what ever you want  

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6/18/2022 5:12 pm
what ever you want

So you will need to share my passion of chastity and frustration, being suppressed makes me you submissive slave
Anything else you wish to do to keep me in this state would be welcome, one guy wanted to further restrict me by
Having a PA piercing, this seemed like a good choice
Some have talked removing my<b> balls </font></b>and making them into dangling earrings so when I go down on you my<b> balls </font></b>tickle
Yours this was exciting
I have no objection in you removing my<b> balls </font></b>in fact I love this idea but if you do you will also remove something I love
And that’s having to sit to pee so please also consider a urethral reconstruction so that I continue to have to sit to pee
So I can’t double guess what you might desire but if you’re into a submissive house maid who is locked into dresses and heels, maybe locked into shackles and forced to serve you only as female then please let’s talk
I’m not pure because I play a lot but I have resisted being the object of a guys desire so I am a cock virgin I’m into bondage
Bdsm and anything you might desire show me how to serve you as female if I don’t deliver punish me force me to take hormones and lets both enjoy what I grow into?
I’m happy just to be your gurl, this said I’m not a jealous gurl bring home other guys for your enjoyment include me if you like or have me just watch, I can’t change who I am or what I desire I only wish to please a guy I know what to expect and I so enjoy it better than what was normal will you take me under your wing and teach me my new joy?

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