What Rhymes with ORANGE??? Oops with PASSION???  

Dr4gon9246 60M  
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4/26/2022 9:21 pm
What Rhymes with ORANGE??? Oops with PASSION???

Growing up in 1970s stereotypical working class neighborhood every Family had both parents and two or more. Married couples celebrated all those milestone wedding anniversaries. True Romance/ Romantic Couples and their Lives was recognized learned through my and early adult life at home.. Very few Divorced women and Single Mothers. . And that 1950s Movies joke about Your Dad/Mom having Sex Talk with You. That never happened to me.. .Every Sunday. my Family and most Neighbors Families attended a weekly Church Service. On weekends after my 18th birthday given choice to meet them Sunday at Church. Or not. Well Sunday Church. was very important. Then my work schedule included this day Be Here at 11am..Nowadays I know and recognize what social and sexual views/attitudes are most important .... Everyone that celebrates a milestone birthday reflects what improvements they have made in past decade. Or that's what I believe. . End of Page One What Rhymes with Orange..

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