Site not being honest about allowing 3 IM messages  

AverageNice 55M
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12/30/2017 12:01 am
Site not being honest about allowing 3 IM messages

For those who can't afford fees this site no longer allows instant messages on the Instant Messenger for this site unless you or have points. Even if you are a paying member and send a site message, it is rigged now be blurred and non paying members can't read it. Paying members need be told that they now have very little membership to communicate with.

sumthinfun4utoo 48M
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1/10/2018 6:49 am

I think he means that the new limitations also limit paying members too. This is because, back in the good old days, female standard members could always reply to messages received without additional up-charges. I believe now it's the case that if you're a "Gold" member, you also have to pay additional charges above that just to allow "Standard" members to view and reply to your messages and see your profile. I see his logic and think he's pretty much correct although he did not express this specifically enough. I used to be a Gold member years ago but with all of the data hacks and breaches of this site, I've been hesitant to pay for a long time now. In addition, this site used to be much better roughly 7 to 10 years ago before Penthouse or their affiliates got involved. Site is pretty much worthless waste of time now due to all the different and confusing charges a Gold member must pay to ensure that ALL member (Gold and Standard) can view, read, reply to messages and view the profile of the sender of the message. A "Gold" membership without paying for the additional up charges so that "Standard" female members can view and respond isn't worth as much as it used to be. Its just a "hidden" way that this site has become increasingly expensive while my observation is that the user base has been shrinking. I see the same old same old profiles on here from 5+ years ago with very little membership being added within a reasonable radius to my area. That said, for women, these kinds of sites are always usually better than for men given the male to female ratios of sites like this. Thus your replies do not surprise me in that you would have a different view.

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