The Comfort Zone and the Erogenous Zones  

Dr4gon9246 60M
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5/2/2022 9:43 pm
The Comfort Zone and the Erogenous Zones

Sitting on comfortable sofa cushions watching local news and channel surfing thru hundreds of boring stations..Well I consider myself very smart very that I don't Own/ Watch TV. Just bought a compact Bluetooth speaker Earlier today created a 80s style mixtape. On my Android<b> phone. </font></b>I read handheld books.Collectablue hardcover and trade paperbacks. What I know is Im not complacent..Nobody in their right mind or off the wall left handed views can ReLive year 2020...Stepping outside cozy Mime walled boxes and step outside smell some fresh air. Drive across country to next state...Virtual Reality Goggles LlMmAaO...Third Time's a Charm as old phrase goes... Well how many people have been here ( X years x 3)??? Year 2000 Clinical Depression entered my Life. Past fifteen years have no social/sex life..Enter WWW world of Internet Dating... Within past weeks I have cooked more meals per week than ever before. Never duplicate always create original meals for days..Walking within blocks to local Library Brewpubs and local stores.

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