Master or mistress  

10901w 55T
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1/24/2021 4:30 pm
Master or mistress

So after of playing and chastity think I’m as ready as I can be for the next step, I don’t have a perveance how this happens but would like it happen from day one
Yes I understand the risks and implications of such a drastic body modification, I guess what with getting older I now longer desire what I did, for I looked at a woman
As sexual objects just there for my desire.

For it feels so strange be on the other side you see I know what you think of and I’m willing become the object of your desire, for me sissy has been very much self
Imposed I could unlock myself any time I wanted but didn’t when I did I prepared myself by swallowing anything I delivered

So now I desire nothing but anal I feel like after the even my frustration will also be removed sure this is also another huge step and one that can’t be reversed but for me that is a
Huge plus and would show my commitment my new or Mistress

I’ve done all I can be ready become the gurl you desire I can’t double guess what you desire!! I accept I’m a sissy and accept the changes my body and mindset also accept
I may not like what I become and accept there is no going back once the deed is done but I accept this

Not sure anyone will know what expect after castration, and what I may have suffer become the sissy you desire, 3 ways cutter or injections or burdizzo choice is your’s
I know and understand during this process there will be pain and suffering but I’m willing under go anything you desire become your sissy slave!!

look forward being the object of your desire with mine removed

spunky kissy Sam

SDDaddy1067 53M
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1/24/2021 6:48 pm

The sissy I desire. Just the thought of that is enticing. Are you really dead set on losing your dick?

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