak into the front of his jeans.

I feel him pull his hand away and begin to open his jeans. I reach down to help, but he pushes my hand away. Without breaking the kiss, he puts his hands on my ass cheeks and pulls me down onto his cock, sliding into me in one deep stroke. I shudder from the shock of it and gasp lightly. My nipples are growing harder, and my breath is coming in short gasps. “Open your shirt and let me see your breasts,” he demands. And I move to oblige. My nipples are now hard and erect. He leans in and takes the left one into his mouth, sucking lightly. My muscles convulse around him with the sensation. He reaches over and gives the other the same attention as I am nearing another orgasm. He looks up at me with those blue eyes and bites down hard on my nipple. I gasp, and I hard, my kitty gripping and squeezing his cock as my juices flow over him.

He pushes back flat on the hood and pulls down so he can slide in and of quickly. Pounding in and harshly. I can hear the sound of my juices making a sucking noise between us. He reaches up and pinches my nipples again, sending into another gushing orgasm. He repeats this repeatedly, so he is thoroughly soaked, and my nipples are sore and aching.
As I am beginning to think I cannot take more, he withdraws. Pulling up into a sitting position and then guiding down onto my knees on the pavement. I up him expectantly. I reach up to stroke him, and he pushes my hand away. “Watch ,” he says gruffly. I watch as he begins to stroke his hard cock in front of , his eyes closing in pleasure. Stroking up and down as he moans softly. I watch in fascination as this beautiful man pleasures himself in front of .

He opens his eyes and looks down, “open your mouth,” he says, and I open without hesitation. One more stroke and his shoots onto my tongue and drips down onto my breasts. My eyes never leave his as he completes his orgasm. “Swallow it,” he tells , and I do so, tasting his salty as it slides down my throat.

He reaches down and pulls up towards him, “Good ,” he whispers to . “Take the off your breasts and rub it on the head of my cock” he says. I do as he asks, wondering what is to come next. He pushes me forward to the hood again and bends me over, my breasts feeling the coolness of the metal against them. And my ass and kitty are exposed to him. He slides his thigh in between my legs and pushes them apart. I can feel the head of his cock as he moves into my wetness.

But it’s not my wetness he wants. I can feel him stroke his cock head over my asshole, his making it lubricated. He slowly pushes into my tight ass and stops, allowing to adjust to him. Then he moves bit by bit until he is completely engulfed by my tightness. He places his hands on my hips, pulling onto him deeper. He begins a slow stroking pattern that forces my nipples to rub back and forth over the cool metal teasing them with each stroke.
As his strokes intensify, he reaches around me, pulling me up and allowing him access to my wet clit. He begins rubbing me lightly as he continues his deep strokes into my ass. My nipples harden, and I can feel myself nearing my climax.

Oh, I moan softly as the pleasurable sensations course through my body, and I pulsate around him. My juices are seeping as I collapse from the overwhelming intensity of my orgasm. He pulls me back harshly, meeting the firm strokes of his cock, and he groans loudly and cums once again, deep inside me.

I’m completely spent and can barely move from my sprawled position on my hood. He withdraws and fastens his jeans as I ease my way off the car and into a standing position. He pulls me into his embrace and nuzzles my hair and ear. “I told you I could help you. I will you when and where I want you again,” he whispers. I nod in agreement as I begin pulling down my skirt and buttoning my blouse.

When I am done, he takes my hand, and we walk to my car door. I open it up and slide in, and he reaches in and gives me a deep, lingering kiss; I can taste our sex on his tongue. As he pulls away, he gives me that mischievous smile, “I’m always here to serve you,” and turns and walks away.

As I drive home feeling deliciously content, I wonder when and where….

To be continued!
The answer will always be NO
Posted:Feb 10, 2021 12:46 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 8:52 am
I've sat back patiently watching and waiting... I'd say I was disappointed but how can I be disappointed when I knew the outcome well before it started.

