Viewing for the End of the World  

CynicusMaximus 50M
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3/27/2020 4:22 am
Viewing for the End of the World

Last night, i was bored and decided to try something new on Netflix. So, for some reason I settled on this new documentary series called, Tiger King. In a nutshell, this is a true story that was documented about a ring of illegal Big Cat dealers across the country and their feud with a conservationist that is just as crazy as everyone else involved in this story.

I have only made it two episodes in, but a worker at one of these facilities got her arm ripped off by a tiger during the filming, another facility is revealed to be a cult where the owner lures young women to him with promises of tigers and fake boobs.

It's actually a sad story about how these people are abusing the animals in their care and have no responsibility for the people who work for them... and oh yeah.. the cat conservationist lady may have killed her husband to fund her big cat reserve.

But Tiger King himself.. Joe Exotic is like the guy that messages you on this site at 3 am telling you that he will be in your town over the weekend. Tiger King is the guy that walks up to at a gas station with an empty gas can and a story about how he's late for a job interview. Tiger King is the guy that will show up to the swinger party alone and stand over your shoulder as a woman has sex with you. Tiger King is the homeless drifter that you see on the side of the road with the sign, Will Work for Beer and Pussy.

I feel like the city slicker that get captured and tied up to a tree as Tiger King and his crew subject me to their daily lives.

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