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4/18/2022 1:02 am
Online Groups All Free to Join

Well here I am again after nine months or more. And my new year becoming sixty have new on internet dating. Well discouraged and disappointed.Again because all the groups I wanted to join all Outdated. Please tell me and all new members who joined this year. Several years ago I posted a blog about Me volunteer overhauling ( * UPDATING*) the<b> music </font></b>groups. Three years ago all the Musical Concerts were all Cancelled March 2020 to year's end. * When I moved to Lakewood-- NE Ohio suburb November 1997 began listening to all college radio. Every night anyone could call the show DJ and Request their favorite song.* Want to Join a ?Music Group? Here Online. Like visit to Southwest Ghost town..Heres my suggestion. Offer Us members who believe/represent themselves true audiophiles of all genres of<b> music </font></b>to Delete All Current Music Groups. Create new groups with notes that Only Music is Discussed here. ** Comments Only Please about your Music Favorites- genre, musicians/groups and singers/songwriters

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