You pretend to be a friend and you tell me all the things you will do to me, the ways you will please me, and I agree... because that's what is expected in the game. The lies fall from your fingertips like dew on a spring morning. Sweet, Sweet Poisonous lies. But I know it's only a game. I play along in hopes that you are different, perhaps like me you'll hold yourself to a higher standard. But alas, you fall short. There's no disappointment, because you have proven your unworthiness, how shallow and simple you are. Would I want to share myself with someone like you? You who gives yourself to everyone with ease. Why would I want what has been discarded by many... how many? You who has given away every bit of your soul one encounter after another until there is none left. A souless creature desperately seeking it's next victim. But I am no victim. You want me because I am the goodness that has been lost to you. But no goodness can enter into that cold dark void that was once your heart. Find your pleasure, fleeting as it will be. Because when you look at your reflection you will know you are an empty vessel... once again discarded and unwanted.

It's been a good game friend... I will call you that because unlike you I give you value. Something you didn't know how to give to me. My value to you ended when I said NO!
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The Look
Posted:Feb 8, 2021 8:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2021 9:44 am
The Look

Hunger is defined as a strong desire or craving. That’s what I would call the look… pure unadulterated hunger.

He slowly makes his way down kissing my breasts and savoring each nipple thoroughly, he ends up nestled between my thighs. That’s exactly where he knows I want him be. He slowly licks in that most intimate of spots, slowly working into oblivion and release. My warm juices visible on his lips. As he savors the taste of , he peers up at with that look… HUNGER!

Those eyes connected with mine letting know that he has taken great pleasure in bringing a pleasurable peak and as he continues lick feel my body convulse. Yes, my lover drink from … hunger for … be mine!

The Irishman
Posted:Feb 3, 2021 2:44 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 8:55 am

It was another day in the sandbox (desert for you civilians) like so many before. I had long since given up counting the days until I would step on a plane and head home to my everyday life. A mortar attack was our only excitement to the never-ending heat and boredom. Today was like all the others until it wasn't. It was dinner time, and as I made my way through the line in the dining facility, I noticed a group of newcomers. They were a loud, raucous crowd of guys, and their accent was one that I didn't recognize, British from the sounds of it. So I find my seat in my usual spot with all of the other females and try to eat as quickly as possible to get a few hours of sleep before taking over in the TOC.

I distractedly listen to the others at the table discussing the new arrivals with giggles and lewd comments. Just my luck, we will be sharing our camp with a group of freaking Leprechauns, a regiment of Irishmen. I shake my head at these silly females who have been too bored for too long, and this is their chance at a little excitement. I politely remind them that sex is a no go… don't risk it!

Of course, guys being guys, when they see a group of women, they dare their bravest members to go over and talk to us, American women. As I see them approaching, I politely get up and leave. Let the girls have a bit of fun without reminding them that we aren't here to find adventure. As I drop off my tray and turn around, I walk straight into the chest of the biggest man I've ever seen, or at least what I could see of him. "Where are ye headed to in such a hurry?" the giant asked in an almost unintelligible brogue. As I look up and up, I see the most amazingly handsome man I've ever laid eyes on. Green eyes? Damn. I'm not sure how long we stood like that, staring at each other, but it took a minute, maybe an eternity, for me to gather my thoughts enough to say, "excuse me." The giant chuckled and moved aside so I could pass. Just my luck that I'd run into the jolly green giant.

The days passed, and my encounter with the Irish Giant was forgotten. I knew that some of the women were visiting the British soldiers, but given that none of us had a certainty of going home, let them have some fun. This would be a distant memory for all of us soon enough.

It's time for me to take over the TOC, and I begrudgingly pull myself up and walk out the door and right into another chest. This has to stop; walking into walls is definitely not my style. A set of brawny arms reach around me and pull me into a hug. "I knew you were fallin' for me Cap'n," came the brogue. Not again, why do I have the godawful luck to run into this man not once but twice now. Then it dawns on me, this man isn't supposed to be in our encampment and definitely not in the female quarters. "What are you doing here? If you are looking for someone, it's probably not good for you to show up here and risk getting them in trouble" He just chuckled and said, "I came lookin' for ye, can a man walk with ye for a bit?" I not so kindly respond, "you can walk anywhere you please, but I don't need an escort, thank you anyway."

