Who Owns Bookshelf Stereo before Bluetooth Speaker???  

Dr4gon9246 60M
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6/8/2022 9:42 pm
Who Owns Bookshelf Stereo before Bluetooth Speaker???

Always wanted to own Yamaha Stereo Components System. After moving here November 1997 travelled to Audio Craft Home Stereo bought a 40 Watts Yamaha Receiver. Then drove to Sears and bought a 5 disc CD Player..Around 17 March my 25 y.o. Bookshelf Speakers broke down. About a month later bought my first Bluetooth speaker. The Blue Altec Lansing Hydra Jolt model.Week after Easter holiday began cresting Digital mixtapes. With<b> music </font></b>videos found on you tube. Now have seven different personal channel playlists . Want to Know what genres of Progressive Rock Modern Jazz Drum and Bass and Modern Classical I have bought and Enjoy.. What Tunes Up my Brainstorming Creative Writing 50 decibels Loud in
the morning thru afternoon before my workday begins

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