A different Underwear Question  

Blueyedguy823 55M
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2/7/2022 5:51 am
A different Underwear Question

I was putting laundry away after a couple of weeks of NOT putting laundry away. And found myself arranging my underwear in a pile from top to bottom.

Here are the categories:
+ Everyday
+ Older Everyday
+ Have-not-done-laundry-yet weekend wear
+ Holy smokes I need to do laundry
+ Commando.

It seems like the grunders get holier as we move down the list.

jenfun69 18F

2/12/2022 10:08 am

hi, sexy how are you doing I love for you to rip off my clothes and walk me out into a roomful of your friends naked as you bend me over and ram your cock up my pussy and make me stream in front of them and then?

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