I push myself out of his arms and scoot around him because I have places to be and things to do. My commander likes to start briefings on time, and I definitely don't want to be late. As I walk off, I hear his footsteps behind me. Just what I need the largest target in the camp walking next to me. "Are ye married lass?" he asks. "No!" I respond, and we walk a ways more. "A boyfriend perhaps?" he continued. "No!" I continue walking. "Are ye a lezbo then?" he continued. I laugh at this and respond, "No, I am not a lesbian." He just grunted in acknowledgment, and we continued walking in silence. As we reached the TOC, I turned and said, "Thank you for the company, let's not repeat this anytime soon." He seemed startled at my rudeness but took it in stride and replied, "You're welcome toots," and walked away.

I don't know why I attract the crazies, and I don't relish being rude to anyone, but I'm not willing to risk my career for a misadventure with anyone. I just want to complete this mission and go home. There is no time for a handsome Irishman who is way out of my league and is probably looking to put an American Army Officer's notch on his post. Not this girl!

It's been a long night, lots of hotspots and activity with our convoys, and I am ready to get some sleep. As I drag myself out of the TOC and dazedly walk the path that I've walked for the last 8 months by memory, I hear footsteps. Familiar footsteps. Not the damn giant again. He didn't say a word, thank goodness, because I didn't have the energy to respond. We just walked, and as I reach my quarters, he put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around towards him. I just give him a look, the one that I perfected on my and now works effectively with my soldiers. He didn't even seem to notice; maybe Irishmen are immune to the look. "What's it going to take for ye to give me a few minutes of yer time toots?" he demanded. "Why me?" I ask him. "Why not ye?" he responded. "I tell you, what if I give you five minutes of my time? Will you leave me alone forever?" I asked. "Ten and I will consider it," he quipped. "OK, ten minutes, and that's it, I'll see you at dinner tonight, and we'll be done with this." I didn't wait for his response. I just walked into my tent and headed for my bed, too tired to undress.

Call me a coward, but I wasn't about to tempt fate and meet the giant. He was just too tempting. So I asked one of my soldiers to grab a couple of to-go dinners, and I headed to my Commander's quarters. I knew he was probably skipping another meal, and he'd appreciate the company. I'd known the colonel for years; he had served in the Marines with my husband, and by some fluke of nature, I ended up serving with him in our reserve unit. He was very overprotective of me because he had been present when my husband was killed and wanted to ensure that I made it safely home to my sons. As he said, "your don't need to be orphans twice." He was my battle buddy and confidant. We'd shared secret fears and worried about families back home with each other, a bond that only soldiers can understand.

I knocked on the colonel's door, and when he opened it, he smiled and said, "just the person I needed to see." I put the meals on his table and took a seat while he shuffled some papers on his desk and made his way over to join me. We ate in silence, and when we were done, we started sharing news from home and discussing problems we were encountering within the command. As I sat there, I leaned forward and popped my neck side to side, trying to work out some of the stress in my shoulders. "You're stressed?" the colonel asked me. "Just tired and sitting for hours staring at those godawful computer screens is enough to make jello stiff," I replied with a laugh. He got up and came around and started kneading my shoulders to help relieve the stiffness. I knew that this was not a sexual overture; the colonel was a man dedicated to his wife and . He was the one man I could trust entirely. So I let him work his magic on my aching shoulders. "Better," he finally asked as he felt the knots slip away. "Much, thank you. You are a lifesaver; you pick the flavor." I jokingly replied. I got up and threw the leftovers in the garbage, and walked to the door. After a quick hug and a "be safe," I left and made my way out to head back to my tent.
"She stood me up," mumbled the Irishman to himself. I should've known that she wasn't going to meet me. I've never had problems with women before, so why is this woman so difficult. Several of the other Americans had let me know they were interested, but this one wasn't. I had asked several of the women who I had seen sitting with her about her. They shared that she was a widow with several sons and that she was not very sociable. All business they had called her. I'd asked some of the male soldiers about her too, they shared that they suspected that she was having a fling with her commander as she spent a lot of time with him. I'd seen the guy around, and he was a handsome enough chap. I could envision the two of them together, two beautifully dark people. Damn, that's not what I want to imagine. I want to see her in my bed with those beautiful golden eyes staring up at me. She's going to give me those 10 minutes one way or the other.

