How do you worship your woman?  

Desires_Unleashe 39M
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9/1/2021 7:05 am
How do you worship your woman?

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13129 posts
9/1/2021 8:58 am

sounds like you're doing all right

seems6666 51F
4838 posts
9/1/2021 10:40 am

I'd divorce her and marry me

author51 59F  
130010 posts
9/2/2021 12:00 am

Lucky lady you have there and seems like you show your love to her, like she does you.....xoxo

Desires_Unleashe 39M
6 posts
9/2/2021 10:36 pm

I'd never call her a princess. She's tough and resilient. At the start of our relationship, she was actually rescuing me.

When I wanted to get her input into what I could do, she reacted defensively; upset that I would expect her to be able to just tell me, instead of me figuring it out myself. She takes great insult in the notion that she could just tell me how to make her happy. That it is somehow her mommying me by teaching me things I should have already learned in life. I suspect it might be more defensive coming from her not knowing herself. But ultimately its on me to figure it out! "Go look it up!" was the closest thing to an answer.

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