Chloe4Fun 28F
199 posts
7/22/2021 4:28 am

So, I had a long time fantasy come true. As good as it was, there was something missing. Got me thinking. Do fantasies ever really play out as you imagine or are they a let down?
Awesome, Totally fulfilled, as planned
Great, but not perfect
Total let down, maybe best to leave in my mind in future

profcoquin27bis 56M
4060 posts
7/22/2021 6:15 am

what have you realised ?

heartshapedcock2 37M
1807 posts
7/22/2021 7:59 am

2 girls at once was somewhat of a let down. Mostly because they insisted I wear a condom and I had to put a new condom when I switched pussies.

Lkn4funwith2 56M
1176 posts
7/22/2021 8:42 am

SOME fantasies have actually resulted better than expected. The rest were great, but not perfect. It is important to be realistic with your fantasies/expectations.

ProfessorNaught 108M
1363 posts
7/23/2021 12:07 pm

Have you identified what was missing?
That would be an important revelation but not as important as communicating on your next fantasy. With yourself as well as with your partner(s) - presuming you're not looking to get picked up, fucked up and then left for dead by a stranger(s). Your partner(s) should be your pawns for the duration of the fantasy - no matter what comes later. As pawns they will perform to 'your expectations', on your command and upon your reactions (signals that the next step is coming).

Yes they can come true and repeated . . .
Be honest, articulate and fluid but most of all, 'go for it' without reservations.

jc_powerman 60M
114 posts
7/25/2021 8:42 am

Not all fantasies do happen the way we want to.some go bust , some go exactly the way we want it to go. Many are in-between.. do'nt worry about the bust ones. Enjoy the others that work out.

RideMeSlowly470 51M
6 posts
7/25/2021 12:21 pm

Good question but so much remains to be seen when exploring a fantasy.

For example, every guy fantasizes about two women at the same time. However if this fantasy comes true with the wrong women, then the fantasy will seem as though it should have remained a fantasy.

May I ask what fantasy you recently explored?

wvuandjmu1963 58M
5 posts
7/26/2021 4:01 pm

my fantasies are best kept to myself most females wont go that far

69ereatwetpussy 59M
5386 posts
7/26/2021 4:30 pm

It's up to you and your loved to get it right
Let them know what you want

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