I walk towards her quarters and see her bunkmates coming out, "Is the Cap'n in there?" I ask them. They giggled and respond, "No, she's been gone for a while now; you might check the TOC." I head over feeling like a fool for chasing after a woman who obviously has the hots for another man. I peek in and don't see her anywhere. Maybe they are right; she's doing the dirty with her commander. I'll know for myself, and it will be done.

I head over to the men's sleeping quarters and see the pathway to the commanders sleeping areas. Just as I walk up the path, I see her knocking and going inside one of the buildings. Double damn, I should have known she was seeing someone; why else would she not talk to me. I lean up against the building and pull out a smoke.

As I push away from the building, I can see the two of them in the room through the window. He's massaging her back and neck, and she's obviously enjoying it. Damn. They were right. I pull out another smoke and resign myself to knowing that this one will not be mine.

Just as I am finishing up the third cigarette and throw the butt down, she walks out the door. I realize that I am angry, angry that she didn't dare to tell me she was seeing someone, and angry at myself that I cared. I push back into the shadows hoping she won't see me as she passes.

After a good dinner and good company, I feel much better and am ready to get a good night's sleep. They are few and far between. As I walk down the steps and head down the path, a hand reaches out of the shadows and grabs my arm. "What the hell?" I say surprised. My heart is pounding, and every bit of the training that we had learned about being out alone came to mind. Shit, this can't be happening now. "Are ye fucking him?" growled the unknown assailant. I immediately recognized the brogue and sighed in relief. Then I realized what he had said. Who is he to ask me such a question, to even insinuate such a thing. "No, and it's no damn business of yours if I were," I retort angrily and pull away and start walking. I hear him coming behind me, and he grabs my arm again and yanks me around. "Ye looked pretty cozy in there; I'll ask again, are ye fucking him" he demanded angrily. I'm getting outraged now. "NO, I am not, and I won't be fucking you either, so please stop already."

"The hell ye are," he growls down at me as he roughly pulls me towards him. I don't even have time to react before I feel his hand grab my hair and tilt my head back. He's going to kiss me, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. And then he did. His lips bruise mine with the intensity; this isn't a nice loving kiss. I do my best not to give in, but his mouth insists that I let him ravish it. What the hell? It's been ages since I was kissed, and I could have a much lesser man doing it. I'm going to give him something to think about. I can give as good as I can take. So I kiss him back, pulling him in closer and throwing myself into giving this giant of a man a kiss to remember.

I feel him harden against my stomach. It's time for this to stop before it goes too far. I try to pull away, but he's holding me with arms of steel. "Not yet," he murmurs as he continues to kiss me. This is really nice, and this man can definitely kiss. I wonder if all Irishmen kiss like this? He kisses my chin and moves his lips to my earlobe as he pulls me up for better access. I'm on my tippy toes, and he's still struggling to reach my neck. How tall is this guy? A giant, a freaking Leprechaun giant, I think to myself.

He pulls away from me and grabs my hand. "Ye'r coming with me," he growls at me and begins to walk, pulling me along with him. "No, I'm not going with you; what are you thinking?" as I try to pull away. "I'm thinkin' that I'm going to be fuckin' ye the way a woman needs to be fucked properly," he stated and grabbed my hand again. My face is hot and blushed because men, especially overly handsome men, did not speak to me like this. I quickly pull away as two soldiers walk by. "Evening, Ma'am," as they salute me and walk on by. Damn, I can't be caught out in the middle of camp kissing strange men. As soon as they are out of sight, the Irishman grabs my hand and pulls me along behind him again.

