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Advice for Getting Over The Edge?
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 9:20 pm
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2021 6:28 am

My lover has a very difficult time getting over the edge during sex and fooling around. She will get on the verge of climax, and be stuck there. Often ending in frustration. Rarely, she does orgasm, and it is epic. She does get over the edge during oral, but even then it typically takes her a long time.

The interesting thing is that she can totally get there in half a minute or a few minutes if she is on her own. For example, if she is using toys and is alone, she will orgasm very quickly. But if it is the same toy but I am in the room, then she might not get there at all. Being in the presence of someone else seems to put her off somehow. Not that she is not aroused; she is excited and lubricated and eager and having a good time, but something is preventing her from getting over the edge.

I would love some advice that I could convey to her that would help her get over the edge and enjoy sex and fooling around together.

I start with oral sex to make sure she gets off some how to start with. She enjoys the penetration, and seems to be brought to the edge that way. Alternatively with me stimulating her g-spot with my fingers. But the only time she has ever orgasmed from sex are the rare times she is doing it cowgirl, and that is after a great deal of effort and time. I am convinced this is a mental block. I want to help her get past that block.

I am doubtful at this time that there is some sort of magic physical bullet for this problem at this time.
LTR from
Posted:Aug 8, 2021 12:16 am
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 4:5 am

Typically when I see any posts by women on this site that make any reference to serious/long term relationships it is a instant Red Flag that it is a fake profile. You've seen them, I'm sure; where they talk about faith and other aspects that are totally irrelevant to a site dedicated to finding hook-ups. But, what if there are women on here that have decided to forgo the pretenses of mainstream dating sites by looking for something serious here, of all places?

While I have never considered that it was a realistic possibility to find my future significant other on a sex site, it is dawning on me now that perhaps this is the best possible place to find my next LTR! I do know how silly I must sound!

Considering that it is 2021, and in many regards our sexual culture has progressed noticeably. One of popular podcasts out there is called 'Guys We've Fucked' and there are swinger reality TV shows on Playboy. Overall, female sexuality is more open and acceptable than it has been before.

I'm not saying that all those obviously fake profiles should be treated as real now. But I have found one that seems to be real. The profile has been on this site for many years. Her replies are not canned. She hasn't been trying to get me to send her money, or my email, or for me to sign up to some other website. So at least one profile seems to be sincere!

Back in college I did take a course on Sexuality from Anthropology (I also took Sexuality courses from other fields as well). In that course the professor had mentioned how some people ended up meeting the subsequent spouses at sex parties. The hosts of 'Guys We've Fucked' have made references to statements from another Podcaster/author about how some people find their new significant others from similar scenarios.

Why not? Why not find your significant other here? Why should be limited to just finding one night stands or friends with benefits? Why can't this be an excellent starting point for your next LTR? Imagine the next time you start dating someone, you already know what they look like naked and you also know what they like to do when their naked?! You don't have to worry about sharing your desires and fantasies, because it was always public knowledge on this site! Imagine not having to worry about decoding how your new partner likes it, because it is not a needless mystery! Removing the artificial barriers of pretense and facades of normalcy!

Considering how crucial sex can be in a LTR, these kinds of things should be addressed prior to even step one! How many people have had relationships ruined due to lack of communication of desires with partners or being with a partner that refused to explore your sexual desires? I can't be the only one starting to believe that finding a LTR on is starting to seem like a totally sensible and correct thig to do?

Well, that is, if it wasn't swamped with spam, scams, prostitutes, catfish, and flakes!

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