Getting to grips with hold-ups  

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5/10/2022 2:05 am
Getting to grips with hold-ups

I have always loved hold-ups; they have the same effect as sussies on the horny dom guys I go for, but make it much easier to slip off a pair of sexy panties! That’s why they feature in so many of the erotic stories I’ve written as CarrieQ.
But I’m not so keen on the silicon bands..
Now I’m no spring chicken, and when I started my sexual adventures hold-ups were held up by good old-fashioned elastic. Sure, it cut into the thighs a bit, but the stockings stayed up, at least until things got to the point it didn’t matter!
But with silicon, it’s a different story. They grip alright to begin with, but soon start to slip, and if I’m not careful then before I know it they’re heading for my knees! I think it’s because, being trans, I’m 176cm tall with 53cm thighs, which equates to size XL/XXL in height but only S/M round the thigh.
Of course, some brands still use elastic, but most new lines seem to use silicon, which is on the rise everywhere, it seems, except my legs!
Guess I’ll just have to revert to sussies - and fumble with garter clips when taking my panties off!

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