"Wait, I can't have sex with you; I don't even know your name" I try to reason with him. "Ivor, ye can call me that for now, that but by the time I'm done with ye, ye'll be calling me much more than that toots," he stated confidently. "But you don't even know my name" I tried to reason with him again as he continued to pull me along beside him, holding tight to my hand. "Aye, I know ye'r name well, I'll be remembering it for the rest of me days. Stop talking, woman!" he growled to me. We passed several more soldiers, and all I could do was pretend that I was on a leisurely stroll with a giant. I don't need people talking more than necessary. Talk always has a way of making it back to the powers that be.

How do people keep up walking beside a giant? They run, I think comically. "Could you slow down, please?" I ask, and he slowed his pace. Thank goodness. "Are ye coming without a fight then?" he asked. "Yes!" I say flatly. "It's not the end of the world, girlie," he responded with a chuckle.

As we reach his quarters, he slams open the door, and his roommate sits up abruptly. "Get out," he growls at him. His roomie grabs his boots and exits quickly with a smile and a nod. He turns and locks the door, never releasing my hand. Well, it's now, or never, I have to convince this giant of a man that this isn't going to happen. "Can we just talk about this, please?" I ask him. "NO, the time for talking is gone, ye skipped out, remember," he stated firmly. He then pulls me in for another kiss. God, this man can kiss; he's all kinds of sin wrapped up in a giant perfect package. How long has it been since I was kissed? I can't even remember. Too long for sure. Years. Where did the time go?

Why not enjoy this? It will be the one bright spot in this dreary assignment. So I lean in and kiss him back. “Damn,” he whispers as he grabs my ass and pulls me in to feel his hard cock. He pulls my hair out of its bun and tangles his fingers in it as he pulls me in closer. His tongue is exploring my mouth roughly, and I can feel my lips swelling from the urgency. There will be no way to hide this tomorrow. He backs us towards his bed without releasing me from his embrace.

He releases me briefly as he sits on the edge of the bed and pulls me between his legs. The way he is looking at me makes me look away. Hunger. I’ve never had a man look at me like this. I feel my face flushing hotly. “Are ye blushing sweets?” he quipped. And I shook my head yes and looked away. “Don’t look away, I want those beautiful eyes watching me, do ye understand?” he demanded. I nodded yes as he began to unbutton my uniform. He pulled me down for another kiss as he pushed it off my shoulders and down my arms. “Take it off,” he demanded, and I pulled off my undershirt and unfastened my bra. My nipples immediately hardening in the cool air.

He pulled me in again and took a nipple into his hot wet mouth. Oh, that’s so delicious. I feel goosebumps rise all over my arms in response, and I feel the familiar wetness down below. “Ye like that, don’t ye? he mumbled as he continued to suckle and nibble my hard nipple. His hand kneading the other breast firmly. Pulling my nipple gently and then pinching it. My body responding with a shudder. “Open your eyes and look at me, sweets,” he demanded. I look down and see him staring intently at me as he continues to suckle my nipple while pinching the other lightly. Oh my, this is the most erotic thing I’ve experienced. Just then, he bites down on my now tender nipple, and my body responded immediately. My hips pushing towards him in need.
He continued to lavish attention on my needy breasts as he unbuttons my pants. Never breaking eye contact. I feel his hand pushing my pants down over my ass, giving him better access to my now aching kitty. As he bites down on my nipple again, he reaches around and slides a finger to my wetness. “So wet,” he mumbles. And my body responds with more shudders. I’m so close to an orgasm, but I go stiff as I remember that this man doesn’t know that I have gushing orgasms. What if he doesn’t like that? What if he thinks it’s disgusting. I have to stop this before we go further. “I can’t,” I implore him as I pull away.

“Ye can and ye will,” he states as he stands and starts removing his uniform. “No,” I shake my head. “Take it off now” he nods in the direction of my pants and boots. “No,” I shake my head again. Before I could anticipate his move, he pulled me towards him and turned me around brusquely. The hard slap across my ass stung smartly, ouch that hurt. “Do ye need another one, woman?” he demanded. “No,” I mumbled. “Take it off now,” and I acquiesced. I kept my back to him as I took off my boots and pants, none too gracefully. I’d never been spanked ever.

As I stood there, ashamed of what I knew I had to tell him, he waited. And then I felt his hands on my back as he came up behind me. His warmness surrounding me, and the scent of his body filling my senses. He nuzzled my hair as he smoothed it over my shoulders and breasts. He gently turned me around and looked at me intently. “What beautiful hair ye have, ye look like a dark angel with it surrounding ye.” And he kissed me hard, twisting my hair into his hands as he pulled me roughly against him. His erection was hard against my stomach.

He pulled me back with him as he sat back down on the edge of the bed. Spreading my legs to straddle his. His mouth greedily suckling my breasts once again. Nibbling from time to time to send a shiver over my skin. If I looked away, he would bite me harder to remind me to watch him as he gave my breasts his full attention. He gently pulled me onto his hard cock, feeling my wetness against his head. As he pulled me closer, seeking entry, I froze. “Let me in, sweetness,” he growled, and he pushed again, trying to gain access. It hurt, and all of my previous arousal dissipated. He moved his hand between us and ran his fingers through my lips, seeking my opening. Rubbing gently on my clit as he began to tease my breasts once again. His nibbles sending shivers through my body as his finger worked their magic on my clit. My wetness returning once again.

He gently stroked his fingers against me and moved towards my entry, gently sliding his finger inside. My body immediately clenching against him with my arousal. He stopped as his finger gained access, “how long?” he asked. I shook my head, not able to speak. “How long?” he asked again. “What?” I asked weakly. “How long has it been since ye were last fucked” he demanded. I blushed and whispered, “years.” “Good,” he growled and removed his finger and pulled me towards the bed.

He pushed me back onto the pillows and moved over me. I’m not sure how this giant of a man and I will fit into this bed. He moved over me and began to kiss me gently this time. Slowly savoring. Moving his way down to my neck, nibbling and licking as he goes. My skin responding with goosebumps where his tongue has traced. My nipples hard and aching for his mouth on them again. I can feel his hard erection against my leg as he works his way down my body. Rubbing up against me so that I can feel the wetness on my skin. His hot wet mouth suckling on my breasts once again, tugging gently on my nipples. My body shuddering with each tug. My kitty responding with wetness. He continued to work his way down my stomach with soft kisses and nibbles.

As he hovered over my pubs, he stopped, “Open your eyes and watch me, sweetness.” I nodded and whispered, “You can’t do that.” He shook his head yes and lowered his mouth to my lips, looking up at me as he inhaled my scent. “Sweet,” he mumbled before running his tongue up and down my now wet slit. Oh, this is so delicious. I close my eyes and savor the feel of his soft tongue slowly licking me up and down. I feel him reach up and open my lips so he can tease my button. As his tongue strokes it. I jerk at the sensation. “Like that do ye?” he asked. All I can do is shake my head yes. I like it a lot!

As he continues to gently lick my button, eliciting a shudder each time, he gently pushes a finger inside my now wet entry. I immediately feel my orgasm coming fast. I sit up and push him away from me as he continues to slide his finger inside me again. I can feel my body tighten as I climax, and my kitty gushes my fluids all over his hand. “Goddamn,” he states surprisedly. “Can ye do that again?” he asks. I shake my head, yes, feeling embarrassed. I can feel my flush crawling up my neck and face. He looked at me quizzically, “did ye think I’d not like this?”. I shook my head yes again. At this, he lowered his mouth back to my drenched kitty and began to lick me again. Sliding his finger in and out gently bringing me to another gushing orgasm. He brings me to orgasm over and over, and I can feel the bed soaking underneath me with the wetness.

He moves back up my body, stopping to give my cold hard nipples attention once again. Biting gently and then harder, causing my body to orgasm again. My wetness gushing against him. As he kisses me deeply, I could taste my juices on his tongue and smell my scent on his lips. I need him inside me. The ache is overwhelming.

He pushes his erection into my lips, rubbing up and down between them, seeking entry into my wetness. As he slides his cock inside me, I feel the sting of pain as he forces me to stretch around him. My body reacts, and he stops, waiting for me to relax around him. “Open for me, sweetness,” he whispers to me as he pushes harder and deeper into me. He stops once again to allow me to accommodate him and reaches down to kiss me again. Kissing me profoundly and pulling my lower lip between his teeth, and biting gently.
He slides a hand under my back, pushing me up to his mouth so he can give my now aching nipples more attention. My body responding with little jerks as he licks them with his warm wet tongue. As he bites down on one, my body responds immediately with another gushing orgasm. My kitty squeezing and convulsing around his cock. I can see his eyes widen at the sensation, and he groans as he pushes deeper and reaches his own climax.

He pulls away and rolls to the side of the bed spent, pulling me onto his chest to rest. I lay there and softly rub the soft hair of his chest and down his stomach. Feeling our combined wetness on his stomach. We lay like this for some time, enjoying the aftermath of our orgasms. As I am almost dozing off, he rolls over and pushes me down on my stomach into the mattress. His hand lightly stroking my back and ass. Oh, that feels so good. And then he lands the first slap on my bare ass cheeks. That stings. I push up so that I can roll over, and he pushes me back down and puts his other elbow onto the back of my neck, holding me in place. The second slap lands on my ass, and I buck against the pain. “The first slap was for being rude, do ye understand?” I shook my head yes as best as I could. “The second was for not honoring ye’r word to meet me.” I nodded again. “And this one,” he slaps my ass again harder, “is so that ye remember who this” and he slides his hand between my legs and cups my kitty hard, “belongs to.” I nod yes once again. “Do ye need more?” he asks. I shook my head no. My bare ass stinging from the slaps would be painful for a few days. I am sure I will feel them every time I sit down. I just lay there stunned at being punished in such a way—the pain a new experience to me.

He gently rolled me over so that he could kiss me again while he held me close to his chest. “Kiss me,” he demanded, and I moved up so that I could kiss him deeply. As I moved my lips over his and probed my tongue into his mouth, he slid his hand behind my head and pulled me closer and deeper into the kiss, his hand holding tightly against the nape of my neck as he moved his other up to pinch my nose. I struggle against him as I am trapped against his mouth, unable to breathe. “Breathe,” he mumbles into my mouth. And I inhale his breath into my lungs, over and over. The urge to fight subsiding. As I calmed, he released me and kissed me deeply once again. “It’s said that when a woman takes in the breath of her man, she becomes one with him. When hers subsides, his will sustain her. Ye'r mine,” he explained.

I didn’t know if this was true, but I did feel that a connection had been forged in those shared breaths. Something that was profoundly carnal.

He pushed me towards the side of the bed and urged me to stand as he once again sat on the edge. He reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me in for another deep kiss; my legs weak from my last orgasms, I was shaking. He pulled my hair and guided me down to my knees so that I knelt between his legs. Never breaking the kiss. He then pushed my head lower to his cock. I knew that he wanted me to give him the same attention that he had given me earlier. So I licked his shaft and head, tasting the salty taste of our juices on him. As he groaned in appreciation, I wrapped my lips around him and took him into my mouth, feeling his erection grow within me. I began to work my mouth up and down on his thick shaft as I worked my hand around him to match the strokes. He groans, letting me know that I am pleasing him well. I can feel the pulse of his cock each time I slide my mouth down his length. I can feel my own arousal flooding my kitty and making my sore hard nipples ache. I can feel his body become taut as he is fighting hard to contain himself.

He then stops and pulls me up and over him, seeking my entry once again. Pushing into me slowly to allow me to adapt to him. Slowly working his way deeper inside of me. “Take it all, sweets,” he murmured against my skin. “I can’t,” I responded. I slid up and down his shaft, slowly savoring the feel of his cock stretching me around him. Taking as much of him as I can until the pain warned me to stop. And we stayed like that for some time. Slowly moving in a way that is as ancient as time itself. I held my orgasms back, waiting so that we could orgasm together once again.

When I least expected it, he pushed me to the side and onto my knees on the bed. Moving my head down and pulling my ass up to him. He spread my legs wider, and I could feel the cold air hit my kitty; I shivered from the cold. Not knowing what to expect, his warm lips and tongue felt like heaven chasing away the chill as he licked my swollen and sore entry. Another new experience. He licked and nibbled my clit until I could not hold back anymore. I came hard, gushing all over his tongue and lips. He slid a finger inside of me as I came and worked it slowly, extending my orgasm. I was shaking from the intensity of it. He gently slid another finger inside of me, and I could feel the stretching sensation once again. “Relax, sweeting,” he whispered to me, reminding me to relax and enjoy. After another gushing orgasm, he rubs his fingers up and down through my lips and up to my exposed anus. Rubbing the tip of his finger across it while he slid his other finger back inside my wet kitty. “Relax,” he whispers once again. I orgasm again, dripping juices onto the wet sheets.

He removes his finger from my convulsing kitty and moves it to my anus, using the wetness from my orgasm to ease his way inside. He stops to allow me to adjust to him and reaches up and begins rubbing my button to bring me to arousal again. My breathing catching with the sensation. He starts working his finger inside me once again in the same fashion he had used on my kitty while he gently rubs my button simultaneously. “I can feel ye getting close, sweets, but ye cannot cum yet. You’ll wait until I tell ye to,” he tells me as he continues sliding his finger in and out of my ass. He gently adds a second finger inside of me and begins working it in and out once again. All the while gently rubbing my button. When I am shaking from the intensity of my building orgasm, he slides a finger inside my kitty and says, “ you can cum now.” My orgasm so intense that I squirted my juices onto his chest and I collapsed spent and convulsing onto the bed.

"We're not done yet," he says as he pulls me back up onto my knees. He slides his hard cock up and down my wetness and slowly begins pushing inside of me. The stretching sensation stinging me as he gains entry. I'm trying hard to relax to ease the tenderness. He reaches and places his hands on my waist and unexpectedly pulls hard and pushes deep inside of me. I can feel him pressing against my cervix, and the pain is intense. "No," I cry. "You're too deep!" He doesn't release me as he moves from side to side, rubbing his cock against my cervix. The pain subsiding and being replaced by arousal. I can't orgasm due to the fullness, and each time I get close, my contractions' pain pushes my orgasm back—what an overwhelming feeling of bordering between pain and pleasure. With one hard stroke, he slams hard into me before pulling out and sliding a finger back inside of me. Sliding it in and out fastly to bring me to another squirting orgasm.

As my convulsions subside, he rubs the head of his cock through my wetness and moves it to my anus. "It will only hurt for a few seconds, ye can do this," he tells me as he pushes into me.; the burning sensation taking my breath away. I do my best to relax, and he slowly moves deeper inside of me until I feel myself loosen and accommodate him. "There ye go, ye'r such a good girl, take it all!" he says breathlessly. As I relax, I can feel him filling me more profoundly than he had in my kitty. He slides in and out slowly and begins to stroke faster. "Reach back and rub your clit, sweetness," he orders me. As I reach back and I start rubbing my button, he strokes faster and harder into me. I rub in synchrony to his strokes, and I can feel my orgasm building. He pulls me back roughly to meet his pounding strokes, and then I experience the convulsions of my orgasm as my juices gush from me. One more stroke, and he's cumming with me, his cock pulsing inside my ass as my convulsions throb around him. We both collapse spent on to the wet soaked bed. Breathing hard and unable to move.

After a few minutes, he slowly rolls out of the bed and makes his way to the toilet, where he washes up and brings a wet washcloth to place onto my now aching kitty—the coolness easing the pain. "Raise up," he tells me as he adds a dry blanket on the bed and then crawls in next to me. Pulling me once again into the crook of his arm to cuddle warmly. Stroking my tangled hair over his chest. My eyes closing to the feeling of being securely wrapped in this man's arms. As I dozed off, I felt him kiss and nuzzle my head as he whispered, "that's the way an Irishman fucks his woman, ye'r mine now, remember that."
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